How to Check Matric Results Online

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check your matric results online.

You can check your exam results online by completing the following steps:

How Do I Get My Matric Results On My Phone?

You can receive your Matric results on the phone by using the following methods:

  • SMS
  • USSD


Text your examination number to 45856. Once your Matric results are available, you will receive them. Please note that SMS charges are R1.50.45856


Dial *120*45856*. You may be asked to enter your personal information. Complete the process until you receive your Matric results.

How Do I Check My Matric Results In Person?

There are other ways in which you can receive your Matric results besides the online tools mentioned above. You can also view your Matric results in person:

  • View your results in the newspaper
  • Receive your statement of results at school


You can find your Matric results in a newspaper. There are different publications that print Matric results when they are released. Make sure you buy one in time because they sell out quickly.


You can access your Matric results at the institution where you wrote your Matric and collect them.

How To Check Old Matric Results Online

  • Step 1: Visit the Department of Basic Education (DBE) website.
  • Step 2: Select the quick link for the exam results.
  • Step 3: Insert your examination numbers.
  • Step 4: You might need to provide more personal information.
  • Step 5: Click the search button and your Matric results will appear.

When Will Matric 2023 Results Be Released In South Africa?

The matric results for the class of 2023 will be officially released by the Minister of Basic Education of South Africa, Minister Angie Motshekga, at the following time: 18h00 – 19 January 2024.

As usual, the Minister of Basic Education of South Africa, Minister Angie Motshekga will hold a ceremony at the Mosaiek Church in Fairland Johannesburg, for the release of the Matric Results for the class of 2023.

  • 09h00 – 19 January 2024:  Ministerial Breakfast with Top Achievers
  • 16h00 – 19 January 2024:  Director General Technical Briefing on the Matric Results
  • 18h00 – 19 January 2024:  Release of 2023 NSC Results

What Are The 4 Types Of Certificates You Can Get In Matric?

Bachelor’s Degree Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  • 40% in your home language
  • 50% in 4 subjects
  • 30% in 2 other subjects

Diploma Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  • 40% in your home language
  • 40% in 4 subjects
  • 30% in 2 other subjects

Higher Certificate Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  • 40% in your home language
  • 40% in 2 subjects
  • 30% in 3 other subjects

National Senior Certificate Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  • 40% in your home language
  • 40% in 2 other subjects
  • 30% in other subjects

Watch our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, speak about Matric pass requirements

Is 75 A Distinction In Matric?

No, 75% is not a distinction pass in Matric. 75% is a distinction pass at a university level. To receive a distinction pass for Matric, you must get a mark of 80% and above.

Can I Pass Matric With 6 Subjects?

Yes, you can pass Matric with six (6) subjects. You are required to have seven (7) subjects to study Matric in high school. From the seven subjects, you pass Matric if you pass six subjects. However, it is better to pass all seven subjects. This is good as it will help you when you apply to university. You will have a better chance of being accepted.

Do I Still Get A Matric Certificate If I Failed?

Yes, you receive a Matric Certificate even if you failed Matric. This helps you to easily identify the subjects you failed so that you can improve them.

Can I Download My Matric Statement?

No, you can not download your Matric statement of results. However, you can receive your Matric statement of results in one day. If you apply for your Matric statement of results today, they can be delivered to you the same day.

What Is The Difference Between A Matric Certificate And A Statement Of Results?

Matric Certificate Matric Statement Of Results
Permanent documentTemporary document
Used to apply for employment or universityUsed to book space at university
Takes four to eight weeks to printCan be printed in one day
It is a qualificationIt is not a qualification

Can A Person Repeat Matric?

Yes, a person can repeat Matric. You can do this through Matric College. We offer the Rewrite Matric course. This course is an opportunity for students to improve their results.

Rewrite Matric Entry Requirements:

  • Already have a Matric
  • Incomplete Matric
  • Failed Matric
  • Passed Matric that needs improvement
  • Statement of results

How Many Times Can You Rewrite Matric?

At Matric College, you can rewrite Matric as many times as you can. However, we know it is best for one to only rewrite their Matric once. This is why we provide you with the following academic support:

  • Tutors
  • Course Experts
  • Support Team
  • Past papers


Our Tutors are available from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. They assist you with your course assessments.

