The Best Ways To Prepare For Exams

The best way to prepare for Matric exams is to study daily for at least four to six hours. You can also use past exam papers to prepare for the exams.

Matric is the last class in High School. This is an important class because it determines whether you will be able to go to university or not. To pass Matric, you must pass the class assessments and final exam. Here is how you can prepare for the exams: 

  • Study spot 
  • Be organised 
  • Study time 
  • Past papers 
  • Research 
  • Tutors 
  • Study groups 
  • Take care
  • Stay motivated 

Complete exams

Study Spot

Before you start studying, you must ensure that you have a study spot. This is a place where you study. Having a specific study spot helps you get used to studying because you have a place for it. It becomes a part of your routine. 

Students who do not have a study spot are less likely to study because they do not have a place waiting for them to study. When you have a study spot, you feel the need to study because that space is reserved for that. 

Be Organised

Keep your study spot clean. An organised space will not discourage you when you want to study. Do not just keep your study spot organised, but also organise your study routine. Have a timetable that helps you organise your studies. 

Do not try to study everything all in one. Divide your subjects into different study sessions. Study the hard subjects first, and then refresh your mind with the subjects you are best at. 

Study Time

Create a timetable where you study on a daily basis. It is only through studying so much that you pass well. If you want to do well in your exams, you must dedicate yourself to your studies. Study every day for at least three to four hours. Take breaks in between for ten to fifteen minutes. 

If you can study longer than four hours daily, do it. When you are in Matric, you are working towards your future. You must invest all your time in this class and ensure you pass well. This is how you will be able to go to university.

Past Papers

Use past exam papers when preparing for the final examination. Most questions in past papers repeat in the upcoming exams. If you have practised for the exam using past papers, you may come across many questions that are repeating, and you will be able to answer these. 

By using past papers, you get used to how exams are set. This makes you ready when the exam arrives.


When you are studying, you can research on the internet the topics are busy. This will help you get more information, which can help you understand your subjects better. You will gain more knowledge and this will help you in exams


When you are in Matric, you must have someone to assist you in your studies. This must be someone besides the teachers in your school. Being taught by someone different will help you gain a different perspective of things. You may find another way of answering the same question. 

If you have a personal tutor, you have enough time to ask questions and get the answers you need. You can learn fast because the tutor is focused on you only.

Study Groups

Find other students who you can study with. A study group is helpful because you are able to do the following: 

  • Share ideas 
  • Get different answers 
  • Have discussions and gain new information 
  • Motivate one another to study 
  • Help each other where you struggle 
  • Remind each other to study or information you learnt 

Take Care

You want to ensure that you are healthy by the time you write your exams. The best way to study healthy for your exams is by eating healthy food. Eat home-cooked meals such as rice with creamy spinach. Good food will boost your immune system, and you will be energised and healthy for the exam. 

Avoid junk food and fizzy drinks. These are foods that make you tired. If you are thirsty, drink a lot of water. This is good for your brain and body. You will be refreshed and ready to write your exams. 

Stay Motivated

When you have studied a lot, you may get discouraged, but do not let this happen. You are one step towards your future. Completing Matric is a huge achievement. This is your first recognised qualification that will help you study at university

Stay motivated and keep preparing for the exams . Keep studying and tell yourself that you will pass well. There is nothing to be afraid of in the exam. Go and get your Matric!

Complete Exams

When the time to write your exams comes, wake up early and make it to the exam setting on time. Remember to follow all exam instructions. Answer every question with answers that correspond with the mark allocation. Give detailed answers that do not leave the examiner wondering what you were trying to say.

Watch our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, give guidelines for Matric exams

How Do You Become An A+ Student?

This is how you become a student who passes well: 

  • Know your best studying techniques
  • Take notes in class 
  • Ask questions when you feel confused 
  • Have a study routine 
  • Study daily 
  • Do not cram, study to understand 
  • Have a timetable to complete assessments in time 
  • Use your study guides, textbooks and notes to study
  • Perform extra research on the Internet 
  • Have discussions with other students 
  • Study to obtain distinctions 

How Can I Study Faster Without Forgetting?

Yes, you can study faster without forgetting by studying every day. When you study daily, you cover a lot of work in a short amount of time. This helps you be fast and keep up with what you are learning in school. 

Studying daily not only helps you study faster, but it also helps you not to forget. For each day that you study, you can schedule about 25 to 40 minutes to go through everything you learned the previous day. This is how you will not forget what you have learnt because you keep revising it. 

Should I Study Tired?

No, do not study if you are tired. This will make you hate studying. What you can do if you want to study, but you feel tired is to take a nap. Sleep for one (1) to two (2) hours. You will wake up feeling more fresher. This will help you to study for a few hours.

How Do I Motivate Myself To Study?

  • Reward yourself when you do well on any assessment
  • Remember your long-term goals 
  • Think of the bright future you want to experience
  • Speak encouraging words to yourself 

What To Drink To Avoid Sleep While Studying?

When you are studying, you should drink a lot of water. This helps cleanse your mind and body. It also helps you avoid sleeping because when you drink water, there is movement, and you keep yourself from falling asleep. 

Does Music Help You Study?

This differs from person to person. Some students enjoy studying with music because they think it is relaxing and helps the study sessions feel less stressful. Some students find music distracting. They love studying in a place that is quiet because that is how they can concentrate. 

If you do not like listening to music while studying, then do not do it. Stick to your own studying style and study the best way you can. 

Can I Pass The Exam Without Studying?

You can not pass an exam without studying. You should not write an exam that you did not study for. If you want to pass, you must study. It does not matter if the subject is easy, you should study for the exam. Exams are very important and should be prepared for. 

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: June 23, 2022