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We offer Accredited Courses that will help start your professional career. From ICB courses to National Qualifications, we have the right course for you.

Looking to improve your future by studying a course that is accredited by a registered body?

We offer various Accredited Courses that will help kick-start your professional career and help you get the job or promotion that you have always wanted.

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Business Management Courses

Are you interested in learning how to start a profitable business? Our NATED Business Management qualifications give you all the skills needed to succeed.

Educare Courses

Educare professionals are responsible for the growth and development of children. Our Educare courses will equip you to follow your passion to play a part in child development.

Financial Management Courses

Do you think you have what it takes to be a financial manager? Then apply for one of our NATED Financial Management Courses and start a career. Why wait?

Human Resource Management Courses

Do you see yourself having responsibilities and settling office disputes? If you answered yes, our Human Resource Management Courses are just for you.

Legal Secretary Courses

Want to kick-start your career in the legal field and restore justice to the world? Apply for our Legal Secretary Courses. Why wait? Start your journey now!

Management Assistant Courses

Want to excel in your career and climb the corporate ladder? Add some value to your resume with our Management Assistant Courses.

Marketing Management Courses

Does coming up with great ideas come easy to you? Think creativity flows through your veins? Apply for our Marketing Management Course. Start your studies!

ICB Business Management Courses

Do you dream of being a successful Business Manager one day? If yes, then our ICB Business Management Courses are what you need to achieve your goals!

ICB Office Administration Courses

Do you want to be responsible for the smooth runnings of an office? Are you eager to be able to do anything and everything office related? Then this course is just for you!

ICB Financial Accounting Courses

Are you thinking of starting a career in financial accounting? Look no further.

ICB Courses

If you’re wanting to further your education in the financial or business management sector, look no further! Matric College offers a range of ICB courses that will take you one step further to your goal career!

Business Management Courses

A Business manager reports directly to other executives or the business owner of a company, directs their teams and group leaders, hires staff, trains and evaluates new employees, ensures that the business is on track to meet goals to name but a few of a business manager’s duties. Our ICB Business Management Accredited Courses is a great starting point on your journey to becoming a successful business manager.

Financial Accounting Courses

Financial accountants perform important duties in businesses such as monitoring and reporting on finances and profit, forecasting, prepare financial statements, compiling budgets, help senior management and stakeholders make informed financial decisions, etc. Financial accountants often manage a team of accounting technicians who perform the administrative tasks while they become acting business advisors to the business’ senior executives. Our ICB Financial Financial Accounting Accredited Courses is a step closer to excel in the role of a financial accountant.

Office Administration Courses

Office administration is a highly sought-after qualification at this point. Its beauty? Hardly any company can function without the refined skills of an office administrator. Office administrators perform a whole list of clerical duties that include filing, research, and sometimes even HR! This list of duties will differ from company to company depending on their needs. Our ICB Office Administration Accredited Courses will assist you with being successful in your role.

National Qualification (NATED) Courses

Matric College now offers NATED Courses in partnership with Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning. Want to advance your career and earn a respectable income? Then apply for any of our NATED Courses. What are you waiting for?

Business Management Courses

Business Management is organizing, planning, and managing all aspects of a business. Responsibilities of a Business Manager include overseeing operations, coordinating business activities, leading a business, meeting and setting business goals, controlling and overseeing all day-to-day aspects of a business. Our NATED Business Management Accredited Courses give you all the skills needed to succeed.

Financial Management Courses

Financial managers look after important financial functions of a business such as ensuring funds are utilized efficiently, take care of profit and growth of a business, and allocating funds to different departments. Our NATED Financial Management Accredited Courses will assist you to become a successful financial manager.

Educare Courses

Educare focuses on the education, care, and development of young children. When it comes to Educare, you will be working in areas such as educational psychology, child nutrition, first aid, and overall health, psychological development, and much more. Our NATED Educare Accredited Courses will equip you to follow your passion to play a part in child development..

Human Resource Management Courses

Employees are the most important asset of any business. Human Resource ensures that all employees are satisfied within the working environment. Human Resources Management helps develop the culture of a business and increases employee engagement, which are important factors in having a successful business. Our NATED Human Resource Management Accredited Courses will equip you with the skills you need to fulfill this role.

Legal Secretary Courses

Legal secretaries are responsible for several administrative tasks. They work in an office setting and often handle traditional secretarial duties as well legal-related tasks. Expect to answer telephone calls and prepare paperwork like subpoenas and more. This role is not to be mistaken for paralegals, as the nature of their work may differ. Our NATED Legal Secretary Accredited Courses will prepare you for this role.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management combines business skills with creativity to create interest in goods and services. The tasks involved depend on factors such as the size of a company, the industry, and the type of product or service. Our NATED Marketing Management Accredited Courses will teach you how to carry out market research, finding target markets, trend research, planning campaigns, and much more.

Management Assistant Courses

The role and job title of management assistant may differ depending on the industry and company they work for. However, each of these roles has one thing in common – they offer office support. Their daily duties include performing a range of administrative and clerical responsibilities. They are responsible for setting up meetings, managing office equipment, and sometimes even perform human resources tasks. Our NATED Management Assistant Accredited Courses will give you the tools to excel in this role.

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