Amended National Senior Certificate Adult Matric

How are we different from other colleges?


When you study matric as an adult, you need to ask the right questions of your college, before you register. So you can make sure you understand what you will get, and if there are any hidden costs.

Here are some of the important questions you must ask:

  • Are you textbooks included in your study fees?
  • How does exam seating work?
  • How much help will you get from your tutors? Are you tutors available outside of working hours?


Your textbooks are included in the course fees. 

Once you have registered, we send all your study materials, including the textbooks, to you via courier. You should receive all your study materials within 5 – 7 days after registration.

Exam Preparation

Before the exams begin, we send you old exam papers to work through. This is simply the best way to prepare for the exams. We provide telephonic aid after hours – usually on WhatsApp. We provide Videos and extra study material.

We give pre-exam workshops to help you sharpen your studies just before the exam. We run at least one workshop in each province. Note that the workshops only run if we have 20 or more students in an area that will attend.

A Seat in an Exam Centre

We help you find a seat at a exam centre closest to you. We also assist with the registration process.

Each province has its own processes for exam registrations for adult matric students. Each year they designate exam centres, and we make sure we find the one closest to you. They can change the venues. So it might not be at the same centre for two years in a row.

We make sure we register you with the correct provincial department of education.

Help from your Tutor

Your tutor is available online, and also after working hours. We love working with students, and we are passionate about getting you to pass!

Everybody deserves to get their matric. Yes, it is possible. And Yes, you CAN do it! We will help you till you pass.

Enough time to complete your Studies

Some students prefer to split their studies into two years. You write half your subjects in your first year and the other half of your subjects in the second year. This is another way to make things easier on yourself.

If you choose to study like this, you don’t pay more. Your second year of study is free. Yes, we want you to finish your studies successfully, and we give you enough time to get it right.

Documents you need to Register


When we register you for your matric exam with the Department of Basic Education, they will require the following documents. Note that if you do not provide these documents, the Department will not accept your registration for the Matric Exam.

You need to provide us with ONE of the following documents:

  • Certified copy of your Senior Certificate Statement of Results if you have written matric in the past and completed some of the subjects,


  • Grade 9 school report, showing that you passed Grade 9 or Standard 7


  • General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) for ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training)


  • An accredited and recognised equivalent qualification passed at NQF level 1, which must include two official languages

Choose your Subjects


You don’t plan to study further after matric

Before you choose your subjects, you need to think carefully aboutwhyyou are doing your matric. If you need matric to improve your CV or to apply for a job or promotion, then nobody is going to look at your subject choices or your marks. They will simply check if it is a matric certificate issued by Umalusi.

If you are not trying to go to University or aiming for a career that requires the difficult subjects, then rather choose subjects that will be easy for you, e.g. Mathematical Literacy is much easier than Mathematics. Be kind to yourself, and discuss your subject choices with your course expert.

Read more about yoursubject choices here.

You DO want to go to University with your Matric

If you plan to go to university to study for a degree, once you have completed your matric, then your subject choices are very important.

You must first find out what the entrance criteria is for the degree you want to study, at the university you plan to study. Universities often have different criteria for the same degree.

Once you understand what subjects you must have, and what marks, then you can register for your matric with us.

Can I change my subjects?

After you have registered with us, you can still change your subject choices for one month, without paying extra. So you can also discuss your subject choices with your tutor once you start studying.

If you want to change your subjects after your first month, then you will have to pay extra for those changes and subjects.

Enrollment Form


To register with us, you fill in our online application form, so we can record all your details.

Once you have started your studies, we will contact you if we need any extra information to register you for the exams with the Department of Basic Education.

Can I get entrance to a University with my Adult Matric?


YES. The Adult Matric is now also an entry route to university studies. Also, most universities will consider your application if you are older than 23, irrespective of your qualifications.

What is equivalent to Matric?


Matric equivalence is often misunderstood. Matric is a qualification on NQF level 4. So any other qualification on the NQF at level 4, is equivalent to Matric. So, equivalent means the same academic level.

But, two qualifications that are on the same academic level, are not the same qualification. So, you can have a Matric on NQF 4, a Business Qualification on NQF 4 or an Office Administration Qualification on NQF 4. Obviously these three qualifications are very different from each other, even though they are on the same academic level.

The normal matric as we know it, is accredited by Umalusi and it is on the NQF. The Adult Matric is exactly the same – you get your matric certificate from Umalusi and it is the same as the “normal” matric certificate. They are the same and they look the same!

So you have to think about what you need your matric or NQF 4 equivalent qualification for. In some cases, like applying for University, or applying for a job that specifically requires you to have Matric, a different qualification at NQF 4 will not be accepted.

Is ABET level 4 the same as Matric?


No, the ABET level 4 programme is not the same as Matric. The ABET level 4 is equivalent to a grade 9 or the old Standard 7 at school. It is an NQF level 1 qualification, whereas Matric is an NQF level 4 qualification.

ABET levels are equivalent to school grades as follows:

ABET Level 4 – School Grade 9

ABET Level 3 – School Grades 7 to 8

ABET Level 2 – School Grades 4 to 6

ABET Level 1 – School Grades 1 to 3

You can read more about it on this letter from Umalusi.

ABET matric registration

If you are an adult (older than 21) and you have studied ABET, then you can gain entry to the Adult Matric. You need to pass your ABET level 4, and give us proof of that when you register for your Adult Matric.

Is the GED equivalent to a Matric?


“GED” stands for “General Educational Development”. This is an American (US) high school qualification. If you want to get a matric to go onto further or higher education studies, then you have to check with the institution where you want to further your studies, whether they will accept you GED for entry to their courses.

Yes, a GED is on the same academic level as matric. No, it is not a matric certificate. If you plan to further your studies in America, then it might make sense to do their high school qualification, rather than the South African matric.

You can find out more about doing the GED in South Africa here.

You can read more about the Adult Matric on the website of the Department of Higher Education and Training, here.

Published: July 28, 2020


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