Distance Learning Courses at Matric College

We offer an array of different courses to suit anybody's calling. Here are the colleges that we recommend, as well as the courses that you can study.

Here are all the distance learning courses offered at Matric College:

Distance Learning Courses

Accredited Courses

Accredited courses help you gain employment credibility. That means that if you have completed an accredited course, you are more likely to find employment. 

Matric College offers the following accredited courses:

NATED Courses

NATED Courses are also known as National Qualification Courses. National Qualification courses are specially structured by the Department of Higher Education and Training to include practical and theoretical learning experiences. 

National Qualification (NATED) Courses are highly regarded by employers since they give learners workplace experience. 

National Diploma

With a National Qualification, you can work your way up to a National Diploma, even if you only achieved a National Senior Certificate pass at the end of matric. To do this, you must complete your N6 National Qualification and do an additional 18 months of work experience. 

Once this has been completed and approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training, you will receive your N6 National Diploma. 

Here are all the NATED courses offered by Matric College:  

Business Management 


Financial Management 

Human Resource Management 

Legal Secretary 

Management Assistant 

Marketing Management 

ICB Courses

Skill-Based Courses

Choosing a skill-based course is a great way to improve your skills and your CV. If you are looking to start skill stacking, the following skill-based courses are a great choice for you. 

Beauty Courses

Educare and Childcare

Tourism and Guesthouse

Event and Wedding Planning

Scarce Skill Courses

Scarce skills are skill sets or qualifications that are in demand. Usually, this is because very few people have them and most companies need them.


The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers 3 courses that are recognised as scarce skills in South Africa:

Matric Courses

Matric College also offers various Matric Courses that you can use to start, improve or rewrite your matric year. 

Adult Matric

Adult Matric gives individuals the opportunity to get their matric certificate no matter how many years they have been out of school.

An Adult Matric certificate is identical to the certificate you will achieve at the end of your grade 12 year. This means that nobody would be able to tell if you finished your matric certificate in high school or through the Adult Matric programme. Both certificates are also certified by Umalusi. 

Matric Upgrade

With a Matric Upgrade course, you can improve your matric results.  With this course, you are also able to change your matric subjects to ones that are more suitable to you or a tertiary course.

Matric Rewrite

Matric College gives you the option to rewrite your matric exams. With this Matric Rewrite course, there is no limit to how many subjects you can rewrite. If necessary, you can also take on new subjects to write exams on instead. 

Matric Equivalent Certificates

Matric equivalent certificates are on the same NQF as traditional matric certificates. While traditional matric certificates focus on broader learning, whilst matric equivalent certificates give in-depth skills in a certain area. 

Matric equivalent certificates are a great choice for students who are not academically inclined or already want to start specialising in a field.

Registering With Matric College

If you are looking to register with Matric College, call us on 012 762 7100 and speak to one of our course experts.

Jan Badenhorst, CEO of Matric College, discusses everything you need to know about all the courses offered at Matric College

Author: Andrea Frisby
Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden, 30 July 2021