Adult Matric – Senior Certificate (Amended)

Course Summary

Award type:
Senior Certificate
Accredited by:
Umalusi (awarded by Umalusi)
12 – 36 Months recommended
Entrance Requirement:
Grade 9 Or Equivalent

It is not too late to achieve your Matric at Matric College. Adult Matric is a course for Adults, 21 and older, to obtain their Matric Certificate or as it is also called, Senior Certificate (Amended). Having a Matric Certificate allows you to apply for entry-level jobs and to Tertiary Education Institutions, provided that you achieve the required marks.

Adult Matric Subjects

Choosing your subjects for the Adult Matric course is important and at Matric College we have course experts to assist you in choosing the right subjects. You want to make sure that you will be able to use the subjects you choose, in the future, to apply for jobs and courses you are interested in studying. This is an opportunity for you to do things right and achieve your life goals.

Points To Remember When Choosing Subjects

  • The Adult Matric course comprises of 3 compulsory and 3 elective subjects
  • You must choose two language subjects
  • One of the language subjects must be a Home Language and the other a First Additional language
  • You must choose 1 Mathematics subject
Adult Matric Subjects

Compulsory & Elective/High Credit Subjects

You must choose 3 of these compulsory subjects: 

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • isiZulu Home Language
  • isiXhosa Home Language
  • isiNdebele Home Language
  • Sepedi Home Language
  • Xitsonga Home Language
  • Tshivenda Home Language
  • Sesotho Home Language
  • Siswati Home Language
  • Setswana Home Language
  • Mathematics/ Wiskunde
  • Mathematical Literacy/Wiskundige Geletterdheid
Adult Matric

Elective/High Credit Subjects

You must choose 3 elective/high credit subjects: 

  • Physical Sciences / Fisiese Wetenskap
  • Life Sciences / Lewenswetenskappe
  • Agricultural Sciences / Landbouwetenskap
  • Business Studies / Besigheidstudies
  • Economics / Ekonomie
  • Accounting / Rekeningkunde
  • History / Geskiedenis
  • Geography / Geografie
  • Religious Studies / Religious Studies

What Is A Senior Certificate (Amended)?

What Is A National Senior Certificate?

The National Senior Certificate (NSC) is the qualification you receive once you complete your final year of High School. The NSC is completed through the Department of Basic Education (DBE), just as the Adult Matric/Senior Certificate (Amended). With both the NSC and SC(A) you will be able to attend university to further your studies, provided you meet your chosen institution and the course requirements.

Here are the comparisons of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and the Senior Certificate (Amended) / Adult Matric:

National Senior CertificateSenior Certificate (Amended) / Adult Matric
  • Completed by Grade 12 / Matric Students in High School
  • Students are younger than 21 when they write the National Senior Certificate exams
  • The exams are scheduled for the October / November exam session
  • The High School you are attending offers you the opportunity to achieve the National Senior Certificate
  • A programme created by DBE and DHET to give adults a chance to obtain a Matric Certificate.
  • Students must be 21 or older to write the Senior Certificate (Amended) exams
  • The exams are usually scheduled for the May / June exam session
  • Matric college offers Adult Matric in which you can achieve the Senior Certificate (Amended)

What Is The Difference Between An Adult Matric / Senior Certificate (Amended) And A School Matric Certificate (NSC)?

A High School Matric is the National Senior Certificate (NSC). This is the traditional way of obtaining your Matric. An Adult Matric/Senior Certificate (Amended) is when you complete Matric outside of the basic schooling system and is awarded to adults, 21 and over. 

The Certificates Are Partially Different

Although the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and the Senior Certificate (Amended) are awarded by Umalusi and are the same NQF level, they are different in the qualification name and in credits you achieve.   

The Mark Calculation And Study Process Are Different

High School Matric 

In High school, the coursework for Matric is divided into Grade 10, 11 and 12. Over these three years, your results are a combination of school-based assessments and your exam marks. In High School Matric, they all contribute to your overall matric result. 

