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You can now upgrade your matric if you are not happy with the results you got when you first wrote your matric exam.

If you have your old matric results, then you can apply to upgrade or rewrite some or all of your subjects. When you get your new results, you can apply to combine your two matric certificates, so you end up with one final matric certificate that shows all your best results!

So if you are interested in upgrading your matric, rewriting some subjects, writing supplementary exams or taking the second chance programme… then this is where you sign up.

What do you Need to Apply?


You need to make sure you are eligible for these exams. And then you need to provide the correct documents to get registered for the exams.

Will I be Accepted for the Matric Upgrade?


To get entry to this programme, you need the following:

  • Your previous matric exam results

What Documents Must I Have to Apply?


When we register you for the exams with the department of education, they will require the following documents:

  • Statement of your (previous) matric results
  • ID document – certified copy
  • Email address
  • Cell number

When can I Apply for the Matric Upgrade?


You can apply right now. You need to apply soonest, so you we can start your studies. And to ensure you have the maximum amount of time to prepare for your exams!

If you sign up too late, then you end up losing another whole year, as you have to wait for the next exam session to complete your matric.

Subject Choices


You need to think carefully about your subject choices. If you want to just get the easiest matric certificate, then choose the easy subjects! If you need to go to university with your matric, then you must choose the correct subjects for that university and the specific degree you want to study.

Read more about subject choices here.

What are Your Options if you Miss the Deadline for the Matric Upgrade?


If you miss the deadline for the matric upgrade, then you have to wait for the next year’s exams. So you have to take another gap year.

Alternatively, you can study a course to help your career. As long as that course does not require matric as an entrance criteria. You will find a list of courses you can do without matric, here.

Where Will I Write my Exams?


You might not be able to write at the school or centre where you wrote your current exams, but you will write at a centre as close to your home as possible.

What you must do is register as soon as you can. We will then keep you up to date regarding your exam registration, exam seat, and exam centre. We guarantee your seat; so you don’t have to worry! We take care of everything.

Must I Write the Exact Same Subjects Again?


No.  As long as you have a Home Language, an Additional Language and a Mathematics and any other three subjects.  You may change subjects for instance: you may leave mathematics and choose Mathematical Literacy instead.

How are we Different From Other Colleges?


When you study matric as an adult, you need to ask the right questions of your college, before you register. So you can make sure you understand what you will get, and if there are any hidden costs.

Are your textbooks included in your study fees? Will the college get you a seat in an exam centre, or must you figure it out for yourself how to register for the exam? How much help will you get from your tutors? Are you tutors available outside of working hours?


Your textbooks are included in the course fees. You download them from us, on your phone or tablet.

Once you have registered, we send you codes to upload the textbooks on your computer, phone or tablet. We also send you a breakdown of tasks and assessments that you must do every month, as well as tests.   You can study any place in the world, as you can simply open your cell phone and start. Stuck in traffic, sitting in a waiting room – anywhere.

Exam Preparation

Before the exams begin, we send you old exam papers to work through. This is simply the best way to prepare for the exams. We provide telephonic aid after hours – usually on WhatsApp. We provide Videos and extra study material.

We give pre-exam workshops to help you sharpen your studies just before the exam. We run at least one workshop in each province. Note that the workshops only run if we have 20 or more students in an area that will attend.

A Seat in an Exam Centre

We guarantee you a seat in an exam centre. We do the complete exam registration for you, and we find you a seat in the centre nearest to you.

Each province has its own processes for exam registrations for adult matric students. Each year they designate exam centres, and we make sure we find the one closest to you. They can change the venues. So it might not be at the same centre for two years in a row.

We make sure we register you with the correct provincial department of education, find your exam centre, and book your exam seat for each of the subjects you selected.

Help From Your Tutor

Your tutor is available online, and also after working hours. We love working with students, and we are passionate about getting you to pass!

Everybody deserves to get their matric. Yes, it is possible. And Yes, you CAN do it! We will help you till you pass.

Enough Time to Complete Your Studies

Some students prefer to split their studies into two years. You write half your subjects in your first year and the other half of your subjects in the second year. This is another way to make things easier on yourself.

If you choose to study like this, you don’t pay more. Your second year of study is free. Yes, we want you to finish your studies successfully, and we give you enough time to get it right.

Last Updated: June 05, 2020

Published: July 28, 2020


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