Matric Upgrade

A Matric Upgrade course gives students the opportunity to improve their final matric marks OR to change their subjects to ones that are easier to pass.


If you wrote your matric in 2008 or after and you want to improve your results or take on new subjects, a Matric Upgrade gives you the chance to do so. You will receive a National Senior Certificate after completing this course. Here is what you can do with our Matric Upgrade programme:

  • Add new subjects to your Matric Certificate
  • Aim for a higher pass level
  • Go from a Fail to a Pass
  • Change your subjects 
  • Improve your current marks 

Add New Subjects To Your Matric Certificate

If you want to keep your current matric subjects BUT you want to add subjects to your matric certificate, you can. 

Students add subjects to their matric certificates to broaden their options when applying for courses at universities, colleges, distance learning institutions, learnerships and even jobs.

If you have achieved a Bachelors pass, regardless of your marks you will have to add subjects. This means that you will not be allowed to combine your old marks with your new marks because this is the highest pass level.

You will then have two matric certificates one with the old marks and another with the improved marks. If you apply for any course or job, you have to provide both certificates.

Aim For A Higher Pass Level

This is for students who want to gain entrance into a university, college OR particular learnership or training programme.

You can go from an Senior Certificate (Amended) Pass/National Senior Certificate Pass to a Higher Certificate Pass. Or from a Diploma Pass to a Bachelors Degree Pass.

Change Your Subjects

Here are your options to change your subjects:

  • You can change your subjects to easier subjects
  • Subjects may be changed to meet the requirements for a particular course or for university admission
  • If you are not interested in your current subjects, you can change them

Go From A Fail To A Pass

You can improve only the marks you have failed in order to receive your matric certificate. You can do so by choosing subjects that are easier or subjects that you are interested in.

Subjects Offered In Our Matric Upgrade Programme - SAQA ID - 49647

Compulsory Subjects

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Additionele Taal
  • isiZulu Home Language
  • isiXhosa Home Language
  • isiNdebele Home Language
  • Sepedi Home Language
  • Xitsonga Home Language
  • Tshivenda Home Language
  • Sesotho Home Language
  • Siswati Home Language
  • Setswana Home Language
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy

Elective Subjects

  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies

Improve Your Current Marks

If you received marks that you have passed BUT you are still unhappy with it, you can improve them. For example, you have received 50% for Mathematics and want to achieve 70% for Mathematics.

If you have completed your matric before 2008 you can still do the Matric Upgrade course BUT you will receive a Senior Certificate (Amended). This certificate is the same as a National Senior Certificate, because it is awarded by Umalusi.

Students often get confused with the meaning of the word “amended” Here is what amended means:

  • The syllabus changes
  • The entry requirements changes

Therefore, when you apply for the Senior Certificate (Amended)  you will either improve or change your subjects by completing new subjects. Especially if your old subjects do not exist anymore.

This means that your old marks before 2008 will be combined with your new marks. It does not mean that your marks before 2008 will be “amended”. The same applies when you have completed matric after 2008, your old marks will NOT be changed. 

Watch Jan Badenhorst, Matric College CEO, Discuss Everything You Need To Know About Matric Upgrade

How Can I Upgrade My Matric?

To “upgrade your matric”, you can register for our Matric Upgrade programme. We are a distance learning institution, which means that you can apply for our course any time of the year.

Remember that registration for the exam is fixed because you have to register for the exam separately. Registration is usually open from October until January every year and the exams are in May and June.

This gives you more time to study with us. If the exam starts in May/June every year and you apply in May then you have an entire year to study with us. 

If you apply in January, you get the chance to register for the exams immediately and write in 3 months time. 

How Does The Matric Upgrade Work?

