Get a job in 7 steps

Get a job in 7 steps

Get a job in 7 steps
  • Be active about your job search
  • Get your foot in the door
  • Study a course
  • Gain a scarce skill
  • Stop spamming your cv
  • Lower your expectations
  • Work hard and do not give up

Here are 7 key steps to help you find a job

Step 1: Be active in your job search

When you are job hunting you need to be active in your job search.  Make sure you wake up early in the morning and look presentable.

You need to treat your job search as a job on its own, this way, you will be consistent.

Step 2: Get your foot in the door

Many successful people had to start from the bottom and work their way up.  Once you have your foot in the door, you will be exposed to many more opportunities.

Step 3: Study a course

The CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst states that studying a course shows your potential employers that you are determined.  

Studying a course also means that you want to take charge of your career.  Here are a variety of courses that you can study.

If you can not afford to study a course, you can look for free courses online.

Step 4: Gain a scarce skill

Gaining a scarce skill will allow you to have access to job opportunities.  Employers are always on the lookout for individuals with scarce skills

Here is a list of a few scarce skills in today’s job market:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Bookkeeping
  • Engineering
  • IT and Software Development 
  • Business Management 
  • Economics  
  • Marketing Management

Step 5: Do not spam your CV

Sending out 100 emails of your CV is not how you are going to get a job.  You need to tailor your CV for each job application.  Make sure you include the skills that are relevant for the job you are applying for.

Use your network to find a job.  If you do not have useful connections, go make them!  It is important for you to engage with professionals in your career field.  If you are looking for a job, do not be shy, get the word out there!

Step 6: Lower your expectations

Having a qualification does not mean you will automatically get a senior position.  You should be willing to gain the experience by starting with a junior position.

Step 7: Work hard and do not give up

Finding a job can be very tough, especially in the competitive world that we live in.  Work hard and do not give up, even when the going gets tough.

There is a direct link between your level of education and your expected monthly salary, see the infographic below: 

Get a job in 7 steps

Education Specialist, Jan Badenhorst explains how to get a job in 7 steps:

Author: Omega Fumba 

Published: February 12, 2021


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