How Do I Add Matric Subjects To My Matric Certificate?

Adding Matric subjects to your Matric Certificate will give you the chance to improve your Matric results and gain admission to the university of your dreams.

You can add Matric subjects to your Matric Certificate by applying for our Matric Upgrade Course. You can also change your Matric subjects with this course. 

You can apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • A completed Matric Certificate. This is regardless of whether you passed or failed.
  • Be 21 years old or older. You can apply at 19, but can only write the exam at 21. This will also give you enough time to study.
  • Write, read and understand Afrikaans or English. You can complete the entire course in either English or Afrikaans.
  • Enjoy a remote learning method. We are a distance learning college. This means that you study from home and at your own pace.

How Does Adding Matric Subjects Work?

You will get to choose new subjects to add to your Matric Certificate. This can be done if you need certain subjects to apply for specific courses at University or College, but have never done it before.

Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to add new subjects to your Matric Certificate:

  • Will I be able to study this subject and pass or will it be too difficult for me?
  • Do I need this subject to further my studies?
  • Will having this subject mean that I will not have to complete a bridging course?
  • Will this subject increase my chances of getting accepted at a university?

If your answers to the questions above are all positive, you can consider completing our Matric Upgrade Course.

Can I Add Subjects To My Matric Certificate That I Did Not Have In Matric?

Yes, you can add subjects to your Matric Certificate that you did not have in Matric.

However, this is only possible if you complete our Matric Rewrite Course. If you complete the Second Chance Matric Programme, you can only rewrite the subjects that you wrote in your last exam sitting.


If you do add subjects with our Matric Rewrite Course you will cover work from Grade 10 – Grade 12 because you have no prior knowledge of the subjects.

Can I Rewrite My Matric And Change Subjects?

Yes, you can rewrite your Matric and change subjects with our Matric Rewrite Course.

If you choose to complete the Second Chance Programme, you cannot change any Matric subjects. This is because you are only allowed to improve the subjects that you wrote in your last exam sitting.

How Much Does It Cost To Re-Issue A Matric Certificate?

A re-issue of your Matric Certificate will cost R153. This price is only valid until the 31 March 2023.

You can visit the Department of Basic Education (DBE) website to get the updates on the cost of a re-issue.

What Happens After I Add Or Change My Matric Subjects?

After you add or change your Matric subjects you can combine your Matric results.

This allows you to put all of your Matric results on one Matric Certificate instead of having multiple Matric Certificates You will also be given a new Matric Statement of Results that reflect your new subjects and the marks you got for them.

We recommend that you combine your Matric results only if you are absolutely satisfied with it. You are, however, not allowed to combine your Matric results if you failed Matric. This is because only your best Matric results should appear on your Matric Certificate. Failed Matric results appear as an “x” on your Matric Certificate.

How Does Combining Matric Results Work?

Combining your Matric results works differently. It depends on whether you have completed the Second Chance Programme or the Matric Rewrite Course

Here are the differences between the two:

Second Chance Programme

Matric Rewrite Course

This is provided to you through the Department of Basic Education (DBE).

This is provided to you through Matric College.

Your Matric results will automatically be combined. Only your best results will appear.

You have to apply for a combination of results through the Department of Basic Education (DBE). This allows you to improve your results again before combining your results.

You can only complete this programme if you are 21 and younger.

You can complete this course if you are 21 and older.

How Long Does It Take To Combine Matric Statements?

It can take between four and six weeks to combine your Matric statements.

If you need to apply to university or for job opportunities, you can provide them with your Statement of Matric results. Although this is a temporary document, it is still valid. As soon as you receive your combined Matric Certificate, you can submit it.

Always inform the university or potential employer that you are in the process of combining your Matric statements before applying.

Can I Edit A Matric Certificate?

Yes, you can edit your particulars on your Matric Certificate. It is but not by yourself.

You have to apply through the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Here are the different processes with the cost for each:



Cost of process

Changing the status of your Matric Certificate

If you wrote two or more Matric exam sittings and would like to combine your marks.

R 153

Lost or damaged Matric Certificate

If you have misplaced, lost or if your Matric Certificate got damaged.

R 153

Change of particulars

If there is certain personal information on your Matric Certificate that you would like to change such as name, surname or sex.

R 153

Statement of results

This is a temporary document that you can use while you are waiting for any of the above-mentioned replacement certificates.

R 55

People Also Ask

Yes, Umalusi can adjust Matric marks where it is necessary.

This is only done when Umalusi believes that the students’ marks should be adjusted. Keep in mind that Umalusi considers the following factors when making adjustments:

  • Standardisation
  • Historical average
  • The internal assessment mark of the student
  • The average mark of the student’s overall subjects

To get in-depth understanding of this, visit the Umalusi website.

You can get a distinction in each subject that you have in Matric. This is possible through hard work, dedication and a supportive environment. 

If you would like to get distinctions for certain subjects in Matric, you should consider rewriting your Matric with our Matric Rewrite Course.

Author: Jesmé Africa
Editor: Stacey Christian
Date Published: January 27, 2023