Matric College makes it easy for you to register and begin your studies. Here is how:

  1. Contact our course experts to register on the phone
  2. Receive the first package of your study materials within 5 – 7 days of registration
  3. Join our Whatsapp study groups
  4. Write and submit your assignments
  5. Receive feedback from your tutors
  6. Interact with fellow students and lecturers continuously when studying
  7. Make use of our past exam papers to prepare better for exams
  8. Get help with your exam registration
  9. Sit for your examinations in May and June
  10. Pass your exams and get your certificate from Umalusi
  11. Apply to combine the old and the matric results
  12. Receive your combined best results certificate from Umalusi

What Do I Get From The College?

Here is what you will get from Matric College to prepare you for a pass:

  • Textbooks
  • Study notes compiled by our tutor
  • Past exam papers with model answers
  • An interactive Whatsapp group made up of Whatsapp administrators, fellow students and tutors
  • Tutorial support between 12:00 -14:00
  • Our support team checks up on you between 08:00 – 17:00 or you can call them
  • Marking of your assignments in time
  • Feedback on your assignments
  • Assist with study calendar
  • Assist with exam registration
  • Free study for a year provided your fees are fully paid

How Do I Register For The Matric Upgrade Exams?

Examinations are held in May/June of each year. Registration opens in October and closes around January. You are encouraged to register as soon as registration is open. This way, you will avoid a last-minute rush for a seat at your nearest exam centre. These are two ways that you can use to register for the Adult Matric exams:

  • Online Registration
  • In-person Registration  

Online Registration

Here is the link for online registration:

In-person Registration

Visit the physical offices which are countrywide for in-person registration:

  • You can also register in-person at the Department of Basic Education provincial, district or circuit offices.   

Is Upgrading Matric A Good Idea?

Yes, a Matric Upgrade is a good idea. Better results open more opportunities for jobs and further training. A Matric Upgrade means that you can do the following:

  • Apply to universities
  • Apply for learnerships
  • Register for a particular course
  • Get an entry-level job

How Many Times Can You Upgrade Matric?

There is no limit to the number of times that you can complete a Matric Upgrade course. You can upgrade by improving on your last results or upgrade by adding a completely new set of subjects.

When Can I Apply For A Matric Upgrade?

If you sat for the last exam session, you can apply for a Matric Upgrade as soon as your results are out. If you took a break from studying, you can apply as soon as you feel you have prepared enough for the exams. 

No matter what, secure your spot for the next exam as soon as possible. This will leave you more time to focus on your studies. 

Where Will I Write My Exams?

You will write your exams at a venue closest to where you live. This will be determined when you register for the exams. Here you get the opportunity to select the venue closest to where you live.

What Is The Difference Between A Matric Upgrade And A Matric Rewrite?

The difference between a Matric Upgrade and Matric Rewrite

Why You Should Choose A Matric Upgrade

You should choose a Matric Upgrade because of the following reasons: 

  • Improve your marks
  • Further studies
  • Change subjects to suit your career path
  • Job Opportunities

Improve Your Marks

Improving your marks will open up more opportunities for you. Your Admission Points Score (APS) will also improve.  

What Is An APS Score?

APS stands for Admission Points Score. Each percentage mark that you get in each of your subjects is scored out of 10. This score determines your eligibility to be admitted to certain study courses. It could be a bachelors degree, a diploma, higher certificate or a National Senior Certificate/ Senior Certificate (Amended) pass.

The table below (diagram 1) shows the conversion of your marks to point scores.

aps calculator

What Does This Mean?

Here is what all this means:

  • It means you get scores or points for your mark in each subject
  • The points that you get for each subject are added up to give your total APS

Diagram 2 (below) is an example of how APS is calculated.

aps calculator

What Is A Really Good APS Score?

The type of APS score you get depends on the tertiary institution you apply to as well as the type, of course, you apply for. Here are a few things to consider:

Find below an example of an APS Score:

example of APS Score Matric College

This student passed with a Bachelor’s Degree. This is a fairly good APS score and this student can complete a degree course at a university BUT will not be able to complete an Engineering programme because of their Mathematics mark.

Further Studies

Some courses require a certain pass level to be admitted to the programme. Your pass level will determine whether you will study further for a Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma or Higher Certificate.

