We help you complete or rewrite
your matric exams

Who we are

We want you to pass your matric, improve your matric and get your matric certificate. We love helping students. And we have been working with distance learning students for many years. We understand the frustration of not having a matric certificate, or of a matric certificate that does not give you access to further studies.

We shall help you pass your matric, improve your matric and get your matric certificate. We keep on helping till you pass!

What we do

We help you get your matric. Or improve your matric. We understand the problems that students face once they have left school. And we step in to help you achieve your dream of the matric certificate you deserve. We hold you hand and guide you every step of the way.

We are so good at helping you, that we guarantee our service. And if you are not happy with us, then you can stop your studies with us at any time – and also stop paying at that point.

Worried about getting a seat in an exam centre? We guarantee that we will find you a seat, or we will give all your money back.

How we do it

We help you figure out exactly what you need… rewriting matric; upgrading your matric; improving some subjects; or the Adult Matric. We work with you to choose the right subjects for you. And then we register you on our online course.

You need a phone or tablet to access our learning system on the internet. Online you will find your teachers, fellow students, study materials, and all the items you need to successfully do your matric.

We help you throughout your studies, we register you for the exams, and we ensure you get a seat in an exam centre.

We make learning easy

Everything you need for your studies are online on an app that works on your phone or tablet. Study materials, teachers, fellow students, chat groups and more!

As an online, distance education student, you are in a class of one. No competing. No standing in line to get help from your teacher. You get all the personal time and help you need to get that matric you want.

We love working with students. With us you are never just a number. We care. And we will get you through your matric… We won’t give up on you!

Your teacher is available via email, the phone and WhatsApp. We find that WhatsApp really works well for our students.