Adult Matric 

The Adult Matric course covers the same coursework covered in High School. The biggest difference is that the course duration is based on how fast you work through the coursework. The only marks that are considered for the mark calculation, are the results you achieved in the Adult Matric Exams. There is no classwork or assignments that will contribute to your final mark.

As mentioned above, a Matric Certificate allows you to:

  • Apply for entry-level jobs
  • Access to study opportunities
  • Access to learnerships

Entry-level Jobs

The application requirements for entry-level jobs almost always require you to have Matric. Entry-level jobs are employment opportunities that do not require any qualifications. However, having your Senior Certificate (Amended) is beneficial and a step in the right direction towards further study and more employment opportunities. 

Study Opportunities

Having a Senior Certificate (Amended) gives you the opportunity to study a Bachelors Degree, National Diploma or National Qualifications based on how well you pass your Matric. 

Universities and tertiary education institutions offer courses that have different entrance requirements and one of those requirements is a Matric Certificate. If you are not ready to study further with your Matric Certificate you can choose to do learnerships. 


Learnerships are skilled focus courses that specialise in teaching you in a specific field. They are work-based learning programmes that are managed by Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) that lead to a National Qualification Framework (NQF) registered qualification. Learnerships look great on a CV and you will be learning on the job. This will allow you to climb the corporate ladder.

Yes, at Matric College, our Adult Matric Course is offered via distance learning which uses online tools to help you complete your Senior Certificate (Amended). Registration, study groups and tutoring happen online and assignment submissions and feedback are communicated via email. 

The online tools we use:

  • Interactive website forms to register for courses and to schedule a call back from course experts
  • Telegram and Facebook study groups connect you with fellow distance learning students and tutors
  • Email services to submit assignments
  • Online exam preparation and past papers for you to use 

You need to remember that your Adult Matric exam registration can be done online, but the exams are written in-person at dedicated examination centres in your area.

How To Prepare For The Adult Matric Exams

Preparing for your final exams can be seen as the most stressful part of completing your Adult Matric. There are many ways you can avoid feeling stressed. Matric College principal, Jan Badenhorst, offers the following tips to avoid as much of that stress as possible: 

Ultimate Tips

  • Matric College has a huge collection of past papers for Grade 12 that you can use. Use this as a guide to see how questions are asked and how best to answer them.
  • Create a Mock exam session with fellow Adult Matric students and friends. You will be able to test what you studied so far and see where you may need to put in a bit more effort.
  • Practice time management. Complete certain study portions of your coursework on dedicated days so that you don’t run out of time.
  • Create a manageable time schedule
    • Scheduling studying into your everyday life is important to ensure that you complete everything that is required of you.

  • Have a dedicated study area
    • Choose an area that you know is a place where you will not be interrupted. You can lay out all your study materials whilst practising organisational skills.

  • Study with friends/fellow students
    • Peer studying is a great way to achieve something as a group and you will definitely learn a thing or two from your study partners.

Grade 12 Past Papers

Matric Downloads Site

We have a dedicated Matric College download site designed to house all of our coursework resources, including Grade 12 past papers from the DBE and IEB.

Yes, you can only register to write your Adult Matric exams with the Department of Basic Education (DBE). However, you are unable to register with the DBE to complete an Adult Matric course. 

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is one of two government departments, the other being the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), which regulates education in South Africa. The DBE focuses on primary and high school education as well as adult programmes. Their mission is to make education accessible to all South Africans, even adults, with their Senior Certificate (Amended) programmes.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) opens registrations for Adult Matric exams from October / November to January. You can register online or in-person, with your supporting documents to complete your registration. The Adult Matric / Senior Certificate (Amended) exams are scheduled for the May / June exam session. 

Online Exam Registration

You can register online on the governments’ e-Service website

Education District Office

You can visit your nearest Department of Education district office to register in person. 

Documents You Will Need 

  • Completed registration form
  • A certified copy of your ID or birth certificate
  • Candidates whose country of birth is outside of South Africa will need to use their passports
  • Repeat candidates must include a copy of their previous highest qualification 
  • Examination numbers of previous Grade 12 or equivalent exams

Senior Certificate (Amended) / Adult Matric is scored against the same metric and admission point scores (APS) as National Senior Certificate is which are awarded when a student completes their matric at high school.

