Distance Learning Colleges

Distance learning colleges removes barriers that are there in contact learning. It affords a lot of people to acquire skills and knowledge in particular fields.

Distance learning colleges are colleges that offer tuition to students in one or many courses by means of online tools. Here is a list of some distance learning colleges:

  • Matric College
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning
  • The Learning Group
  • The Décor School
  • Ember Academy

Matric College

Matric College offers Matric, NATED, ICB and Short course. Matric Colleges offers some courses in conjunction with sister colleges, that is, skills Academy and Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. All your learning materials will be couriered to you when you decide to join Matric College. The college makes it easier for you to study at home.

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning offers courses that you can study with or without Matric. Most of the entry requirements for some of their courses are flexible. The beauty of also studying with Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is that you can be refunded some of your money if you finish your course earlier than expected. 

For example, if you were supposed to study for 10 months, and you finish your course in 8 months, you will be refunded your money for the 2 months.

Skills Academy

Skills Academy also offers courses that you can study with or without Matric. These included accredited courses and short courses. With Skills academy, you can achieve your career goals.

The Learning Group

The Learning Group is a great fit for you if you are a creative individual. The Learning Group offers courses in makeup, skincare, and photography among others. Courses at the Learning Group offer you the opportunity to be your own boss as you can set up your own small business.

The Décor School

The Décor College is a distance learning institution that specialises in interior design and interior décor. These courses are for you if you are a hands-on person. These are scarce that can propel your career to greater heights.

Ember Academy

Ember Academy is a great choice for career-based learning. If you are sure of the career that you want to take, the college will advise you based on your career ambitions and how you would like to proceed in your career life.

What Is A Distance Learning Institution?

A Distance learning institution offers students tuition without them being physically present. Classes are usually offered online and through study notes and textbooks. In some cases, a distance learning programme can be completely distance learning, or a combination of distance learning and a traditional classroom.

What Are The Benefits Of Distance Learning?

Here are the benefits of studying through  distance learning:

  • No classes – Since there are no classes, there is no need to commute. You study in the comfort of your home or wherever you see fit
  • Cut costs – You can cut costs on the following:

    • Tuition fees are affordable
    • Cost of teas and lunches when you attend classes
    • No textbooks to buy as textbooks and study notes are provided

  • You can be employed at the same time that you are learning – With distance learning, you do not have to leave your employment if you are working. If you are not working, there is no reason why you cannot look for employment opportunities. You can work at the same time as you learn. Use your income to pay for your tuition fees.
  • The risk of contracting COVID-19  – This is because of the following:

    • Since you are not travelling, there is no mingling with the public or other commuters if you use public transport
    • There will be no mingling with tutors and fellow students in class since you will not be attending any classes

  • There is flexibility when you study through distance learning – Here is the flexibility that you will experience:

    • You will set your own timetable
    • You will study at your own pace
    • You can study wherever you want

What Is The Difference Between Distance And Online Learning?

There is no difference between distance and online learning. Distance learning is a form of online learning. This is because, when you study through distance learning, there is the use of online tools. 

Here are some of the online tools that you use when you study through distance learning:

  • Website
  • Whatsapp
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Facebook


In distance learning, the website can be used for the following:

  • Downloading learning resources such as:
    • Past exam papers
    • Study notes
    • Exam timetable
    • Studying tips
    • Uploading of assignment
    • Registration
  • Payment of fees and other associated costs


In distance learning, this messaging platform can be used for purposes such as

  • Group discussion
  • Distributing notes
  • Making announcements
  • Sharing past question papers
  • Sharing answers
  • General interaction between tutor and students or among students


In distance learning, electronic mail can be used to communicate with students on matters such as:

  • Announcements
  • Exam timetables
  • registration forms
  • Past exam papers
  • Other learning resources, for example, study notes


The telephone can be used to interact with students when they are facing challenges that need explaining. The telephone can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Reaching out to students to find out if they are fine with their studies
  • Students reaching out to the college to enquire about their courses


This social media platform can be used for the following:

  • Discussions
  • Sharing learning materials
  • Announcements
  • Disseminating important information

Is Distance Education And Open Learning The Same?

Most of the time, the terms are used interchangeably. However, the following can help in classifying the differences between the two terms:

Open learning

Open learning is the umbrella term for education or training that removes barriers to learning. This means that distance education can also be referred to as part of open learning. Barriers to learning can be the following:

  • Age 
  • Time 
  • Place
  • Space

Distance Learning

As has been mentioned above, distance learning is one form of open learning. The barrier that is removed with distance learning is that the tutor and students are separated by geographical distance. Distance learning is sometimes referred to as home study or correspondence courses

Correspondence courses

Before the advent of online tools. Distance learning was commonly referred to as learning by correspondence. This was mainly because mail was the main form of communication between a distance learning institution and students. These days, the terms distance learning and online learning have since overtaken the term correspondence courses.

How Does Distance Learning Work?

At Matric College,  here are the steps that you can take when you want to study through distance learning:

  • Register for the course that you want to study by filling in the form below or by contacting one of our course experts
  • As soon as you successfully register, within 5 – 7 days, you will receive textbooks and study notes by courier
  • Make sure you already have a set study timetable
  • You will be advised of the Facebook or WhatsApp study group to join if there are any
  • Attempt your first assignment and more thereafter
  • Your tutor will give you feedback on your completed assignments
  • If need you need help, your tutor in those areas where you may be heaving challenges
  • Read widely
  • Prepare for your exams
  • Get study tips for your exams
  • Write your exams
  • Pass your exams
  • Get awarded

Which Distance Course Is Best?

The career path that you want to take can determine the course that you can study. Here are the distance learning course that we offer at Matric College:

NATED Courses

ICB Courses

Short Courses

Author: Collin Wilbesi
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 27, 2022