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Eastern Cape Martic results will be released as part of the National Matric Results 2017. The results are announced by the Minister of Education on 4 January 2018. And on 5...

Eastern Cape Martic results will be released as part of the National Matric Results 2017. The results are announced by the Minister of Education on 4 January 2018. And on 5 January 2018 students will be able to get their results at their schools and exam centres.


The official exam results dates are:

National Senior Certificate: 4 January 2018   The Independent Examination Board (IEB) Exams: 3 January 2018

Matric Results 2017 Online

Contact Details for the Eastern Cape Provincial Department of Education

Tel: (043) 604 7709/73 Website: Eastern Cape Matric Results

At Skills Academy you can study the following courses without Matric:

Course Requirements – Open Access Course Entry Requirements – Grade 10 Course Entry Requirements – Grade 11 Course Entry Requirements – Matric   Where to get your Matric 2017 Results

Get your Results Online

You can get your results online at the National Department of Education’s website Exam Results Page.

Latest News: Umalusi Approves Matric Results

On Friday (29 December 2017) the Umalusi council approved the results for the Matric Class of 2017. For the first time in many years, there were not leaked papers. Umalusi says that the quality of student answers has improved. And that marks has increased overall. So here is to a better result that you might expect! Watch the Umalusi announcement on YouTube

Matric Results in the Newspapers

The matric results will be published in all the major newspapers. So make sure to get a few copies to keep and to give away to friends and family!

Get Matric Certificate
Get Matric Certificate

Get your Results from your School or Exam Centre

Your results will be available from your school or exam centre on 5 January 2018.

More information about Matric Results

Huffington Post News 24 Voices on News24  

Telephone numbers for provincial and national Departments of Education National office: (012) 312 5845/6/7 Free State: (051) 404 8000 Gauteng: (011) 355 0588 KwaZulu Natal: (031) 327 0538/0331 Limpopo: (015) 290 7747/7830 Mpumalanga: (013) 766 0033 Northern Cape: (053) 839 6585 North West: (018) 384 3100/51 Western Cape: (021) 467 2483   What everyone refers to as a matric certificate is actually the NSC (National Senior Certificate). This is what you will acquire upon completion of your grade 12 year.  The subjects that you have chosen to take in Grade 10 (which is a minimum of 6), will each have the percentage that you achieved for that subject as well as the relevant level. The levels that you achieve work as follows.

  • 80-100%: Level 7
  • 70-79%: Level 6
  • 60-69%: Level 5
  • 50-59%: Level 4
  • 40-49%: level 3
  • 30-39%: Level 2
  • 0-29%; Level 1

If you do not achieve at least a level 2 in a subject then you have failed that subject. However, you have to do more than just get 30% average to pass matric. To pass matric and receive your National Senior Certificate you need to:

  • Get at least 40% for your home language subject.
  • Get 40% or higher for two other subjects not including your home language.
  • Get 30% or higher (not including the 3 subjects you got 40% or higher for)

This means that you can only get a level 1 or fail one of your matric subjects. Failing more will cause you to fail matric. So the conception that all you need is 30% average to pass matric is false. There are other different types of passes, for your matric certificate. Each of these will mean something different for you. There are three different kinds of matric certificate passes. The first is the higher certificate pass which is the one discussed above. There are two others namely the diploma pass, and the bachelor’s pass. To achieve the diploma pass you need to meet the following requirements:

  • 40% or higher for your home language subject.
  • 40% or higher for three other subjects not including your home language subject.
  • 30% or higher for your remaining 3 subjects.

This means that if you want a diploma pass you can’t fail any subject. However a diploma pass does give you the advantage of being able to study at a university of technology. However a diploma pass is not enough to allow you to study at a regular university. For that you need a bachelor’s pass. To get a bachelor’s pass you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • 40% or higher in your home language subject.
  • 50% or higher for at least 4 of your subjects, (This can include your home language subject)
  • 30% or higher for your remaining 3 subjects.

This is the highest level of a matric pass that you get. This qualifies you to be able to study at any tertiary education facility in South Africa. However this just means that you will be able to apply to any tertiary institution in South Africa, it does not mean that you will be accepted for your chosen field of study. The requirements to definitely be accepted vary depending on the field of study as well as the institution you applied for.

The CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, discusses how you can get your matric certificate

Last updated: July 21, 2020

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