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Who we are

We are a group of people and education providers who want to make matric available to everyone. In South Africa half of the kids who start school, will never even sit in a matric class.

If you count the number of students in grade 10, and calculate how many of THEM end up getting a matric, then the real matric pass rate in 2018 was 37,6%.

In 2016 there were 1 067 075 students in Grade 10. But in 2018 only 401 220 of them passed matric.

So if you are one of those students who got left behind, or if you are not happy with your final matric marks, we are here to help!

What we do

We help you study for your matric online. We help you prepare properly. And we make sure you concentrate on just the learning you will need to pass your exam or improve your results.

We make sure you get a seat in the exam. So you can focus on your studies, and take the next step in your life!

How we do it

Your study materials and teachers are all available to you in an app that works on your phone or your tablet.

Our Values

Offer a complete solution. You don’t have to find your own study material, we provide everything you need. And we make sure we get you a seat in the exam centre. No hidden costs or problems.

We build our solutions around the student. The student is the most important person in what we do. And we create solutions that work for our students.

We love education! And we love helping the left-behind generations catch up, and surpass their classmates.

We are always available. For help, or just to get some good advice or motivation.

Our History

Idea Institute for Distance Education Assessment

The Idea Institute for Distance Education Assessment was formed by Topsy Botha to help students who cannot succeed in the mainstream education systems.

Over time it has developed into a distance education institution that offers Matric Upgrades, Matric Rewrites and Adult Matric.

Topsy believes that getting your matric is possible for everybody, and the stresses of mainstream schools are often just a distraction from the focus you need to get the best matric you can.

Skills Academy

Skills Academy was created by co-founders Jan Badenhorst and Tabitha Bailey. Skills Academy is fully registered and accredited with the Department of Higher Education and the QCTO, as well as the ICB and CIMA.

Skills Academy offers the best service in distance learning. We are the only college where you can pay as you study. Students can study faster, and stop paying their studies when they have completed their course.