Combining Your Matric Results

You can combine your Matric results by applying through the Department of Basic Education. Your two Matric Certificates will be turned into one certificate.

If you are someone who wrote their Matric in more than one exam sitting, you can combine your Matric results. The Department of Basic Education automatically combines your results if you complete your supplementary exam through high school. 

If you have passed Matric for the first time with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass, the Department of Basic Education will not combine your new results with the Bachelor’s Degree pass. Your results can only be combined if you did not pass with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass the first time you wrote Matric. 

Here is how the process works: 

Application Of Combination Of Results

You can apply for a combination of Matric results through one of the following: 

  • Department of Basic Education (DBE) website 
  • Provincial Education offices 
  • Postal method (fill in this form and send it to this address: Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001) 

You will need this to apply: 

  • Results from both exam sittings 
  • Your ID book/card 
  • Have a certified copy of your ID 
  • Proof of payment of R164 (this can be paid through postal method or at the DBE or provincial offices) 

These fees are valid from 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. 

Can I Combine NSC And SC?

Yes, you can combine your National Senior Certificate with your Senior Certificate (Amended). You must apply for this process to be done. Your two certificates will be combined and turned into a Matric Certificate. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Combined Matric Results?

It takes about four (4) to six (6) weeks for the certificates to be combined into one. However, if you want a combined statement of results, you can get it the same day you applied. This costs R57. 

These fees are valid from 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

What Is Matric?

Matric is the last class in High School in the South African education system. This class determines whether you gain access to university. You learn skills that prepare you for university. When you complete Matric, you are awarded a Matric Certificate. 

The Matric Certificate has different levels of passing. From the highest to the lowest pass. If you do not obtain the lowest pass, you fail Matric. Here are the Matric Pass Levels, from the highest to the lowest: 

Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 50% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 

Diploma Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 40% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 

Higher Certificate Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of  40% in two subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in four other subjects 

National Senior Certificate Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in three subjects 
  • You can fail one subject 

How Do They Calculate Matric Final Marks

Matric final results are calculated based on two things. These are the School-based assessments (SBA) and the final examination. This is how the final marks are calculated: 

The SBA contributes 25% to the final marks. This comes from the following assessments: 

  • June exam
  • Assignments 
  • Trial exam 
  • Oral presentations 

The last marks come from the final examination, which contributes 75%. This is combined with the SBA mark and produces your final results. It is important that you participate in every School-based assessment. This is how you boost your final examination mark. 

What Happens If I Fail Matric?

If you fail Matric, you can use the following options: 

Apply For A Remark Or Recheck

If you failed Matric, you can apply for a remark or a recheck through the Department of Basic Education. This is where your paper will either be marked or checked, to ensure that all questions have been marked correctly. This can help you gain marks. 

Rewrite Matric

You can rewrite your Matric if you failed. You can do this by applying for the Supplementary Exam/Second Chance Programme/Matric Rewrite. Furthermore, you will be able to rewrite your Matric and study to get better marks. 

Redo Matric

You can your Matric year all over. This will help you because you know what to expect in class. You can study wisely and receive better marks. 

Study Without Matric

If you failed Matric, you can study at Matric College for the following courses: 

These courses will help you gain skills and knowledge that are valuable in the workplace. 

Can I Complete My Matric Online?

Yes, you can complete your Matric online through Matric College. We offer our courses through distance learning, which is a learning method where you study from home. When you are studying at home, you make use of online tools. These help you to study better while you are home. These are the online tools we have: 

You can apply for the following courses to complete your Matric online: 

Adult Matric

You can complete your Matric online through this course if you are an adult aged 21 or older. This course will help you study and gain a Matric Certificate. You will use this qualification to apply to university or to find work. These are the requirement to study the Adult Matric Course

  • You passed Grade 9 and have proof of your report OR
  • You completed a Grade 9 equivalent course (i.e. an ABET Certificate) that included two official language subjects
  • You are 21 or older when you write your exams
    • You can apply as early as the age of 19 and start studying
  • You can read, write and understand English or Afrikaans 
  • You are able to study via distance learning

Matric Upgrade

You can complete your Matric online through this course. This course will help you upgrade your Matric results. You will be able to add a minimum of four (4) subjects that are new. When you complete this course, you will gain a Matric Certificate, which you can use to apply to university or for employment. These are the requirements for the Matric Upgrade Course

  • Must have an incomplete Matric results or
  • Your final Matric results
  • Matric statement of results 
  • Matric Certificate 
  • Passed or failed Matric 

Is Upgrading Matric Results A Good Thing?

Yes, upgrading Matric is a good thing. This is because you gain an opportunity to make your results better. You can gain good marks that help you study at university for any course you want. 

Upgrading your marks is good because it helps you feel that you have another chance to do better in life. When you complete the course, you will feel good about yourself. 

Improved marks are a good thing. They help you increase your chances to gain employment. When employers see that you took the time to upgrade your marks, they will be impressed. Not many people can take the time to study and improve their results. This shows you are a hard worker who is persistent.

Can I Upgrade My Matric Results After 5 Years?

Yes, you can upgrade your Matric at Matric College after five (5) years. You can do this with passed or failed Matric results. We will help you have the academic support you need to gain your best results. You will be assisted with the following: 


While you upgrade your marks, you will be assisted by our tutors. You can reach them from Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. They are available through calls, WhatsApp and email. They will help you with any questions you may have. 

Study Guides

While you upgrade your Matric, we will send you the study material. This will help you when you study and prepare for the final examinations. The study material is delivered to where you are. 

Grade 12 Past Papers

You will have access to the Grade 12 past papers and memorandums while you upgrade your marks. You will use this in preparations for the final exam. This will help you have a better understanding of what to expect in the exam and how to answer questions.

The CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, explains how to consolidate two matric certificates

People Also Ask

The lowest grade you can write and gain your matric with is grade 9 or ABET level 4. Courses like adult matric allow students over the age of 21 who only grade 9 can apply and study grade 10, 11 and write their matric exams.

If you recently rewrote your matric exams because you failed your first attempt, your new marks and your old ones will be compared. The new certificate have the highest marks of all your subjects from both your old and new marks.

A supplementary exam or second chance matric is written by students under 21 who have recently failed matric or would like to improve their final matric pass. Matric College offers this through our Matric Rewrite course.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda 
Editor: Jesmé Africa
Date Published: 15 June 2022