Why Choose Distance Learning

Choosing distance learning at Matric College is best because you study from home where you are able to balance your personal, academic and career life.

At Matric College, we offer our courses by distance learning. This is convenient for students in many ways, including the following: 

  • Study at home 
  • Safe from the pandemic 
  • Save when you study by distance learning 
  • Distance learning has flexibility 
  • Study while earning 
  • Stress-free
  • Distance learning can be consistent  
  • Networking opportunities
  • Upskill through distance learning  
  • Accreditation 
  • Quality education

Study At Home

You study our courses from anywhere you are. This means that you could be a student from outside South Africa and study, through us. Home studying is comfortable and this motivates you to study because you do not feel overwhelmed.

Safe From The Pandemic

Distance learning is safe because you study from home, where you are safe from the pandemic. You and your loved ones are protected from infections because you are not in physical contact with many people on a daily basis.

Save When You Study By Distance Learning

There are no contact classes in distance learning that you travel to. You study from home, and this is how you can save transport and lunch money.

Distance Learning Has Flexibility

Studying is flexible because you design your own timetable and study pattern. This makes it easy to enjoy studying because you study at your pace.

Study While Earning

If you are someone who is already working or looking for employment, you can continue with work and still study through us. Since study times are set by you, you can balance being a student and an employee.


Studying by yourself at home is comfortable. You do not feel overwhelmed by social anxiety. This is good because you look forward to studying without feeling anxious about interacting with too many people.

Distance Learning Can Be Consistent

Distance learning is consistent because you have very few chances of dropping out. You enjoy studying on your own time, and you are assisted by our tutors when you need help.

Network Opportunities

You have a chance to meet new people from different counties and provinces. You can create contacts and learn different things from people of different cultures and personalities.

Upskill Through Distance Learning

Studying from home teaches you different things such as being disciplined and committed. You gain these qualities that help you work effectively, and this makes you a better person.


Studying through distance learning at Matric College offers you a variety of courses that are accredited. You gain an education that will help you gain recognition when you look for work or choose to further your studies elsewhere.

Quality Education

Distance learning is more skills-based. It prepares you for employment and entrepreneurship so that you can easily find employment when you complete a course.

Watch our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, discuss the reasons why you should study through distance learning

You should choose to study through distance learning because it is beneficial in every situation. If the country moves to another lockdown, you will still be able to continue with your studies because you do it through distance learning, where you learn from home.

Distance learning has become an incredible way to study in the present day. Since the country began experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have moved to online platforms, including the following:

  • Business meetings 
  • Shopping 
  • Education 
  • Live performances 
  • Religious gatherings 
  • Work responsibilities

What Is Distance Learning, And How Does It Work?

Distance learning is the type of learning where students are not physically present in a classroom. They learn from home in their own time. Distance learning consists of online learning where students use online resources to learn. 

Below is a list of the online resources used at Matric College: 

  • Emails 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Red alert forms 
  • Course experts 
  • Tutors


Students can use emails to communicate with tutors and course experts when they need academic assistance. They can help them understand their assessments so that they can easily answer them.


Tutors and course experts can also be contacted through WhatsApp. They are available from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Red Alert Forms

These forms are available to assist students when they come across an issue that needs immediate attention. They can fill out a form online, and they will be contacted as soon as possible.

Course Experts

Course experts can be contacted through calls, email and WhatsApp. They offer help when you have questions about the course you are studying.


Tutors can be reached through calls, emails and WhatsApp. When you need academic assistance with assignments, tests or exams, they can assist.

Watch Jan Badenhorst, our CEO of Matric College, discuss everything you need to know about where we are situated

What Is The Main Point Of Distance Learning?

The main point of distance learning is to offer education to everyone who needs it. There are people who want to study courses but either do not have time to attend a contact class or there are no classes close to where they are located. This is where distance learning is important. People who cannot make it to a contact class can study from home.

Why Is Distance Learning Important?

Distance learning is important because it offers education to the following: 

  • Parents 
  • Employees 
  • Employers 
  • Business owners 
  • International students 
  • Anyone who wants to study 
  • Those who struggle with being social 
  • People without access to education in their areas

What Are The Positive Effects Of Distance Learning?

  • Anyone can study 
  • Numerous students are enrolled 
  • Studying is more enjoyable 
  • Students easily discover their weaknesses and strengths 
  • Learn new skills 
  • Gaining discipline

How Effective Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is effective. However, it mostly depends on whether the institution is effective. This is why at Matric College, we have different ways to ensure that our students receive the best education by providing them with the following: 

What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Distance Learning?

Traditional learningDistance learning
Students learn inside a physical buildingStudents learn from home
There are lecturers to assist in classThere are tutors to assist while you study
You travel to classYou do not travel to class
You buy your own study materialStudy guides are provided by the institution
You study according to the pace of the lecturerYou study at your own pace
You have fewer chances of being a student and employee at onceYou have higher chances of being a student while employed

Why Is Distance Learning Better Than Traditional Learning?

Both traditional learning and distance learning is best. It depends on what you prefer. Some people enjoy contact learning, while others prefer online learning. The two types of learning have similar learning significance. You learn and gain qualifications when you complete a course from each.

How Can I Improve Distance Learning?

You can improve distance learning by following these simple tips: 

  • Have a study area so that you feel like a student 
  • Create neat study notes 
  • Interact with other students 
  • Communicate more with your tutors 
  • Have a timetable 
  • Buy stationery
  • Do extra research on the internet 
  • Read your study material

How Do I Pass Distance Learning?

You can pass distance learning by doing the following: 

  • Have a dedicated space 
  • Motivation      
  • Study your work 
  • Ask questions
  • Write notes     
  • Write 
  • Submit your assignments

Have A Dedicated Space

Find a study space that is comfortable for you. You can make it colourful by pasting your study notes on the wall, including your timetable.


Write down a list of things you want to accomplish academically. Paste this list near your study table. This will motivate you to study hard every time you want to study.

Study Your Work

If you want to pass, you must study. This is the only way you will understand your course. When you have an understanding of your learning material, you can provide good answers to your assignments, tests and exams and this is how you will pass.

Ask Questions

Do not skip a chapter that you do not understand. Ask your tutors and fellow mates for help. They will assist you and this will help you answer everything question in your assessments. Tutors will assist you and this way you can write down what they tell you and add it to your study notes.

Write Notes

Write down notes when you learn any information through tutors, study guides, or the internet. This will help you have notes to study with. If you are not sure about something, ask your tutors for clarity.


Your assessments are used to create your pass mark. This means you must write all assignments, tests and exams. Aim for high marks when you study and this way you will pass with good marks.

Submit Your Assignments

The last step is very important. When you have completed all your assessments, make sure that you submit them in the right places. If your assessments cannot be found, then you will not have any marks to make you pass. To ensure that you do not forget submission, you can set a reminder for each on your cellphone or a diary.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 26, 2022