Rewrite Matric – Amended Senior Certificate

Matric Rewrite gives you the opportunity to rewrite some of your matric subjects. You have two options if you want to rewrite one, or all, of your subjects.

A Matric Rewrite gives you the chance to rewrite your matric exams. This could be because you did not do well enough to pass, or you just want to improve your marks to get into the course of your choosing. 

Watch our College Principal explain the options you have to Rewrite Matric.

Matric Courses

Rewriting Though Matric College

With Matric College, you can choose to rewrite your matric exams. To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have written your matric exams already: To be able to rewrite your matric exams, you have to have already written your exams. Only then can you improve your results
  • Be able to read and write in English OR Afrikaans: You can choose to rewrite your matric exams in either English or Afrikaans, depending on your preference. You must be able to read and write in the language that you choose. 
  • You are 21 at the time of writing your exams: You can apply to rewrite your matric exams through Matric College at 19 years old. However, you have to be 21 when you write your exams.

Matric College Rewrite Subjects

When you choose to rewrite your matric exams through Matric College, you have to choose from a selection of compulsory and optional subjects.

Compulsory Subjects

Optional Subjects

Reasons to Rewrite Though Matric College

When you choose to rewrite your matric through Matric College, there are many benefits that you can expect. These include: 

  • Choosing new subjects: Rewriting your matric exams with Matric College means that you can choose new matric subjects for your matric finals. This comes very in handy if you are either looking for subjects that are more manageable or that meet tertiary course requirements.  
  • Tutors assistance: Matric College offers all students tutor assistance from 8 am to 5 pm every weekday. 
  • Academic feedback: You will be able to send all of your practice assessments to tutors for marking. The feedback you receive from our experts will help you improve in the sections where you might be struggling. 
  • Work from home: Since Matric College is a distance learning institution, you can complete your studies in the comfort of your home 
  • There is no subject limit: With other matric rewrite programmes, you are often only allowed to rewrite one or two. With Matric College, you can choose to rewrite one, a few, or all of your subjects.

Please note that Matric College does NOT offer any classes or tutoring or help for students who are aiming for a rewrite and who are younger than 21 years of age. Our matric programme is only for students older than 21 years of age.

Second Chance Matric Programme (The Department of Education)

The Department of Education started the Second Chance Matric Programme to help students who failed their matric year. 

With this initiative, you are able to rewrite the matric exams you failed to meet the minimum requirements needed to pass your matric year.


There are many benefits that come with rewriting your matric certificate. These include: 

  • More career opportunities: When it comes to applying for jobs, many require that you have a matric certificate. Candidates who have a matric certificate, are more likely to get the job. 
  • Further your education: With a matric certificate, you can further your education at a tertiary level. Your overall matric pass rate will determine which courses you will get to choose. 
  • Employment: With a matric certificate you will have a greater chance of finding employment. 55% of all unemployed South Africans do not have a matric certificate. 
  • Confidence: By completing your matric certificate, you will have a lot more confidence in yourself. This is because you will have achieved an educational qualification, have more job opportunities, and be able to earn a higher salary.

Who Can Apply?

You can apply for a Matric Rewrite if you meet the following criteria:

  • You completed your matric exams. 
  • You did not meet the National Senior Certificate pass requirements. 
  • You are only looking to rewrite subjects that you failed. 
  • You need to rewrite only 1 or 2 exam papers. 

If you are only looking to upgrade your matric marks, your best option would be a Matric Upgrade course.

Matric Rewrite Subjects offered by the Department of Education

The Second Chance Matric Programme targets the following subjects to be rewritten as part of the matric rewrites:

Where Can I Apply For a Matric Rewrite?

You can apply for a matric rewrite through the Department of Basic Education OR through Matric College for their Matric Rewrite course.

How Much Does It Cost to Rewrite Matric?

To find out more information about the Matric Rewrite fees, please contact one of our course experts on 012 762 7100.

Can I Rewrite My Matric Online?

