Northern Cape

Northern Cape

Can you study at Matric if you live in Northern Cape?

Yes, because we are a complete distance learning college you can study with us from anywhere in South Africa. We also ensure that our support centre for remote students is able to assist you right where you are situated. 

Commonly asked questions


  1. How do I contact Matric College if I have questions about my studies?
    We have dedicated tutors and support staff that are here to assist you. Whether you have questions before you sign up, during enrollment, or while studying. Contact us now

  2. In what cities do you support students at Matric College?
    You can study from any city in South Africa at Matric College, including these cities:
  • Kimberley 
  • Upington
  • Springbok
  • Colesberg
  • De Aar
  • Kakamas
  • Sutherland
  • Pofadder
  • Warrenton
  • Barkley West
  • Danielskuil
  •  Calvinia
  • Griekwastad
And surrounding areas
  1. Why should I do distance learning rather than classroom learning?
    With distance learning, you can save time traveling and spend more time focusing on your studies. Remote studying also allows you to work while studying or to study more courses. For a full list of benefits read more here.

  2. Why should I rewrite my matric at a college?

    For some institutions, you need to and a standard APS score to be eligible to apply for certain courses. If you do not meet these criteria, one option can be to do your matric over

    Similarly completing your matric can open certain job opportunities that are not available to you without this qualification.

  3. Are there any courses that I can study at a college without my matric?Yes, there are many courses that you can study without your matric. From business to educare and even beauty courses. See the full list here.

  4. Who can help me while I study at Matric College?
    Upon registration, you will receive a dedicated tutor. Your tutor will be accessible to you at any time during office hours for questions about study material or the course you are enrolled in.

  5. Once registered will I need to buy my own study material?
    No, your study material will be sent to you from our college to your location via a courier. 

  6. When can I register to start studying at Maric College?
    We are open for registration all year round for students

Last Updated: June 02, 2020

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