Change Your Subjects To Suit Your Career Path

The Matric Upgrade programme gives you the chance to change your subjects to suit your career path. This also gives you a chance to further your studies with a programme that is in line with what your current job requires.

Job Opportunities

A Matric Upgrade course will give you more job opportunities. Most employers give preference to those with a Matric.

How Do I Pass My Matric Upgrade?

Here is how to pass your Matric Upgrade:

  • Study
  • Do Your Assignments
  • Ask questions
  • Participate in discussions
  • Make use of study materials
  • Alert us


Create a quiet place for your studies. Make sure nothing distracts you. Stick to your timetable and your study calendar.

Do Your Assignments

Submit your assignments on time every time. Stick to the assignment deadlines. Always contact one of our tutors if you are facing any challenges. 

Ask Questions

You get answers if you ask questions. Feel free to ask questions to your lecturer. They are there for you. Contact our tutorial support team for help anytime during office hours. 

Participate In Discussions

Discussions open your mind to the subject matter. Never be shy to participate in discussions. Remember that no one knows it all. Your knowledge or opinion might be of value and can enlighten someone else.  

Make Use of Study Materials

Make use of the textbooks and study notes that you have. Past exams papers can help you prepare for your exams. Take part in the Whatsapp exam preparation sessions that the college has for students.

Alert Us

Make use of our Red Alert system. The system was put in place for you to alert us of any challenges that you may be having during your studies. We will make sure that your problem is solved as soon as possible. 

Can I Apply To A University While Upgrading My Results?

Yes, you can apply to a university while completing a Matric Upgrade course. If you initially wanted to apply for a degree programme you can complete a diploma course while upgrading your marks. 

Some universities would even allow you to complete a course through them while upgrading your marks. Its important to do your research first.

Can I Upgrade My Matric At A TVET College?

No, you cannot complete a Matric Upgrade course at a TVET college. TVET colleges offer vocational courses.

Can I Upgrade My Matric Online?

Yes, you can complete a Matric Upgrade course online. Distance learning is an opportunity to Matric Upgrade course online. 

With distance learning, you study through Whatsapp and Facebook groups. You can contact our student support services by telephone during office hours. You can also use our website to download academic resources.

This is in addition to textbooks and study notes that are sent to you. 

Can I Combine My Matric Results?

Yes, you can combine Matric results from separate examination sittings and be issued with a single certificate. Here are the steps that you need to take if you are applying online or in-person:


Follow these steps:

Download and fill in the Replacement/Change Of Status Form

Attach all the necessary documents

  • Certified copy of an identity document
  • Results from each of your examination sitting
  • Proof of payment

Upload and submit


Follow these steps:

  1. Visit your nearest Department of Basic Education office
  2. Take with you the results of your separate examination sittings
  3. A certified copy of your identity document
  4. Proof of payment

How Much Does It Cost To Combine Matric Certificates?

It costs R141.00 to combine your matric certificates. You can pay through the following methods:

  • Bank deposit
  • ATM deposit
  • EFT
  • Post Office

*These fees are only valid until the 31st of March 2022 and may change before this date. You should always check the Department of Basic Education’s site.

What Are The Matric Pass Levels For A Matric Upgrade?

There are 4 matric pass requirements, each pass level determines what you can study OR the type of jobs you can get.

Find out how you achieve these pass levels as well as what your matric certificate will look like. Here are the four pass levels:


  • Senior Certificate (Amended)/National Senior Certificate Pass Level
  • Higher Certificate Pass Level
  • Diploma Pass Level
  • Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level (Exemption)

Senior Certificate (Amended) Pass

  • At least 40% in your home language
  • At least 40% in two other subjects
  • At least 30% of the remaining subjects

Higher Certificate

  • At least 40% in your Home Language
  • At least 40% in two other subjects
  • At least 30% for the three other subjects
  • Note that one of your languages must be either English or Afrikaans  


  • At least 40% in your home language
  • At least 40% in four other high credit subjects
  • At least 30% in one other subject 

Bachelor’s Degree (Exemption)

  • At least 40% in your Home Language
  • At least 50% in four other high credit subjects
  • At least 30% in one other subject

What Are The Matric High Credit Subjects?

