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You get to choose. We offer you either a paper platform where you get actual textbooks or an electronic platform where everything is loaded onto a tablet for you.

We help you choose. It is important that you think about what you want to do with your matric. Don’t choose “difficult” subjects if you won’t need them for further studies later!

You do not need data to access your course material.

We provide your course material either in textbook form or on a tablet.
Old exam papers and answers – we provide this on our website
Exam pads (writing pads) – buy yourself
Pens and pencils – buy yourself
Calculator – buy yourself
One 192 page hardcover book for each subject – buy yourself

We do that for you. In December and January.

We are a distance learning college with offices in Hatfield Pretoria, and Bellville, Cape Town. So you can study anywhere in South Africa.

There is no accreditation or registration for colleges to offer Adult Matric and study help for Matric Upgrades or Re-Writes.

There are only two kinds of Matric after you have left school. 

1. You have written matric in the past, you got some results, and you want better results. We call that a Matric Upgrade. 

2. You never wrote Matric, and you are older than 21, then you should do the Adult Matric.

We offer Matric via distance learning. So you study from home. You study on your work breaks, over lunch times, in the evenings and over weekends. The study materials are all in an App on your phone or tablet or Computer.

You study from home, via distance learning. All the study materials you need (including your textbooks) are either sent to you via courier or on an App on your phone, tablet or computer. And we help you with your studies via WhatsApp, email and phone calls. We also register your for your exam at an exam centre closest to you. We guarantee that we will find you an exam seat.

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