How do I rewrite my matric?

If you failed Matric, you can rewrite it through Matric College. You will be assisted by our tutors, study material and grade 12 past exam papers as you study.

You rewrite your Matric by applying for a Rewrite Matric Course. You can do this through Matric College. Through this course, you will have a chance to rewrite the Matric final examination. This exam will determine how many marks you receive to pass Matric. 

The college will provide you with the resources that you will need for the exam. This is done to ensure that you can study and gain the best marks. These are the resources we offer you: 



You will have access to our tutors who are dedicated to your studies. They are available from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm Mondays to Fridays. To contact them, you can use their email address, WhatsApp or phone call. They will help you to understand your course topics and help you prepare for the exam. 

Study Material 

The college sends the study material to your house. We use a courier to deliver this. Please note that delivery usually takes five to seven days.  The study material has the following: 

  • Study guide 
  • Textbook 
  • Study calendar 
  • study checklist 

Use your study materials to prepare for the Rewrite Matric exam. If you face any challenges, you can contact the tutors to assist you. Your study material will help you acquire knowledge. When you have the knowledge, you will be able to answer your final exam well. 

If you want extra learning materials, you can look at the following: 

Matric Past Exam Papers

You will have access to many of our Matric past exam papers that have memorandums. These papers will help you prepare for the exam. You will have time to practise these papers until you understand how to answer questions in the exam. When the exam arrives, you will be ready to write. 

What Are The Requirements For Matric Rewrite?

If you want to study the Rewrite Matric Course, through Matric College, you will have to meet the following requirements: 

How Do I Register For Matric Rewrite 2022 Online?

To register for the Matric Rewrite Course in 2022 online, you can do it through Matric College. These are the steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Contact the college

Step 2: Communicate with one of our friendly Course Experts, and register for the Rewrite Matric Course. 

Step 3: You will receive the study material from us. This is sent to your location right after the registration and takes five (5) to seven (7) days to arrive. 

Step 4: Start studying as a Matric College student

What Is The Closing Date For Matric Rewrite 2022?

There is no closing date for the Matric Rewrite in 2022. At Matric College, you can apply any day. We have Course Experts who will assist you through the registration. They will explain to you how the course works and the fees you would need to pay to study.

Watch Jan Badenhorst, Our Principal Of Matric College, Discuss How A Matric Rewrite Works

What Colleges Offer Matric Rewrite?

Matric College offers the Rewrite Matric Course. We are a distance learning institution which provides you with education while you are home. You can study our Rewrite Matric Course from anywhere you are. You should study through us because of the following: 

  • You study from anywhere you are 
  • Save transport money 
  • There are tutors to help you in your studies 
  • Our Course Experts help you with course information 
  • Learn at your own pace and time 
  • Study while employed 
  • Earn a qualification after your chosen course 

How Many Subjects Can You Rewrite?

At Matric College, we allow you to rewrite a minimum of four subjects. If you want to change subjects, you are also allowed. You can change a minimum of four subjects. This may help you pass better if you choose simpler subjects. 

However, always keep in mind that you should choose subjects that will help you study for the course you want at university.

Where Can I Do My Matric As An Adult?

You can do your Matric as an adult through Matric College. You can enrol in our Adult Matric Course, where you will learn Matric subjects. When you complete this course, you will gain a Matric Certificate. 

These are the requirements you must meet to study: 

  • You passed Grade 9 and have proof of your report OR
  • You completed a Grade 9 equivalent course (i.e. an ABET Certificate) that included two official language subjects
  • You are 21 or older when you write your exams
    • You can apply as early as the age of 19 and start studying
  • You can read, write and understand English or Afrikaans 
  • You are able to study via distance learning

Is Upgrading Matric Results A Good Thing?

Yes, upgrading your Matric is a good thing. You get the opportunity to upgrade your Matric results and earn better marks. With the experience, you have in Matric, you will have a better chance of passing. Upgrading your Matric results is a good thing.

Getting good results is possible if you work hard. With these good marks, you can apply to further your studies at university. You will obtain a qualification that can increase your chances of getting employment. 

Upgrading your Matric is a good thing because it gives you better marks. When you have these marks, you can apply for bursary opportunities. In most cases, bursaries look for students with good marks. If you have them, you will gain a bursary that pays for your studies at college or university.

Whether you have failed or passed Matric, you can study at Matric College. You will gain skills, knowledge and qualification that are good for starting a business or finding employment depending on what your career goals are. Apply today and start building your dream career!

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 18, 2022