The matric high credit subjects are those subjects that are rated highly when you want to study for a degree or diploma course. They contribute the most to your APS. The following are regarded as high credit subjects:


  • Afrikaans
  • English
  • IsiNdebele
  • IsiXhosa
  • IsiZulu
  • Sepedi
  • Sesotho
  • Setswana
  • Siswati
  • Tshivenda
  • Xitsonga


  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Science
  • Business Studies
  • Consumer Studies
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Economics
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Literacy
  • Music
  • Physical Sciences
  • Religion Studies
  • Visual Arts

What If I Want To Complete My Matric As An Adult And I Only Have A Grade 10?

At Matric College, we do not only offer the Matric Upgrade programme. We also offer two other matric courses. These courses include:

  • Adult Matric
  • Matric Equivalent Courses

Adult Matric

This programme is for students who could not complete their matric at school. The Adult Matric programme is designed by the Department of Education for adult students who want to complete their matric. It is also for students who want to upgrade their marks if they wrote their matric before 2008.

What Is The Entry Requirement For The Adult Matric Programme?

Here are the entry requirements for the Adult Matric programme:

How Long Does It Take?

These are the factors that can determine how long it will take you to complete the Matric Upgrade course

  • Study material
  • Number of subjects
  • Study timetable
  • Career Goals
  • Family Commitments 
  • Work Commitment

Study Material

Study material can determine how long it will take to study for your Matric. If you have done enough research on your subjects, it is easier to understand the subject matter. 

At Matric College we provide textbooks. We also provide study notes prepared by our course experts. Online study resources are readily available on our website, Facebook and Whatsapp groups. You get to interact with fellow students and tutors.

You can also contact our student support service during office hours for any help that you may require. 

Number Of Subjects

The number of subjects also determines how long you can take to study for your Matric. It can take less time if you are improving on your previous marks and much more time if you are taking a completely the Adult Matric programme with a new set of subjects.

Study Timetable

Sticking to your study timetable can also prepare you well for your exams. Not being well-prepared can delay your exams. At Matric College, we assist you in planning for your studies.

Career Goals

When you set your career goals you can become more focused on your studies. This can also determine how long it can take you to complete the Matric Upgrade course.

Family Commitments

Your family commitments can also determine how long it can take you to study for your Matric Upgrade. If possible, you should balance between study and family commitments. 

Work Commitment

Work commitments can also determine how long you can study for your Matric. Is your work leaving you enough time to attend to your studies? If not, this can delay the time it can take to complete the Matric Upgrade course. 

What Is The Difference Between The Adult Matric Certificate And A Traditional Matric Certificate?

There is no difference between the two certificates. They are all SAQA NQF level 4 qualifications. The Adult Matric Certificate and the Traditional Matric Certificate are all certified by Umalusi.

What Is The Role of Umalusi?

Umalusi is a council for quality assurance in general and further education training. The council is responsible for monitoring standards for general and further education and training in South Africa.

For Umalusi to issue students with certificates that are credible the body is responsible for the following:

  • Developing and evaluating qualifications and curricula
  • Moderating assessments to ensure that there is fairness
  • Accrediting providers of education and training
  • Researching to ensure the quality of education and training
  • Verifying the authenticity of certificates

Umalusi Certifications

Umalusi is responsible for the certification of the following qualifications:


  • Senior Certificate (Amended) SC(A)
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC)

TVET Colleges

  • National Technical Certificate (N3)
  • National Technical Vocational (NCV)

Adult Learning Centres

General Education and Training Certificate for Adults (GETC)

Umalusi certificates these qualifications

Can I Go To University With A Senior Certificate (Amended)?

