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What we do

We check that you will be accepted onto the Adult Matric. Help you get together all the documents you will need, and then help you select your subjects. With the Adult Matric you can now get exactly the same Matric Certificate from Umalusi that students get at the end of their matric year at school.

To start your studies we register you on our app. All your study materials are on the app – on your phone, tablet or computer. No need to buy textbooks or any learning materials. You start studying in less than 36 hours after you register with us.

Then we help you prepare properly for the exams, with lots of help, interaction and communication. Using old exam papers and additional study help we have developed. Your tutor helps you every step of the way.

How we do it

You get all the study materials you need on an app on your phone, tablet or computer. That means you are studying within hours of registering with us.

We give you textbooks online, old exam papers and additional study materials we found and developed. Then we help you work through the materials, to properly prepare for the exam.

We know that it feels a bit scary to study again after being out of school for many years. But with our great study materials and friendly, helpful tutors, you will soon realize that you CAN do this!

If there are more than 20 learners in your area, then we will also run an exam preparation workshop in your area, before the start of the exams.

Benefits of registering with us

Everything you need for your studies are online on an app that works on your phone or tablet. Study materials, teachers, fellow students, chat groups and more!

As an online, distance education student, you are in a class of one. No competing. No standing in line to get help from your teacher. You get all the personal time and help you need to get that matric you want.

We love working with students. With us you are never just a number. We care. And we will get you through your matric… We won’t give up on you!

Your teacher is available via email, the phone and WhatsApp. We find that WhatsApp really works well for our students.

Adult Matric

Adult Matric is a way for people older than 21 years of age to get a Matric Certificate. It is also called the Amended National Senior Certificate (ANSC).

Yes, you can get your Matric – no matter your age.

Do I need a Year-Mark from a School?

Because you are no longer at school, you do not get a “school” mark, as part of your final mark. (The “school mark”, which you DON’T need, is also known as the School-Based Assessment or SBA.)

Your final results are only based on the exams you will be writing in the May / June exam session.

Entrance Requirements

Adult Matric is open for students who adhere to the following requirements:

  • You are older than 21 years of age.
  • You have an email address for corresponding with us.
  • You have a computer, tablet or phone (iPhone or Android) for your study materials – and also data to download it.
  • You have passed Grade 9 (Standard 7) at school or any equivalent qualification.

Choose Your Subjects

You can choose to do six or seven subjects. (At school you had to do a minimum of six subjects.) You need a 40% mark for at least three subjects and at least 30% in the other two subjects. You must get at least 40% for your home language. If you fail a subject you need at least 20% for that subject to still get your matric certificate.

Get all the details about the subjects and subject choices here.

Where do I write my Exams?

The exams are set and managed by the Department of Basic Education. And your Matric Certificate is issued by Umalusi. You get issued the same matric certificate that matric students get, who are at school.

We guarantee you that we will get you a place in an exam centre. We find your nearest exam centre, and make sure you are properly registered for the correct exam. No other college does this for you!

Can I got to University with my Matric Certificate?

The Adult Matric give you access to University studies. This means that your adult matric certificate can give you admission to Bachelor, Diploma or Higher Certificate programmes at Higher Education institutions.

Note that each university and college sets its own entrance criteria

If you want to apply to a University after you get your Matric Certificate, then you must make sure you are studying the correct subjects in Matric, to gain entry to the University course you want to study.

So you must first check the entrance requirements of the higher education institution where you want to study further (after your matric).  

Want more details about the Adult Matric? Click here.

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