What Can I Study With a Higher Certificate Pass?

Our NATED, ICB and short courses can be completed with a Higher Certificate Pass. The NATED courses go up to a Diploma level. This is 1 level below a Degree.

Courses to Study With a Higher Certificate Pass

Watch the College Principle explain everything you need to know about courses you can study with a Higher Certificate Pass.

study with a higher certificate pass

NATED Courses

NATED Courses or National Qualification Courses, are specially created by the Department of Higher Education and Training. 

Each course mixes both practical training and theoretical learning to give students a well-rounded experience. With a Higher Certificate Pass, you can study any of the following NATED courses offered by Matric College. 

ICB Courses

Beauty Courses

Educare and Childcare

Tourism and Guesthouse

Tourism and Guesthouse Managers are responsible for the ultimate travel experience of their clients. 

If you have what it takes to build a career in this industry, or if you are just looking to improve our skills, Matric College has a selection of Tourism and Guesthouse courses for you to choose from. 

Guest House Management 

Tourism Courses 

Event and Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning Courses teach you everything you need to know to have your clients talking about their experience for years. Whether you’re organising a formal event or a storybook wedding, Matric College is here to teach you all the tips and tricks that you need to succeed. 

Wedding Planning

Event Planning  

How Your Matric Pass Can Shape Your Future

Having a matric pass can give you many options for your future. With a matric certificate, you can further your education, have more employment opportunities and start building a successful career. 

With a Higher Certificate Pass you can go on to study at any of the following educational institutions:

  • Trade Schools 
  • Matric College 
  • Skills Academy 
  • Ember Academy 
  • The Learning Group
  • The Bellview Institute of Distance Learning 
  • The Décor School

Understanding Your Higher Certificate Pass

According to Umalusi, there are 4 pass levels that you can obtain at the end of matric. Namely:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (BD) Pass
  • Diploma (D) Pass 
  • Higher Certificate (HC) Pass
  • National Senior Certificate (NCS) Pass 

Each pass level has a different set of academic requirements

Higher Certificate Pass Requirements

The requirements needed to get a Higher Certificate Pass are as follows:

  • An APS score in your home language of 3 
  • An APS score in 2 other subjects of 3 
  • An APS score of 2 in 3 other subjects
  • A total APS score of 15 

You can use an Admission Point Score calculator to help you evaluate your marks.

Will I Be Able To Study a Degree With a Higher Certificate Pass?

No, you cannot study for a degree with a Higher Certificate pass. 

To apply for a degree course, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree pass with the correct Admission Point Score for your chosen course. 

Is a Higher Certificate Pass a Fail?

A Higher Certificate is a pass level at the end of your matric year. It means that you passed matric with an Admission Point Score of at least 15. 

With a Higher Certificate Pass, you can go on to study Higher Certificate courses or courses that do not require a matric certificate.

Your Options

With a Higher Certificate Pass, you still have various study options that will help you build a successful career. 

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers many different courses in the fields of  business and financial management. They have 3 study streams. Each of which is considered as a scarce skill in South Africa:

Financial Accounting 

Business Management 

Office Administration

With a Higher Certificate Pass, you can start the foundation phase course of any of the study streams mentioned above. 

After you pass each ICB course, you will receive a certification. That means that you can build up your qualification after each level. Unlike a degree course where you will only get a certification after 3 or 4 years. 

By completing all the courses in an ICB study stream, you will finish with at least 3 qualifications.

National Qualification (NATED) Courses

National Qualification (NATED) Courses are a great choice when it comes to furthering your education. Each study stream is specially designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training to include both practical and theoretical learning.  

With a Higher Certificate Pass, you can study any of the following National Qualification Courses: 

Study Without Matric

Where Can I Study With a Higher Certificate?

With a Higher Certificate Pass, you can choose to study at a college of various universities.

Colleges and Universities That Accept Higher Certificates

Here are a few colleges that you can choose from when deciding to further your education. 

  • Matric College 
  • Skills Academy 
  • The Bellview Institute of Distance Learning 
  • Ember Academy 
  • The Learning Group 
  • The Décor School 
  • Damelin 
  • Rosebank College

Select universities also offer Higher Certificate courses. These include:

Can I Study At UNISA With a Higher Certificate?

Yes. UNISA offers study programmes that you can study with a Higher Certificate.

UNISA Higher Certificate Courses

Getting a Diploma With a Higher Certificate

Even though you have a Higher Certificate, you can work your way up to a diploma. 

Building Your National Qualification

With National Qualification (NATED) courses, you receive a qualification after each level. Each study stream is made up of 3 courses that build upon the previous. These levels are known as:

  • National N4 Certificates 
  • National N5 Certificates (need to have completed an N4 certificate to apply) 
  • National N6 Certificates (need to have completed an N5 certificate to apply)

Work Experience

Once you have completed your N6 National Certificate, you have to do 18 months of work experience. 

This work experience must be noted down in a logbook that must then go to the Department of Higher Education and Training for approval. 

Getting a National Diploma

Once your work experience has been approved, you will be awarded a National Diploma. That means that with National Qualification courses, you can work your way to a Diploma qualification without ever having a Diploma pass at the end of matric. 

You can even work your way to a National Diploma with a National Senior Certificate Pass.

Getting Into University

The only way that you can get into a degree programme at a university is by meeting the minimum requirements. These are:

If you do not meet the above requirements and want to study a degree course, you have the following options:  

  • Second Chance Matric
  • Matric Upgrade 
  • Adult Matric

Second Chance Matric

The Second Chance Matric Programmes is the Department of Educations way of giving students a second chance to pass their matric exams. 

If you failed your matric exams and are looking to improve your marks, you can apply to redo your matric exams with this programme.

Matric Upgrade

A Matric Upgrade is a great choice if you want to improve a few of your matric marks. With a Matric Upgrade course, you can select which subjects you want to improve. 

This will give you another chance to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree Pass and go to university.

Adult Matric

If you were unable to reach or completed your matric year, you can still get your matric certificate. 

With an Adult Matric course, you can apply to complete your matric certificate as long as you have a grade 9 certificate.

Jan Badenhorst, the CEO of Matric College, discusses your options after passing matric with a Higher Certificate Pass

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Last Updated: Elzanne Van Niekerk

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