With Matric College, you are able to study for your matric rewrite through distance learning. That means that you can study everything that you need from the comfort of your home. 

Once you are ready to write your exams, you will have to write your exams at an examination centre closest to you. Your examinations will not be written online. 

Can I Rewrite Matric in 6 Months?

No, you cannot rewrite your matric in 6 months. Your matric course is essentially 3 years of coursework. This is especially true when you change your subjects. 

Our matric rewrite exams consist of the subject coursework from grade 10-12.

Can I Rewrite Matric With UNISA?

No, you cannot rewrite your matric through UNISA. In order to study through UNISA,  you must have a matric certificate. 

UNISA also offers higher certificate courses, diploma courses and degree programmes.

Register for a Matric Rewrite 2021

When it comes to registering for your matric rewrite, there are a few things you will need. Here is everything you need to know:

  • Application requirements. 
  • Documents needed to apply. 

Application Requirements

In order to apply for a matric rewrite, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be 21 when writing your exams. 
  • You must be able to read and write in EITHER English or Afrikaans. 
  • You must have completed your matric exams already.

Documents Needed to Apply

Here are the documents you need to apply:

  • Your matric results. 
  • A Certified Copy of your ID. 

Alternative Options

There are other options that you can follow. These include:

  • Adult Matric.
  • Matric Upgrade. 
  • Matric Equivalent Certificates.

Adult Matric

A course in Adult Matric gives you the opportunity to complete your matric certificate no matter how many years you have been out of school.

The matric certificate that you get at the end of your Adult Matric course is the same certificate that you would have received after high school. Both are accredited by Umalusi. 

Having a matric certificate means that you are able to:

  • Get more employment opportunities. 
  • Further your education. 
  • Earn a higher salary.

Matric Upgrade

With a Matric Upgrade, you can choose to improve your matric marks. As long as you have already written your matric exams, you can apply for the Matric Upgrade course. 

Matric Equivalent Certificates

Matric equivalent certificates are on the same NQF level as matric certificates. Both certificates are NQF level 4 but follow different methods of learning. 

Traditional matric certificates give students a broader sense of learning and help prepare students for a variety of tertiary education courses. 

Matric Equivalent Certificates give students a more specialised set of skills in a single area. This can include accounting and business management. 

Once you have achieved a matric equivalent certificate, you will be able to move straight into a career within your specialised skill field. This is different from a matric certificate as you will not get these specific skills in high school and will be unable to have the same job opportunities as somebody with a matric equivalent certificate.

Study Without a Matric Certificate

Matric College also offers courses that you can study without a matric certificate. These include:

  • Skill Based Courses. 
  • Accredited Courses.
  • Scarce Skill Courses.

Skill Based Courses

Skill Based Courses are a great choice for anybody looking to improve either their CV or their knowledge in a specific field. Skill-based courses also help with skill-stacking.

Beauty Courses

Educare and Childcare

Tourism and Guesthouse

Event and Wedding Planning

Accredited Courses

Accredited Courses can help you become career-ready for a specific profession. These courses are also highly regarded by employers and can boost your employment chances. 

National Qualification (NATED) Courses

NATED Courses are also known as National Qualification Courses. These courses are designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training to give students both practical and theoretical experience. 

Whilst most NATED courses can be started with a matric equivalent certificate, some of them can only be applied for with a matric certificate.

Here are the NATED courses that you can study with Matric College: 

Business Management 

Educare (Requires a matric certificate)

Financial Management 

Human Resource Management 

Legal Secretary (Requires a matric certificate)

Management Assistant 

Marketing Management 

ICB Courses

Scarce Skills

When it comes to studying a scarce skill, the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers has 3 study streams that are all regarded as scarce skills in South Africa.  These two study streams can be started without a matric certificate. 

Jan Badenhorst, CEO of Matric College, discusses your options for a Matric Rewrite

Other Matric Certificate Courses and Matric Equivalent Certificates (NQF 4 Level)

Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College

Last Updated: January 19, 2023

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