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Not only does Matric College offer the option to complete your adult matric, luckily for all, Matric College also has study options that do not require a Matric Certificate.

List Of Courses

Educare and Child Care Courses

Do you enjoy being around young kids? Would you like to help young children during their early development? Then a career as a child care worker is for you. We have Educare and Child Care Courses that will help you get started.

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Beauty Courses

Are you the one your friends call when they need their nails and facials done? Or maybe you can create the perfect winged eyeliner look? If you’re the resident beauty therapist in your neighbourhood then why not notch up your skills by applying for our Beauty Courses?

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Tourism and Guest House Management Courses

Tourism & Guest House Management Courses Think back to the last holiday you had. What do you remember most? The …

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Courses to study without matric

Matric College aims to give those who were unable to complete their high school career, the same chances as those who did. Not everybody can finish matric, but everybody can craft a successful career with Matric College. 

These are the following courses offered by Matric College: 

Our Courses

Matric College, in partnership with The Skills Academy and The Bellview Institute, offer an array of courses to fit anybody’s fancy. 

Whether you have managed to complete your matric or not, Matric College is determined to help you reach the career of your dreams. 

Study Without Matric

Yes, matric certificates are rather important. However, not having one is not the end of the road! You can still go on to have a very lucrative and successful career. With Matric College, there are many courses that you can study without ever needing a matric certificate. 

Often we are so quick to believe that having a matric certificate is the only way to find success. This is not at all true. If you find a specialised course that can help you with both the theoretical and practical aspects, it’s just as likely to find success! 

ICB Courses

A man in a black suit fixing his brown tie. He is studying our courses in matric college

An often popular question that people ask is what can I study without grade 12? Or what can I study with grade 11?  Here are the answers.

The Institute for Certified Bookkeepers provides highly accredited business and financial management courses. These courses are tailored to give you all the experience needed to tackle the corporate and professional world. 

Matric College offers these accredited courses that can increase your chance of being employed. With employers aware of the high-quality education offered by ICB, they’re more likely to choose somebody with your qualification! Finishing grade 12 isn’t everything, you career can be just as bright if you study without matric

Here are the ICB courses you can study without matric:


NATED Courses

 Matric College also offers a great deal of NATED courses to choose from. These courses are specifically created with enough practical and theoretical knowledge to make you industry ready!

Nationally Accredited Technical Education Diplomas allow you to achieve between NQF level 4 and 6. As long as you have a matric certificate, you can branch out into the following courses: 

Other courses to study

Matric College offers courses that only give you the ability to find careers without matric. Other courses offered by Matric College that you can study without matric include: 

Benefits of studying with Matric College

There are many benefits that come with studying at Matric College.  Here are some reasons to join us when you decide to further your studies: 

  • You can study without matric: Matric College offers you the option to study without having completed your matric.
  • You’ll save money: On both transport and education! Face-to-face courses are way more expensive, and you don’t need to get there!
  • Excellent student support: As a student of Matric College, you’ll be offered an online tutoring support group and ability to contact 
  • Distance learning: Distance learning is a great way for you to work at your own pace. It also means that you can work while you study and won’t have to give up on your income.


The Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

The Bellview institute offers many courses that you can study without matric. Also a distance-learning institute, The Bellview Institute of distance learning provides itself on its student support. Bellview is eager to get all students ready for their careers with career-based learning and skill sets. 

These are the courses that you can study without matric: 

Learning Group

Are you creative and looking for learnerships without matric? You’ve come to the right place. The Learning Group offers extensive creative courses that you can study without matric. 

Interested? Here are the courses that you can study: 

Ember Academy

If you’re looking to study online without matric, Ember Academy might be just for you. The Ember Academy aims to make your long-distance studying a success. They offer a number of courses that do not require matric certificates! These include: 

The Décor School

If you’re looking to study without a matric and find yourself leaning towards design, The Décore school is perfect for you! 

Whether you want to study interior decorating or interior design, The Décor School offers anything you might fancy! 

Getting your matric

Another course you can study without matric is matric itself. Matric College offers the opportunity to redo your matric year or to finally complete your adult matric. 

Upon completion, you will get the same certificate you would have got had you completed matric through the Department of Education. 

If you’re looking to further your education in this way, there are a few things you need to know! 


In order to apply for an Adult Matric, these are the requirements:

  • Be 21 when you write the exams: In order to get your qualification, you need to be 21 upon writing your matric exams. Anybody under the age of 21 upon writing their final exams will not be allowed. 
  • Read and write in English: The courses and coursework are in English. This means that as a student, you will be required to be able to write and read in the English language. 
  • Have grade 9: If you struggled to finish school, you don’t need to worry. When applying for your adult matric, all you need is a grade 9 certificate. 

To apply to redo your matric, this is what you require to apply: 

  • Matric results: To be able to redo your matric, you need to have done it in the first place. Matric College requires your matric certificate to be able to help you to improve the marks you are looking to improve.
  • Read and write in English: Once again, the courses and all the work requires you to be able to read and write in English. If you are unable to read and write in English, you won’t be able to manage the course.

Success without Matric

If you have not completed your schooling and do not have a matric, your chances of unemployment are far greater than those who have a matric certificate. By just having an extra year of study after matric, your earning potential doubles that of what it would have been with only a matric certificate. 

With the job market as it is in South Africa, furthering your education is one of the only ways to ensure you find employment and stay employed. 

If you are unable to finish matric, further your studies by studying without matric! By getting career ready and enhancing your skill set, you will be one step closer to finding employment!

Scarce Skills

Studying without matric can give you the ability to learn scarce skills. Scarce skills are in high demand in South Africa and a qualification in a scarce skill can really help you get a job! 

Scarce skills include qualifications like bookkeeping, accounting, business management, marketing management and more! All of which you can study without matric! Simply look at the ICB courses mentioned above! 

Qualifying without a matric

Having a qualification without matric still boosts your earning potential. Growing your education and practical skills will set you apart from others when interviewing for a job. The great thing about practical or career based courses is that they prepare you for the workplace in ways that theoretical based learning cannot. 

Employers like to see that you have practical experience! Mostly they’ll hire somebody that they don’t have to train and who knows how the industry works.

If you find yourself without a matric don’t be discouraged. You can still have a long and lucrative career with lots of success by just studying further.

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Author: Andrea Frisby 

Last Updated: September 23, 2020