Course Experts

Our Course Experts are well detailed in the courses we offer. They can help you with any information you want on the course.

Support Team

We have a Support Team that handles all your urgent requests. If you have any academic issues, they are available to help.

Past Papers

We have a wide range of question papers and answer sheets on our website. This helps you study better.

Can I Upgrade My Matric Results?

Yes, you can upgrade your Matric results at Matric College. You can do this whether you passed or failed your Matric. You will have a chance to choose a minimum of four (4) new subjects. This will help you choose subjects that are less challenging. Improved results are good because they help you gain access to:

  • University
  • Learnerships
  • Bursaries
  • Entry-Level Employment

Matric Upgrade Entry Requirements

  • An incomplete Matric result; OR
  • Your final Matric results from Umalusi;
  • You must be 21 years old when you write your first exams next year in May

What Can I Study If I Failed Matric?

You can study a variety of courses at Matric College, even if you failed Matric. These are the courses you can study:

  • Short Courses
    You can use the qualification you receive from these courses to apply for work or a promotion.
NOTE: Our Short courses are offered in partnership with Skills Academy.
  • Matric Equivalent Certificates
    You can use the qualification you get from these courses to apply for work. You will have a better chance as the courses equip you with skills and knowledge.
  • Adult Matric
    You can study this course no matter how long you have been out of Matric. You will receive a Matric Certificate once you have completed this course. You can use the Matric Certificate to apply to university or find employment.

What Can I Do If I Passed Matric?

You can do the following if you passed Matric:

  • Study at Matric College
  • Study at university
  • Find employment
  • Take a gap year

Study At Matric College

You can use your Matric Certificate to apply for any of our following courses:

  • NATED courses
    NATED courses are designed by the DHET. These courses were designed to reduce the unemployment rate of the youth in South Africa. NATED courses provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. In this way, they are easily valued by employers and considered for job opportunities. NATED courses are also accredited by the DHET and the QCTO.

NOTE: Our NATED courses are in partnership with Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

  • ICB courses
    ICB courses are designed by the ICB. These courses equip students with scarce skills. These are skills that are important in many industries. Obtaining an ICB Qualification increases your chances of finding employment. ICB courses are accredited by the ICB and the QCTO.
  • Short courses
    Short courses are designed by the college. These courses are not accredited. They are beneficial in this way:
    • They offer specific skills
    • They prepare you for work
    • They are quick to complete
    • They do not have exams
    • They offer foundational basics
    • They work best as an additional qualification
    • They can help you gain a promotion
    • They advance the skills you have currently
NOTE: Our Short courses are in partnership with Skills Academy.

Study At University

You can use your Matric Certificate to apply at university. Your acceptance into the university will depend on whether you meet the requirements. This includes university and course requirements.

Find Employment

You can use your Matric Certificate to find employment. You will be valued by employers. A Matric Certificate is a very important qualification in South Africa. You will be able to work as a:

  • Receptionist
  • Personal Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Store Assistant
  • General Worker
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Call Centre Agent

Take A Gap Year

After completing your Matric, you can decide to take a gap year. This is taking an entire year to rest from school. It is a great opportunity to think about what you want to do with your career. You have enough time to apply to universities and colleges. While you take your gap year you can focus on advancing yourself. You can do things such as:

  • Write a book
  • Read books
  • Learn a new skill, e.g playing an instrument
  • Work voluntarily for organisations
  • Develop your talent

Application Process At Matric College

We have a convenient way for you to apply. This can be done over the phone or online. Here is how you can apply at Matric College:

  • Fill out this application form 
  • Our Course Experts will be in touch to register you
  • Once you have been registered, we will send you the study material by courier
  • Delivery takes 5 to 7 days (after we receive your first payment)
  • Once you have received the study material, you can start studying with us

Benefits Of Studying At Matric College

  • Study from home
  • Save transport money
  • Study at the pace you prefer
  • Study while working
  • Create your own study schedule
  • Get assistance from our tutors
  • Receive study material from us
  • Find assistance when you have urgent academic requests
  • Gain qualities such as independence, discipline and commitment

Watch our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, discuss the reasons why you should study with Matric College

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: April 21, 2022