ICB Business Management Courses

The foundation level of the ICB Business Management course can be completed with just three subjects. You only have to have a grade 11 certificate to apply.

Do you dream of being a successful Business Manager one day? If yes, then our ICB Business Management Courses are what you need to achieve your goals! Taking this course will teach you how to make any business a success.

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ICB Small Business Management National Certificate

Are you a go-getter who thrives in leadership roles? This is the course for you!

ICB Office Administration Higher Certificate

Office Administrators are the driving force behind every office team. Are you eager to run an office successfully? Then you should apply for this course.

ICB Business Management Financial Accounting National Diploma

Do you enjoy crunching numbers and working closely with the financial side of the business? Are you looking to grow within the accounting industry?

What are ICB Business Management Courses About?

ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) aims to improve the quality of Accountants and Bookkeepers in South Africa. ICB Business Management Courses are an important tool you need to successfully run a company.

Also, these courses are accredited.

They will equip you with all-round skills such as financial management, office management, human resources, and computer skills. Matric College offers 3 levels of ICB Business Management Courses:

ICB Business Management Courses

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Why Choose an ICB Programme?

ICB Business Management Courses

As mentioned, ICB programmes are fully accredited. They give you relevant financial and practical knowledge. Because of this, you’ll be highly valuable in the workplace. You also don’t need matric for this qualification. Fulfilling your dreams has never been this easy! 

Additionally, with ICB programmes you could be a member of professional bodies such as ICBA. ICBA is short for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants. It overlooks the skills, knowledge and practises of individual Bookkeepers and Accountants.

Can I Study ICB Business Management Course Without Matric?

Yes. The minimum entry requirement for this course is grade 11 or NQF 3. However, should you wish to have a matric qualification, we offer Adult Matric Course as well as Matric Upgrade. You must also be able to read and write in English and be at least 16 years old.

What Qualification Will I get After Studying ICB Business Management Courses?

Your qualification would depend on the level of studying you reached with ICB Business Management Courses. You could have anything from Bookkeeping qualification to an Accounting qualification. The possibilities are endless. And the best thing about these courses? You will be spoiled for choice!

What can I do With an ICB Business Management qualification?

With ICB Business Management qualification, you’ll have a number of career opportunities to choose from, such as:

  • Junior Bookkeeper – As a Junior Bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for keeping records of accounting books. You’ll also be expected to balance business accounts and assist with audits.
  • Marketing Assistant – Your role would be to provide overall support in marketing plans. Most companies are now digital so you’d also be required to do social media marketing. Marketing Assistants also assist Senior Managers and Executives. 
  • General Office Manager – General Office Manager is responsible for the smooth running of an office. You’ll be responsible for organizational duties as well as administrative support.
  • Business Advisor – As a business advisor, you’ll analyse a company’s business plan to give advice about areas of improvement. Or financial advice. Companies need a lot of strategic planning to be successful. And this is where you would come in. 
  • Accountant – Accountants are the backbone of any organization. For any business to thrive, it needs to have its finances in order. Accountants are responsible for keeping track of finances for a company. Be it tax returns, budgets and other financial records.

Why Study With us?

Because we’re a long distance learning institution, you study in the comfort of your own home. We also have a dedicated support staff to assist whenever you need help. Our online group, Together We Pass, helps you interact with fellow learners, helping each other pass! Above all this, every study cost is included in the course fee!

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Our ICB Business Management Courses

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