The points are broken down into percentage groups that equal an admission point score that determines whether you will be granted access to a tertiary institution. Every subject is awarded a point based on the percentage result of your exam. Universities and colleges use this system to determine entry requirements to their courses. Use this APS calculator to track how well you do:

APS Calculator
Matric Subject Symbol/Mark received in Matric ExamAPS (Admission Point Score)
A (80% – 100%)7
B (70% – 79%)6
C (60% – 69%)5
D (50% -59%)4
E (40% – 49%)3
F (30% – 39%)2
G (20% -29%)1

In Short:

  • You get a point for each Matric subject you write
  • Points are determined by how well you pass the subject
  • Points for each subject are added up to determine the total APS score
  • Various universities and organisations use the APS system to access your marks
  • You need an APS score, determined by universities, to be accepted into a higher education institution

To pass your Adult Matric course you need to pass 5 of your 6 subjects. There are 4 levels of Matric certificates you can obtain with different minimum pass marks. They are

  • Bachelors Pass
  • Diploma Pass
  • Higher Certificate Pass
  • Senior Certificate (Amended) Pass

These passes determine how well you passed and your eligibility to study further at university.

Bachelors Pass

A Bachelors pass means that you must have at least achieved:

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 50% in four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% in one other subject

Minimum APS based on these marks: 21

Diploma Pass

A Diploma pass means you must have scored at least:

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 40% in four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% in one other subject

Minimum APS based on these marks: 17

Higher Certificate Pass

To obtain a Higher Certificate pass you must have at least achieved:

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • 30% in three other subjects
  • You must have English or Afrikaans as a subject to achieve this qualification

Minimum APS based on these marks: 15

Senior Certificate (Amended) (SC(A)) Pass

An SC(A) pass is the lowest certificate you can achieve and will mean you have passed at least:

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • You can fail your first additional language subject but then you must score:
  • 30% in the remaining subjects
  • Fail one subject by a maximum of 20%

Minimum APS based on these marks: 14

Please note that each university or higher education course has its own minimum APS score as an entry requirement when applying. Do some research on the course you are interested in studying so you are familiar with how well you need to pass your Senior Certificate (Amended).

Where Can I Do My Matric?

You can apply right now to do your Adult Matric at Matric College. We offer the Adult Matric / Senior Certificate (Amended) course via distance learning in English and Afrikaans. You will be able to study with us anywhere in South Africa to achieve your academic goals.

  • You can study from home
  • We offer individual help
  • We have caring staff
  • We are easy to connect with

You Can Study From Home

We make learning easy

Distance learning means you can study from home. We courier your study materials to your door that includes everything you will need to study your course, including your textbooks. 

Studying from home means your schedule is flexible and you can work while you study. You will not have to attend any classes as our Adult Matric course is done via distance learning.

We Offer Individual Help

As the Adult Matric, offered by us is via distance learning, you may require additional help from time to time. At Matric College we are able to offer individual help as you are technically a class of one. We have tutors and course experts who will assist you based on your individual needs. 

We Have Caring Staff

Our caring staff share the values of Matric College. We believe that it is “Not Too Late” to achieve your academic goals and thus we are passionate about assisting our students in achieving their goal of getting their Senior Certificate (Amended). 

We Are Easy To Connect With

At Matric College we have put a range of communication models in place to make contacting us easy. We have a website with all relevant information and call-back forms you can complete. We are also available on Landline and Mobile for you to give us a call or pop us a message. Lastly, students have access to our WhatsApp and Facebook study groups connecting them with other distance learning students and our skilled tutors. 

