Why Is Matric Important?

Matric is important because it is a qualification used to go to university. If you have a Matric Qualification you can also use it to find employment.

Having a Matric Qualification is important in South Africa because it is a qualification that gives you access to study further, find employment and other benefits. This qualification is valued by employers and academic institutions. Having Matric is important because it helps you with the following: 

  • Studying at a college 
  • Studying at university
  • Finding entry-level work 
  • Gaining a bursary

Studying At A College

You can use your Matric Qualification to study at a college. You can do this at Matric College. You will study from any location because we are a distance learning college. This type of learning method is beneficial to you in the following ways: 

  • You study from any location 
  • No need to wake up early 
  • Save transport and lunch money 
  • You study at a pace that suits you
  • Study while employed full-time or part-time
  • Get assistance from our tutors 
  • Gain accredited qualifications 

You can use your Matric Certificate to study for the following courses at Matric College: 

NATED Courses

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) designed NATED Courses to provide you with skills and knowledge that are valued in the workplace. When you have these skills and knowledge, you become a candidate that employers are looking for. This helps you gain employment. 

These are the NATED Courses you can study: 

ICB Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) designed ICB Courses to provide you with knowledge and skills that are in demand in the work environment. When you have these skills and knowledge, you have a higher chance of getting employed or opening a business. These are the ICB Courses we offer: 

Short Courses

Upgrade Matric Course

The Upgrade Matric Course is best if you want to improve your results. You qualify to study this course whether you passed or failed Matric. This will give you a chance to earn better marks that can get you access to university.

Studying At University

Having a Matric Certificate gives you a chance to study at university. This is if you passed your Matric with a Bachelor’s Degree pass. Please note that having a Bachelor’s Degree pass does not mean you have automatic acceptance into university. You must meet certain requirements set by the university in order to study. 

If you qualify to study at university, you will be able to enrol for the following courses: 

  • Degree Courses 
  • Diploma Courses 
  • Higher Certificate Courses 
  • Certificate Courses 

If you do not meet the requirements to study at university, you may want to upgrade your marks first. You can do this at Matric College through the Upgrade Matric Course. You will get a chance to study while you are assisted by our tutors, study material and past exam papers

When you get the good marks you have worked for, you will be able to apply to university. 

Finding Entry-Level Work

You can use your Matric Certificate to look for entry-level employment. There are different careers that you can pursue with a Matric Qualification in South Africa. These careers include: 

  • Personal Assistant 
  • Receptionist 
  • Store Assistant 
  • Call Centre Agent 
  • Student Support Officer 
  • Retail Associate 
  • Cashier 

Gaining A Bursary

Your Matric is important because it can help you gain a bursary. There are many bursary opportunities that require you to have a Matric Certificate in order to gain admission. When you have this bursary, your academic journey becomes less stressful financially. 

What Can A Person Without Matric Do?

If you do not have Matric, you can further your education through Matric College. There are many courses you can do without Matric. These courses include: 

Adult Matric Course

Have you been out of school for a long time? Are you 21 years or older? You can study the Adult Matric Course. You only need a Grade 9 Certificate or Grade 9 Equivalent Qualification to study. 

The Adult Matric course is a Matric course that will provide you with the knowledge that gets you ready for university. When you complete studying the Adult Matric Course, we will award you a Matric Certificate

Short Courses

You can study our Short Courses with or without a Matric Certificate. Through these courses, you will gain skills that will help you in employment or entrepreneurship. To study our Short Courses, you only need to be 16 years or older. There is no specific qualification required. 

When you complete studying a Short Course, you are awarded a Certificate Qualification.  

ICB Courses

If you do not have Matric, you can study our ICB Courses. You can study these courses if you have a Grade 10 Qualification or Grade 10 Equivalent Qualification. These courses will provide you with skills that are in demand in business. You will be able to get employed in a business or open your own. 

When you complete studying an ICB Course, you are awarded an ICB Qualification

Why Is It Important To Pass Matric With Goods Marks?

It is important to pass Matric with good marks because you need good results to study at university. When you complete your studies at university, you will gain a qualification. You can use this qualification to further your education or find employment. This is how you can create a successful career based on your good Matric marks. 

How Do You Stay Motivated In Matric?

You can stay motivated in Matric by reminding yourself of the goal you have. If you have a goal to study at university or college, you must motivate yourself to study. Remind yourself that you need your Matric in order to study at university or find employment in South Africa. 

Is Studying At Night Good?

It depends on what you prefer as a student. Some students prefer studying during the night you can because it is quieter at this time. Most people are in bed at this time.

Some students prefer studying during the day because they are more active then. They are able to concentrate when there are other people around.

What Do You Say To A Matric Student?

When you speak to a Matric student, you must be motivated towards them. They need positive words because of the academic pressure they are under. Tell them that they should study harder in order to pass. You can tell them that you believe in them and also share a few tips they can use while studying. This will make them feel supported and motivated to study. 

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: June 29, 2022