Scarce Skills and ICB

Scarce skills are those skills that are highly valued in South Africa in the work environment and can be obtained at Matric College through our ICB courses.

Below is a list of the ICB scarce skills courses that we offer at Matric College: 

Scarce skills are the type of skills that are highly valued in South Africa. These skills are valued by employers because not many people have them. This shortage of skills causes people who have these skills to be in demand. You can study a scarce skill by studying an ICB course. ICB courses offers business skills that focus on finances, office and management work.

Who Is the ICB?

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is a professional body that is also an external examination body that created ICB courses. They created their courses to offer business skills to students. These skills are meant to fill the gap in unemployment and the lack of entrepreneurship

The ICB is not a training provider. They are responsible for the external assessments. If you want to study an ICB course, you must do it through a training provider. Matric College is one of the ICB training providers. We offer all the ICB courses, and you can study them from anywhere you are.

Why Are Scarce Skills Important?

ICB Scarce skills are important because of the following: 

  • Employment
  • Business
  • Promotion 
  • High salary


Scarce skills are good for employment. Since you have skills that very few people have, you have a better chance to be employed. Scarce skills are good for a business because they help in advancement. Every employer wants this for their business, and this is why you are the perfect candidate.


You can use scarce skills to advance your own business. These skills equip you with the ability to open and run a business profitably. People will love to be clients in the business of someone who is educated. Investors will be able to trust that you can run a successful business, and this will make them invest in your work.


People get promoted because they work hard, they have the right skills and work experience. With the skills that you have, you can apply for a promotion, and you will have a better chance of getting it. Employers can trust that you have what it takes to work in a higher position and generate ideas that advance the company.

High salary

Scarce skills are valued in the work environment, as a result, people with these skills are paid high salaries. There are not many people working with scarce skills. This means a lot of work is performed by a few people who have scarce skills. A high salary works as a way to reward them.

Does South Africa Have A Skills Shortage?

Yes, South Africa has a shortage of skills. There are still people who do not have any form of education. Many people who do have education have studied for qualifications that are not scarce skills or that are outdated. 

There are more people who need to be educated and gain skills that will help them find employment or open a business. This can be done through Matric College by applying for an ICB course. 

ICB courses are good for reducing the shortage in skills. These courses assist in employment because of the following: 

  • They are accredited by the QCTO and the ICB 
  • They offer scarce skills 
  • They are good for entrepreneurship and employment 
  • They are recognised nationally and internationally 

Not only do you earn scarce skills that are recognised in South Africa when you study an ICB course, but you also earn skills that are recognised internationally. This creates more employment opportunities for you because you can work anywhere you want. There are no limitations as to where you can open a business or find employment.

Watch Jan Badenhorst, Our CEO of Matric College, discuss everything you need to know about the scarce skills and the (ICB)

How Do You Overcome Lack Of Skills?

As a person, you overcome the lack of skills by studying. You must make sure that you choose the right course in order to overcome the lack of skills. You can study a course that is skills-based, such as ICB courses. 

A skills-based course will prepare you for work and equip you with relevant skills that are needed in the work environment. Below is a list of how you can overcome a lack of skills through Matric College: 

  • Apply for any of our ICB courses 
  • Our Course Experts can help you choose the right ICB course for you 
  • Receive the study material from us 
  • Study the ICB course you have chosen  
  • Write the assignments, tests and exams 
  • Pass with 50% marks and above 
  • Earn knowledge and scarce skills 
  • Obtain an accredited ICB Qualification 
  • Use your qualification to find employment or open a business 
  • Start working and gain more skills as you are working
  • This is how you overcome the lack of skills

What Are The Examples Of Scarce Skills?

Examples of scarce skills include the following: 

  • Bookkeeping 
  • Balancing accounts 
  • Writing business plans 
  • Auditing 
  • Writing reports from a financial statement 
  • Creating techniques that cut costs in a business 
  • Creating ideas that bring profit 
  • Prepare manufacturing accounts

What Qualifications Are In Demand In South Africa?

These are the Qualifications that are in demand in South Africa: 

These qualifications are scarce skills qualifications. By obtaining these, your employment opportunities will improve.

Benefits Of Studying A Scarce Skills Course At Matric College

  • You study from home where it is convenient for you
  • You set your own study times 
  • You create a timetable that you are in charge of 
  • It is possible to study while employed 
  • There are tutors to assist you when you need help 
  • You do not buy study material because the college sends it to you 
  • You study courses that are registered with professional bodies 
  • You gain scarce skills which are good for employment 
  • You gain knowledge 
  • You graduate and learn accredited qualifications

What Are The Careers Classified Under Scarce Skills?

Below is a list of the careers classified under scarce skills: 

ICB Business Management 

  • Business Manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Junior Researcher 
  • Business Assistant 
  • Business Consultant 
  • Business Owner 

ICB Financial Accounting

  • Financial Manager 
  • Finance Controller 
  • Financial Assistant 
  • Financial and Payroll Manager 
  • Financial Accountant 
  • Project Finance Manager 

ICB Office Administration 

  • Office Manager 
  • Office Assistant Administrative Clerk 
  • Office Administrator 
  • Labour Relations Officer 
  • General Office Manager 
  • Project Administrator

What Are The Benefits Of Pursuing A Scarce Skills Job?

These are the benefits of pursuing a scarce skill job: 

  • High salary 
  • Employment stability 
  • Being valued

High Salary

A scarce skill occupation will give you a high salary. This is because you will work in high positions that pay well. With this salary, you will be able to create a good living for yourself.

Employment Stability

Scarce skills are important in the workplace. This means you will have your occupation for a long time. You may not be dismissed from work because your skills are valued and important in advancing the workplace.

Being Valued

You will be valued in the work environment, and this will help you enjoy your work and do it with work confidence.

Which Career Has More Job Opportunities?

Any qualification that you can get from an ICB course will have several career opportunities. This is because ICB Qualifications focus on skills that are required in many fields. 

For example, if you have an ICB Business Management Qualification. You can work in the Financial, Marketing or Office field. You can work as a: 

  • Financial Manager
  • Office Manager 
  • Marketing Manager

Which Career Pays The Most In South Africa?

All careers that are scarce skills pay the most in South Africa. Skills that are highly valuable are paid well so that people stay in their positions. Since scarce skills are highly important in a company, employers will pay you a high salary to keep receiving your services.

What Is The Best Career In South Africa?

The best career in South Africa is any scarce skill career. This is because these careers are highly valued, and this means that you become valued if you are working in these careers. When you are valued, you receive benefits such as high salaries and bonus packages. 

Scarce skill careers are valued enough to gain promotions. You can move from one career position to the next and end up being a Chief Executive Officer of a company.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 27, 2022