Passed Matric? Where To Now?

A Matric Certificate is a qualification in South Africa that is important because It helps you gain access to university, learnerships and employment.

Now that you have passed Matric, you have gained one of the most important qualifications in South Africa. This qualification helps you in doing the following: 

  • Gaining entry into university 
  • Admission to a bursary 
  • Admission to a learnership 
  • Acceptance to an entry-level position 

After Matric, you can do the following: 

  • University
  • Matric College 
  • Employment 
  • Gap year 


You can use your Matric Certificate to study at university. This depends on the Matric Pass Levels you received. If you have a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma Pass, you have a better chance of being accepted into university. However, your acceptance still depends on whether you meet other requirements that the university may require. 

If you obtained a Higher Certificate or National Senior Certificate Pass, you can study at a college. Your chances of being accepted at a college are better than at a university.

Matric College

At Matric College, we have many courses that you can study with a Matric Certificate of any Matric Pass Level. These courses are the following: 

This course is good if you want to improve your results. Improved results will help you have a better opportunity of being accepted into university. 

These courses are accredited and recognised in South Africa. This helps you find employment. 

These courses are not accredited but are good if you want to gain skills that will help you gain a promotion, open a business or find employment. 


You can find employment with a Matric Qualification. This is a valuable qualification that is valued by employers. You can find work in the following: 

  • Stork Clerk 
  • Customer Service Agent 
  • Sales Consultant 
  • Foreman 
  • Student Support Administrator 
  • Retail Associate 
  • Receptionist 
  • Personal Assistant 
  • General Worker 
  • Waiter/Waitress 
  • Call Centre Agent 
  • Security Officer 
  • Truck Driver 

Gap Year

You have passed Matric and may not know where to go. Sometimes, you can choose to take a gap year. You can decide that for an entire year, you will not study. You can use this opportunity to figure out who you are and what you want in life. 

A gap year will help you have more time to apply to different institutions where you qualify because you now know what your results are. 

Watch Our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, explain what your options are after you have passed Matric

Can You Go To University With Diploma Pass?

It depends on the university. If you have passed with a Diploma Pass, you can study any course below a Degree Course. Even then, this is if you qualify for those courses. You can do research on the university where you want to apply and see which courses you qualify for. 

Which Diploma Is Best After Matric?

NATED Diploma Courses are best after Matric. These courses are created by the Department of Higher Education ad Training (DHET). The DHET is a professional body that creates and accredits qualifications. They are also responsible for setting exams for different institutions in South Africa. 

The DHET created NATED Courses because they saw a gap in the work environment. There are many young people who are unemployed. NATED Courses were developed to provide employment opportunities.

These courses equip students with practical skills and knowledge. This means that by the time the student finishes the course, they will have work experience and knowledge. This is good because employers love hiring people who have experience and knowledge. 

NATED Courses are also accredited by the DHET and the QCTO. As a result, you gain an education that is of high quality. The courses are registered with SAQA, which gives you recognition in South Africa. You can use a NATED Qualification to find work or study further anywhere in South Africa. Below is a list of the NATED Courses we offer: 

Who Qualifies For NATED?

You qualify to study a NATED Course at Matric College if you have the following: 

How Many Years Is A NATED Diploma?

It takes 18 to 36 months to complete an entire NATED Programme. This is because there are four (4) courses in each NATED Programme. Theses are: 

  • NATED N4 National Certificate – 6 months 
  • NATED N5 National Certificate – 6 months 
  • NATED N6 National Certificate – 6 months 
  • NATED N6 National Diploma – 18 months 

Benefits Of Studying At Matric College

  • You study from anywhere you are located 
  • Transport costs are cut off 
  • Set up your own timetable 
  • Study at your own pace 
  • Study when you have the time to 
  • You can work and study at the same time
  • Get assistance from tutors 
  • Get assistance from Course Experts 
  • Get the study material from the college 
  • Receive immediate help in urgent academic situations 
  • Gain accredited qualifications 
  • Gain discipline and a spirit of hard work 

Can I Go To College Without A Matric Certificate?

Yes, you can go to a college without a Matric Certificate. This is possible through Matric College. We are a college that offers different courses, including ones you can study without Matric. These courses are available to assist students who do not have matric, to gain access to education that will help them find work or open a business. Below is a list of the Study Without Matric Courses

Can I Become A Teacher Without Matric?

No, you can not become a Teacher without Matric. You need a Matric Certificate with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass to study for a teaching course at university. However, if you do not have Matric, you have a chance to get it. 

You can study for the Adult Matric Course at our college. This course is designed to help adults who do not have Matric, to finally get it. When you complete the course, you will earn a Matric Certificate that is the same as any other. 

This is issued by Umalusi, who prints out all Matric Qualifications in South Africa. You will use the Certificate to apply to university for a teaching course. Below is a list of the Adult Matric requirements:

  • You passed Grade 9 and have proof of your report OR
  • You completed a Grade 9 equivalent course (i.e. an ABET Level 4 Certificate) that included two official language subjects
  • You are 21 or older when you write your exams
  • You can apply as early as the age of 19 and start studying
  • You can read, write and understand English or Afrikaans 
  • You are able to study via distance learning

You also have another option if you do not want to study for the Adult Matric Course. Furthermore, you can study one of our Child care Short courses. These courses will help you to pursue your passion for working with children. You will not be able to work as a teacher in primary or high school, but you will be able to apply for  the following positions: 

  • Assistant Grade R Teacher 
  • Crèche Manager 
  • Crèche Teacher 
  • AU Pair 
  • Day Care Administrator 
  • Babysitter 

These are the Child Care Courses we offer: 

Can You Apply For A Job With A Matric Statement?

Yes, you can apply for work with a Matric Statement of Results if you have just passed Matric. This is valid for about 12 months. Once this time span has passed, employers no longer consider a Matric Statement worthy. However, you can use a Matric Certificate instead. This is a qualification that has permanent value. 

Can I Buy The Original Matric Certificate?

No, you can not buy a Matric Certificate. It is illegal to buy a qualification. If you are found with a fake Matric Certificate, it can lead to an arrest. Unless you apply through the Department of Basic Education (DBE) because you have lost or damaged your Matric Certificate. Then can issue you a new one. You will have to do the following: 

  • An affidavit stating what happened to the last certificate 
  • An original ID 
  • An ID copy that is certified 
  • The Certificate (If you have it, and it is damaged. This is not applicable if it is lost) 

It takes four to six weeks for the certificate to be issued. In the meantime, you can request a statement of results. You get the statement the same day you apply. The Matric Certificate costs R153.00 and the Statement Of Results Is R55.00. These prices are subject to changes, therefore, it is important to always check the price on the DBE website.

You can also apply online through the official Umalusi application portal. To do this, you will need to create an account, select which certificate you want to replace, and then upload your documents in digital format.

You will need the same documents as listed above. You will then need to select whether you will Collect the certificate yourself from the Umalusi offices in Pretoria, which will cost R137,00 OR Have the certificate couriered to you, which will cost R202,00.

Note that these fees are only valid for the 2022 – 2023 financial year, after which they will be subject to change.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: June 13, 2022