First Aid Course

First Aid Course

Ever saw a person injured and was unable to help, no matter how much you wanted to. Change all that today with a First Aid course and take control of any situation. No matter if it’s a scraped knee or tending to a more serious injury.

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What is First Aid and why is it Important?

First Aid is the person first available to provide basic medical support or assistance to a sudden health emergency.

Providing support by tending to injuries or a sick person until help arrives. First aiders are more than the first responders. They are the people that help when no one else can. They are the unnamed heroes.

First Aid

The importance of knowing First Aid stretches further than helping a stranger in need of medical care. The first aid skill is underrated but it’s a course that could save the life of your loved ones. We never know when tragedy will strike. Knowing you are prepared can give you peace of mind and confidence in your abilities.

The Benefits of First Aid

It is believed that having first aiders in the workplace reduces the number of injuries at work. If that isn’t reason enough to start a First Aid Course, here are 5 more:

  1. It can save a life – it gives you the ability to act immediately in any situation. Knowing exactly what technique to use for what situation. You will know CPR which is proven to be the most effective first response when needed. And no, in the movies they don’t do it correctly so don’t even think of relying on that.

  2. Prevent a situation from getting worse – the ability to stabilise the situation. Often when someone is in need of medical care the ambulance will take around 10 minutes to arrive at the scene. This is the most crucial time to assist someone in need. It saves time when the ambulance arrives as you already did the basic care. 

  3. Reduces recovery time – when providing care within the crucial time you reduce the impact of the injury. If someone broke their arm and you assist within that crucial time, you reduce the chances of additional injuries or fractures.

  4. Increase confidence in emergency cases – “knowledge is power” like Mandela said. That is true for any First Aid Course as well. The amount of knowledge you gain from these courses gives you the ability to assist with emergencies. Just knowing you have the ability to assist will give you the confidence needed to assist.

  5. Assist in everyday life – a first aid qualification proves your credibility to future employers and in your current job. Besides it helping in your work environment, it can help in your personal life as well. If someone at home is injured but doesn’t require a trip to the hospital, you can provide the basic care to ease the pain or apply the bandage correctly.

If that isn’t enough reasons for you to do a First Aid course then do it to improve your skills. There is no better feeling than investing in yourself.

Why Should you Study First Aid With us?

If you decide to study a First Aid Course with us you have the option of working while you study. You can study from anywhere and at any time. Rest assured that we have experienced and qualified field experts ready to assist you if you need assistance. Just like you will be ready to assist when you complete your First Aid Course.

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Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden, 15 June 2021