Child Psychology Short Course

Our Child Psychology: Short Course is the first course in our Child Psychology Programme. This course gives students the opportunity to explore the mental development of young children. 

If you would like to find out why and how young children think, then you should complete this course. After you have completed the Child Psychology: Short Course, you can continue your studies with these courses:

Child Psychology Short Course

Child Psychology: Short Course Subjects

The subjects for the Child Psychology: Short Course ranges from Child Care to Business English. These subjects equip our students with the necessary skills to understand the developing minds of young children.

Complete Subject List

You will only complete (2) subjects for the Child Psychology: Short Course. Each subject will give you a range of skills that will help you become part of a child’s mental health and general health. Here are the subjects that you will need to complete to get your Child Psychology: Short Course Certificate:

  1. Introduction to Business English
  2. Child Day Care DCD – 101

Career Opportunities

Here is what you can do with your Child Psychology: Short Course:

  • Au pair
  • Babysitting
  • Child Day Care Assistant
  • Day Mother
  • Nanny

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to communicate professionally as well as gain skills in child daycare. Here are the topics you will explore in each subject:

Introduction to Business English:  Each industry requires you to act professionally, and you have to learn the different techniques of communication. This subject allows students to address topics such as:

  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Body language
  • How to write professional letters and feedback t
  • How to present business ideas
  • Prepared you to work for the working environment

Child Day Care DCD – 101: if you want to know more about children’s development in any area of their lives such as:

  • Mental health development
  • Physical development
  • Biological development

You will know how to identify issues that children might have and advise parents on the next step to take with their child psychology needs. This means that parents can get their children to see a psychologist before matters worsen.

Child Psychology: Short Course Assessments

The assessments consist of (3) three assignments for each of the (2) subjects that are offered.

You have to submit (9) nine assignments for all the subjects combined. Each assignment should be completed within (4) four months, as that is the duration of the course.


You must complete (3) three assignments for each subject. In total, you must complete (9) nine subjects and pass with 50%. After you have passed the (3) three subjects for the first assignments, you will get a Certificate of Completion. 

Then you have to complete the (3) three assignments for the next subject and also get a Certificate of Completion. Thereafter, you will receive the Child Psychology: Short Course Certificate.

If you fail an assignment, you can complete it again until you have passed. This is at no additional cost, and the times that you can redo the assignment is limitless.


There are no final exams for the Child Psychology: Short Course Certificate, you only have to complete the assignments with 50% or more. It means that you can spend more time on other personal commitments such as family obligations, work commitments and time for yourself. As long as all the assignments have been completed and passed before the duration allocated to the course, which is (4) four months.


All of the Short Courses that we offer at Matric College are delivered in partnership with Skills Academy.

Yes, Child Psychology is a good career. You should complete one of our Child Psychology Courses because it will give you the basic skills you need to learn about your own child’s development as well as the children you are looking after in your Child Day Care Centre. A career in Child Psychology means that:

  • You will help young children learn more about themselves
  • Assist parents with their children’s psychological needs
  • Identify developmental and mental issues within a child
    • This also means that you will understand what you can do to assist the child

It depends on the type of degree you choose to complete. If you want to specialize in the medical sector, it can take up to (7) seven years to complete. With our Child Psychology Short Courses, it can take between 4 months to 12 months to complete a course. Our Courses will give you the basic skills you need to become a Child Minder or Child Care Provider.

There are many institutions you can complete Child Psychology in South Africa. From colleges to universities. The best place to start your career in this field is at Matric College. We offer (3) Child Psychology Short Courses that can be a stepping stone toward a Degree in Child Psychology. Here are the Child Psychology Courses you can complete:

  1. Child Psychology: Short Course
  2. Child Psychology: Certificate Course
  3. Child Psychology: Comprehensive Course

The subjects that you need to complete our Child Psychology are none. You can study our courses with any subjects you had in High School. You also do not have to have a Matric Certificate to apply for our Child Psychology Courses.

If you would like to complete a Child Psychology Degree. You must consider the following:

*Certain universities will not consider the above-mentioned subjects but do expect you to have completed Matric with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass or Diploma Pass

If you do not have Matric, you can study with us. We have the following Matric Courses:

  1. Adult Matric – You can apply at the age of 21 with a Grade 9 or ABET Level 4 Qualification
  2. Matric Upgrade – You can apply with a failed or passed Matric Qualification that needs improvement

No, you do not need a PhD to be a Child Psychologist. You can complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and then specialise in Educational Psychology. With this being said, you must register with the HPCSA (Health Professionals of South Africa). If you would like to see if this is the course for you, you can start by completing one of our Short Courses in Child Psychology.