Yes, you can go to university with your Senior Certificate (Amended). This certificate is the same as the National School Certificate because it is awarded by Umalusi. Just remember if you want to go to university with both certificates you must attain a Bachelor’s degree level pass.

This does not mean that you will be accepted. Each university has its own requirements that are separate from the course requirements.

For example, you might gain entry into university BUT not into a particular course because you did not complete a certain subject in matric OR you have not achieved a certain percentage in a certain subject.

Can I Pass Matric With 5 Subjects?

Yes, for the Adult Matric programme, you can pass Matric with 5 subjects. You write a maximum of 6 subjects. 

For the National Senior Certificate programme, you can pass Matric with 6 subjects. You write a maximum of 7 subjects.  

What If I Am Not Happy With My Results?

If you are not happy with your results, here is what you do:

  • Remark your exam papers
  • Recheck your exam papers
  • View your exam papers 


Remarking means that your examination papers will be marked for a second time. Any errors found will be rectified. This will cost you R104 per subject.  


A re-check of your examination papers means that your papers will be checked again to ensure that all answers were marked and the marks calculated correctly. Re-checking will cost you R25 per subject.


The viewing of your exam papers can only be done after re-marking or re-checking. Viewing your exam papers will cost you R200 per subject. 

How Do I Apply To Have My Exams Re-Marked, Re-Checked Or Viewed?

You can only apply for a re-marking or re-checking by using the online registration services. Hardcopy applications are not accepted. A new statement of results will only be issued if your subject results improve to a higher level.

Matric Equivalent Courses

What Are NQF Levels?

The National Qualification Framework (NQF) ensures that qualifications with the same standards are grouped at the same level. 

The South African Qualifications Association (SAQA) was formed to oversee, implement and develop the framework. NQF levels from school to university level are broken down as follows:


  • NQF 1: Grade 9
  • NQF 2: Grade 10
  • NQF 3: Grade 11
  • NQF 4: Grade 12/ Senior Certificate (Amended)/Matric Equivalent Certificates

University/College/Distance Learning Institutions

  • NQF 5: Higher Certificate
  • NQF 6: Diploma
  • NQF 7: Degree
  • NQF 8: Honours Degree
  • NQF 9: Masters Degree
  • NQF 10: Doctorate Degree

Here are the ICB Matric Equivalent Qualifications that you can study with us:

  • Bookkeeping: Further Education and Training Certificate
  • Small Business Financial Management: National Certificate 

All of our Matric Equivalent courses are recognised internationally. They are also all scarce skill qualifications. This means that they are in demand in South Africa.

Bookkeeping: Further Education and Training Certificate (SAQA ID 58376) NQF Level 4

To apply for the course, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 and older to apply
  • Apply with a Grade 10 certificate 
  • Successful completion of ICB Bookkeeping Certificate OR
  • Be a certified senior bookkeeper
  • Be able to read and write in English

Course Duration

The duration of the course is 24 months.

Small Business Management Financial Management: National Certificate (SAQA ID 4873) NQF Level 4

To apply for the course, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 16 and older to apply
  • Grade 11 certificate: You must have passed and completed Grade 11, OR
  • ICB bridging course: If you do not have Grade 11, you can also apply with any previous ICB programme certificate, OR
  • NQF level 3: if you do not have the above, you can apply with an NQF level 3.
  • Be able to read and write English
  • Study through distance learning

Course Duration

The duration of the course is 12 months.

Is Distance Learning Right For Me?


With distance learning, you are flexible in your studying. You can study at any time that suits you. You will not miss any lessons. It is however important to stick to your study timetable. Your time management and discipline is important. 

Earn While You Learn

Distance learning gives you the opportunity to learn while you are earning. There is no need to quit your job. You just have to make sure that you balance your work with your study time.

No Commuting

There is no commuting for lessons. With distance learning, you cut travel costs.  

Save Costs

With distance learning, all your study material is provided. This includes notes, textbooks, past exam papers and more.

Matric College Accreditation

Matric College is accredited with the following professional bodies:

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