You can apply and register at Matric College to complete your Adult Matric course. Here is how you can do this:

Matric College Adult Matric Registration Process

We pride ourselves on offering you the most stress-free and efficient registration process. With this in mind, you can start your Adult Matric Course within 2-3 weeks of applying and registering with us. You have the option to apply and register on our website or by simply giving us a call

Contact Us On Our Website

  • Visit Matric College or Matriek Kollege
  • Click the “Apply Now” or “Registreer” option
  • Fill in the online form and click “Send” or “Stuur”
  • Our Course Experts will contact you to discuss the next steps

Call Us

  • Contact our toll-free number on 021 838 8280
  • Speak to our course experts and they will help you to register and apply with us

Factors to consider:

  • How fast can you learn?
  • What is the time frame you have given yourself to achieve your Matric?
  • What responsibilities do you have?
  • Are you working?

The Adult Matric course consists of 3 levels of education. These levels are Grade 10, 11 and 12 (Matric). Schools divide these grades into three years, and so can you when you study your Adult Matric with Matric College. If you are a fast learner then you do not have to follow the practice of schools by dividing the coursework. You can study your coursework uninterrupted and complete them at your own pace.

If you are working and have other responsibilities then that will affect the duration of your course. This would mean that you have to manage your time to include studying in your busy schedule. You can divide the coursework into portions to study when you are able to. Giving yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your Senior Certificate (Amended) is motivation to dedicate yourself to your studies and complete them.

How Much Does It Cost?

Contact our course experts who will be able to assist you with all the questions you could possibly have about our Adult Matric course.

How It Works

At Matric College, we have a complete 9 step guide you can follow to ensure you successfully complete your Adult Matric with us:

  • Step 1:
    Call our course experts and register on the phone for the Adult Matric or Volwasse Matriek course.

  • Step 2:
    Once your registration is finalised, we will courier your study materials within 5 – 7 days.

  • Step 3:
    You will be given access to our WhatsApp and Facebook Study Groups where you can communicate with our skilled tutors and fellow students.

  • Step 4:
    Start studying your coursework and complete the assignments for submission. Our tutors will provide feedback on your progress.

  • Step 5:
    Use the WhatsApp and Facebook groups to ask questions about the coursework. A question you ask may help all the other students who are using these platforms too.

  • Step 6:
    Use our collection of past papers to do mock exams in preparation for the final exams.

  • Step 7:
    We will assist you to register successfully when the registration for the Senior Certificate (Amended) exams are opened in October / November of every year.

  • Step 8:
    The Adult Matric / Senior Certificate (Amended) exam session will be scheduled for May / June of every year.

  • Step 9:
    Umalusi will award you your Senior Certificate (Amended) once you pass your exams.

What Can I Do If I Failed Matric?

If you have failed your Matric in school and have not gone back to rewrite the exams, you can apply as early as 19 years of age to do an Adult Matric Course, giving you enough time to work through the coursework. This means you will be eligible to write the Adult Matric / Senior Certificate (Amended) exams when you are 21 years old. 

Have you failed your Matric as an adult? Here is what you can do:

  • Recheck
  • Remark
  • View
Options if I have matric- Matric College

How Can I Have My Matric Exam Paper Rechecked?

If you feel that the mark you earned in your exam is not reflective of your hard work and suspect that the marks were not added up correctly, you can have your exam paper, OR papers, re-checked.

  • An examiner will re-calculate your marks on your exam paper or papers
  • You are able to recheck all your Matric exam papers you wrote
  • Pay the fee of R29.00 to the Department of Education to have your paper or papers rechecked

How Can I Have My Matric Exam Paper Remarked?

This is when your exam paper is given to a new examiner to be marked. You can do this if you feel the final mark you received is not fair for the answers you gave.

  • You are able to re-mark any amount of Matric exam papers
  • You pay a fee of R120.00 per subject to the Department of Education for a re-mark

How Can I View My Matric Exam Paper?

  • This process is when you request to view the Matric exam paper you wrote
  • You can only view exam papers after remarking and re-checking
  • You will be able to view the exam paper and see how the examiner marked your exam paper
  • This process will cost you R234.00 per subject.

Please note that prices for recheck, remark and viewing of Matric exam papers are subject to change every financial year. Please visit the Western Cape Education Department site for further information.

Adult Matric Accreditation

The Adult Matric course is not accredited but the following professional and assurance bodies ensure the Matric Certificate you receive are recognised:


What Is the NQF?

