Tourism and Guest House Management Courses

Tourism and Guesthouse Management Courses are for students who enjoy traveling and working, and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds.

Tourism & Guest House Management Courses

Think back to the last holiday you had. What do you remember most? The views, the entertainment or the food? There are many people behind the scenes that create some of these magical moments. Think you have what it takes? Are you an expert in finding the perfect hangouts in South Africa and can name the Big Five off the top of your head? If so, a career in tourism and guest house management may be for you.

Guest House Management Courses

Guest House Management courses are ideal for students who want to manage and set-up a guest house. It is ideal for students of the hospitality industry.

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Tourism Courses

Tourism courses are designed for students looking to persue employment in the tourism industry. With great focus on heritage, culture and conservation.

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The tourism industry is growing every day! It revolves around food, tourist attractions and accommodation – no wonder the industry is growing at such a rapid speed. There is a need for skilled staff and people who have studied in the field and can work in restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and other related businesses. With so many people interested in this field getting a formal qualification will give you a step up above the rest.

Tourism Management Course

Tourism management courses offer extensive training opportunities for management positions in the travel, accommodations, and food industry. You will respond to day-to-day tourism enquiries, assist clients with reservations and help to make their travel experience one they won’t forget. You will be able to manage tourism information centres, including staff supervision and development, business management and office systems management. Tourism management can also include working in associations or agencies that are directly involved with tourism services.

Guest House Management Course

Guest House Management Courses equip students with management skills. You will learn how to run a guesthouse or small business. Doing a course in guesthouse management will enhance the possibilities of you entering into a large business operating in tourism.

What Tourism and Guest House Management Courses are Available?

Think the tourism industry is for you? Matric College in partnership with Skills Academy offers the following courses via distance learning

  • Tourism Management
  • Tourism and Travel Marketing 
  • Guest House Management 

The requirements for enrollment in Tourism and Guest House Management Courses will differ depending on which college you are applying at. Worried about your Matric results? No need to! At Matric College all you need to enroll is a Grade 10 qualification or equivalent, be 16 years or older and be able to write and speak in English.

Types of Tourism

There are many opportunities in the tourism industry. You will have the ability to focus on an area in tourism that really interests you. This will give you the opportunity to work on what you’re really passionate about! Here are some different types of tourism: 

Adventure Tourism – This type of tourism is especially popular amongst the youth. It includes rock climbing, river rafting and trekking. Are you ready to get some adrenaline pumping?

Historical Tourism – These types of tourists are interested in knowing how our forefathers lived in a certain area and want to visit heritage sites, temples and museums. If you’re up for a blast from the past this type of tourism is for you. 

Nature Tourism – This is for tourists who want to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They want to breath in the fresh air and smell the roses! Examples include hiking, camping and fishing.  

Wildlife Tourism – Want to be metres away from Lions and Buffalos? Wild life Tourism gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of nature’s magnificent animals. 

Recreational Tourism – This type of tourism is purely for relaxation. To let loose and have some fun!

Tourism is a versatile industry in which you can create a spot for yourself and individual passion. Sign up for the adventure

Skills Needed to Work in Tourism

Think you have what it takes to join this buzzing industry? Here are some key attributes you will need to make it along the way:

  • Customer Service Skills –  Your job will be to make the customer happy and meet their expectations.
  • Cultural Awareness – Most of the clients you will be working with will be from aboard. This means you must have an understanding and respect for different cultural backgrounds
  • Communication Skills – You will be working with people from different ages, languages and personalities. It is important that you are able to communicate clearly.  
  • Multitasking – you will have full days and you need to manage your time well
  • Work Ethic – Work hard to Play hard! The rewards will be worth it.

Careers in Tourism

Tourism is an ever-growing industry and you will have plenty of job opportunities! Here are some of the options you will have working in the tourism industry.

Travel Agent

Travel agents plan and book trips for individuals or groups. They help with booking flights, choosing a hotel and activities to do.

Hotel Manager

Hotel Managers oversee all aspects of running a hotel. You will be in charge for the daily running of the hotel, including training staff, managing budgets, dealing with customers and promoting the hotel .

Tour Guide

Tour Guides work in the travel industry and give guided tours to groups of tourists. They may be experts in a specific field of tourism like historic sites or natural features.

Spa Manager

Spa Managers manage the day-to-day running of health and beauty spas. They manage the finances, employees and services as well as promotions and recordkeeping.

Tour Guide

A Tour Operator creates holiday packages by combining tour and travel elements. They deal with many service providers, like bus companies or hotels. 

Now that you’ve had a look at your options, why not go ahead and enrol?

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