Human Resource Management Courses

Human Resource Management Courses

Can you handle having responsibilities? Do you see yourself settling office disputes? If you answered yes, our Human Resource Management Courses are for you. Join us today and kick start your career.

N6 Human Resource Management

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N5 Human Resource Management

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N4 Human Resource Management

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In simple terms, Human Resource Management is the process of managing and developing employees in a business. This would include hiring and firing of employees, deal with issues related to the wellness and safety of employees as well as training and motivating employees. Human Resource Management contributes to the success of a business.

What is the Importance of Human Resource Management?

 Employees are the most important asset of any business. Human Resource ensures that all employees are satisfied within the working environment. Human Resources Management helps develop the culture of a business and increases employee engagement, which are important  factors in having a successful business.

Here are a few functions of a Human Resource Manager:

  • Managing employee relations 
  • Training and Development
  • Maintain good working conditions 
  • Recruitment 
  • Operations   

Don’t Think you Have Time to Study?

Here at Matric College we understand that life can get hectic at times, making it hard to find the time to study. However, as we are a distance learning institution, we make it possible to study full time and juggle life.

Benefits of studying with Matric College: 

  • No classes 
  • All study materials are sent to you 
  • No hidden costs 
  • Online access to tutors 
  • Online study support group with TogetherWePass  

What is the Difference Between Accredited and Non Accredited Courses?

Although Accredited and Non Accredited courses are different, they are both valuable. When choosing a course, you should consider what would be best for you, your education and your career.

Accredited Courses

Accredited courses are recognised by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and focus on equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to start a career. These courses are also recognised by future employers and increases your chances of becoming employed.  

Non Accredited Courses 

Non accredited courses are not recognised by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). These courses focus on providing you with a specific skill set.   

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Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden, 15 June 2021