Yes, you can study Psychology without Mathematics as a subject. You have to keep in mind that you will get a subject at university level that requires you to know the basics of Mathematics. This subject is called Statistics, and it helps with research.

Other universities will expect you to have Mathematics with 70% or more. Therefore, it is important that you research the university before applying.

Our Child Psychology Courses do not require you to have Mathematics, you can also study without Matric.

Yes, you can do Psychology without Science. However, there are topics that will be covered in Psychology that require you to know about the brain and its development. This subject is called Neuropsychology. 

Therefore, having Physical Science and Life Science as subjects can be beneficial, especially if you decide to study Psychology, which is related to the medical field.

Our Child Psychology Courses do not require you to have Science as a subject in High School, you can also study without Matric.

Here is how much you can make as a Child Psychologist:

R 36 589 per month
The average salary for a Child Psychologist is R 36 589 per month in South Africa

Your salary is ultimately determined by these factors:

  • Your position
  • The courses that you have completed
  • The work experience that you have gained
  • What the company you are working for can afford
  • Whether you are doing voluntary work

Your Next Step Is To Get Your Child Psychology: Certificate Course

You can find entry-level positions with your Child Psychology: Short Course, but you can also further your studies in the same programme.

After you have completed the first course in the Child Psychology Programme, you can further your studies with our Child Psychology: Certificate Course. This goes more in detail and allows students to further explore subjects such as:

  • Communicating with Children
  • Child Development
  • Learning Psychology
  • First Aid Concepts

Why Choose To Study With Matric College?

Matric College is a distance learning institution that allows students to gain flexible learning opportunities. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Matric College:

  • We are a COVID friendly institution. This means that you will not be in physical contact with other students or lecturers or tutors.
  • You can be a full-time student and a full-time employee. Your studies will not affect your other obligations.
  • We are an open-access college. This means that we allow students from any educational background to study with us.
  • We offer post-matric courses as well as courses that allow you to study without Matric. This means that you can study a course that will give you the opportunity to complete matric as an adult and to improve your matric marks, even if you have failed.
  • Get an education that you can afford. Distance learning colleges are less than half the amount of money you would pay at a university.
  • Get assistance from people that can speak your language. Our Course Experts combines can speak up to 11 languages.
  • Study in your own time. You decide when you would like to submit your assignments for the Child Psychology: Short Course. As long as it is submitted before the 4 months duration of your course.

To become a Child Psychologist, you must have the following skills:

  • Be patient
  • Have critical thinking skills
  • Be a great listener
  • Communicate well with children
  • Have a genuine interest in young children
  • Time management skills
  • Adapt to new situations

The main features of Child Psychology is to analyse, assist, observe and understand how children:

  • Understand how the world around them works
  • How the memory works
  • How they choose to make decisions
  • How they solve questions
  • How children use their imagination and reasoning

All of the above will be influenced by the child’s environment and genetics.

Yes, Psychology is in demand in South Africa. This is because many people live with mental health issues that are not addressed. Many people that are dealing with mental health issues are imprisoned, homeless or live off a disability grant that does not address the mental health issues that they deal with. 

Studies have shown that South Africa does not offer mental health services to individuals that cannot afford them. This means that most people with mental health issues have to deal with their issues by themselves. 

This is why this industry is in demand. Most Psychologists work voluntarily to help those that cannot afford the education that they need.

The qualifications that you need to be a Child Counsellor are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a (PGCE) Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology that specialises in Educational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Degree
  • Social Working Degree

Child Psychology is also referred to as Child Development. This means that the study of Child Psychology is mainly focused on the development of young learners, whether it be their mental, physical or social development.

These are the top countries where you can make the most money by becoming a Child Psychologist:

  1. Qatar
  2. Switzerland
  3. The United States
  4. China
  5. The United Arab Emirates
  6. Canada
  7. Norway
  8. France
  9. The Netherlands
  10. Denmark

You can start your career in Child Psychology by following these simple steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Apply at a university

Step 3:

  • Study through a university and pass

Step 4:

  • Apply with the HPCSA

Step 5:

  • Start your career in Child Psychology

You can also check if you are interested in Child Psychology, you can complete any of our Child Psychology Courses:

  1. Child Psychology: Short Course
  2. Child Psychology: Certificate Course
  3. Child Psychology: Comprehensive Course

No, you cannot become a Child Psychologist without going to university. You must have the following qualifications to become a Child Psychologist:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a (PGCE) Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology that specialises in Educational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Degree
  • Social Working Degree

If you are not sure if a Child Psychology Degree is right for you, then you should consider completing Short Courses:

These courses can be the deciding factor whether you are ready for a Child Psychology Degree.