NQF stands for National Qualifications Framework and was developed by the South African government and passed as an Act in Parliament. This framework integrates different learning achievements based on the level of qualification.

Objectives of NQF

The objectives of the NQF is explained in the NQF Act No 67 of 2008 and they are to

  • Create one integrated national framework for learning achievements
  • Facilitate access, mobility and progression within education, training and career paths
  • Enhance the quality of education and training
  • Accelerate systemic redress of past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities

What NQF Level Is Adult Matric?

The Adult Matric/ Senior Certificate (Amended) is on the same NQF level 4 as the National Senior Certificate.

There are ten NQF Levels in South Africa

QualificationNQF Level
General Certificate: Grade 9/ ABET Level 41
Elementary Certificate: Grade 102
Intermediate Certificate: Grade 113
National Certificate: National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate (Amended), National Senior Certificate for Adults, Matric Equivalent Certificates4
Higher Certificate5
Diploma Certificate6
Bachelor’s Degree7
Honours Degree8
Masters Degree9
Doctoral Degree10


The Umalusi Council creates and monitors standards for Basic (General) and Further education and training in South Africa. It works in accordance with the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Act and is tasked with developing and managing the sub-framework of qualifications for Basic (General) and Further education and training. o.


The South African Qualifications Authority is mandated by the NQF Act to oversee the implementation of the NQF by setting:

  • Quality councils
  • Policies and criteria
  • Registration of qualifications
  • Recognition of professional bodies

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People Also Ask

The Adult Matric course is available for students aged 21 and over, looking to gain their Matric certificate because they left school much earlier or never got the chance to write their matric exams. It features the same curriculum as traditional grade 12 but with the added benefits of distance learning such as flexibility and affordability. Matric Upgrade on the other hand is a course for students who previously wrote their Matric exams but want to upgrade specific subjects for better marks and opportunities with their grades.

FeatureAdult MatricMatric Upgrade
PurposeFor adults who did not complete their Matric or want to complete their Matric.For individuals who have completed Matric and want to improve their results.
EligibilityMust be 21 or older, with a Grade 9 report or equivalent.Must have written Matric before, no age restriction.
BenefitsObtain a National Senior Certificate, opening up opportunities for further education and employment.Improve existing Matric results, potentially changing pass levels and broadening opportunities for further education and employment.
Course DurationDepends on the number of subjects and personal study pace.Depends on the number of subjects to upgrade and personal study pace.

Completing your Matric as an adult includes many benefits that can help you with your future goals and dreams, such as:

Unlock Career OpportunitiesWith a matric certificate, a world of job opportunities awaits you. It’s often the first thing employers look for, and having it can significantly boost your chances in the job market.
Increase Your Earning PotentialStatistics show that people with matric qualifications generally earn more than those without. This certificate can be your gateway to a more financially secure future.
Access to Further EducationDreaming of higher education? A matric is your key to unlocking the doors of universities and colleges, allowing you to pursue degrees or diplomas that can further elevate your career.
Personal Growth and ConfidenceEmbarking on this educational journey as an adult is a powerful statement. It reflects your commitment to personal growth, enhancing your confidence and critical thinking skills.
Setting an ExampleShow your family and community the value of perseverance and education. Your journey can inspire others to follow in your footsteps.
Networking OpportunitiesInteracting with educators and fellow students at Matric College opens up new networking opportunities, potentially leading to future career advancements.
Adaptability to Technological ChangesOur courses often incorporate digital tools, helping you stay abreast of technological advancements that are vital in most careers today.
Flexible Learning OptionsWe understand the challenges of balancing work, family, and studies. That’s why we offer flexible and online learning options to fit your lifestyle.
Access to ScholarshipsWith a matric certificate, you become eligible for various scholarships and grants, easing the financial burden of further education.
Cultural and Social AwarenessEducation is about broadening horizons. You’ll gain insights into different cultures and social contexts, enriching your worldview.

Author: Mohamed Ajmoodien

Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: March 17, 2022

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