Application Process

At Matric College, we have an easy (3) three-step application process that our students can follow:

Step 1: 

Try to make contact with us, or ask us to contact you. Here is what you can do:

Our calling hours are:

Calling Hours

Step 2:

Once you have taken the first step to contact us or allow us to contact you. You will speak to a Course Expert. Here, they will find out whether the Child Psychology: Short Course is the course for you. If not, they will suggest another course that best suits your interests.

Step 3:

This is the final step you need to take. Here, you will officially become a Matric College student, which means that you will receive your first batch of study material. You can use this as an opportunity to attempt your first assignment until you have completed the entire course.

How Do I Study The Child Psychology: Short Course?

We only offer distance learning courses, which means that you will study the Child Psychology: Short Course through distance learning. You will not attend classes with other students or lecturers. You will simply submit your assignments through email. Here are the (10) ten steps that you need to follow to complete the Child Psychology: Short Course.

Step 1: Taking the first step is important. You have to make contact with us or allow us to contact you

Step 2: Then, you will speak to a Course Expert. You might be able to speak to a Course Expert in your Home Language. Our Courses Experts speak (11) languages combined.

Step 3: Successfully register with us after discussing whether the Child Psychology: Short Course is for you.

Step 4: Once you have become a student with us, you can get your first set of study material

Step 5: You can go through the study material and ask for assistance if you need it from one of our tutors

Step 6: After you have received the assistance you require, you can start with your first assignment

Step 7: We will then send your assignment mark with comprehensive feedback. Use this feedback to improve on your current assignment or the next assignment.

Step 8: After you have gained feedback from your lecturer or tutor, you can complete the rest of your assignments until you have completed them all.

Step 9: Once you pass all of your assignments with 50% or more, you will receive feedback to state that you have completed the entire Child Psychology: Short Course

Step 10: We will deliver your Child Psychology: Short Course. It means that you can start with the next Child Psychology Course, which is the Child Psychology: Certificate Course.

Where Can I Study The Child Psychology: Short Course?

You can study the Child Psychology: Short Course at Matric College. The registration for this course and all of our other courses is any time of the year. Yes, this means that you can decide when you want to start your studies with us. Distance learning allows you to study and work.

When Can I Start Studying The Child Psychology: Short Course?

You can start studying the Child Psychology: Short Course any time of the year. Matric College has no registration deadlines. You make decisions about your education, and registration is one of those very important decisions. This means that you can start studying in August or even in December.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people frequently ask about Child Psychology:

  1. What can I do with a child psychology diploma?
  2. What field of psychology makes the most money?
  3. Is psychology a good career?
  4. Can I study psychology at home?
  5. Can I learn psychology online?
  6. What is the difference between a child therapist and a child psychologist?
  7. What are the benefits of being a child psychologist?
  8. What subjects are needed to become a psychologist in Grade 12?
  9. Who is the most famous child psychologist?
  10. Can I teach myself psychology?
  • You can start your own Child Day Care Centre
  • You can become a Babysitter
  • You can become a Nanny
  • You can understand your own child or children better

Psychiatry makes the most money in Psychology. This is because you will learn more about medicine and some of the same skills acquired in medicine.

Yes, Psychology is a great career because you are essentially helping people understand themselves and save people’s lives. If you would like to make a successful career in Psychology, you should start your own business or work in countries where Psychologist makes a lot of money.

Yes, some universities do offer distance learning, which allows you to study Psychology at home. We offer (3) three Child Psychology Courses that you can study from home:

Yes, you can learn Psychology online. In South Africa, there are many universities that offer Psychology online. Remember to do your research before applying.

Here is the difference between a Child Therapist and a Child Psychologist:

Child Therapist

Child Psychologist

Can only work in schools.Can work in schools and hospitals.
A Child Therapist is there to hear what children have to say and guide them in the right direction.A Child Psychologist assists students’ mental health and sometimes provides medication.
This is usually a 3 – 4 year course.This is usually a 4 – 7 year course.
  • You help young children with their mental health
  • You identify mental health issues at a young age
  • You can research possible medications that can help with mental health
  • You work with children every day
  • You can become self-employed 
  • You can earn a lot of money
  • You will feel good about yourself because you have a positive impact on young learners
  • English
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Sciences

Jean Piaget is the most famous Child Psychologist because he discovered and developed the theory of child cognitive development.

No, you cannot teach yourself Psychology. You can complete any of these courses:

Other Child Psychology Courses

Child Psychology

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Child Psychology Certificate Course

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Date Published: May 5, 2022
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