ICB Bridging Course

Date Published: October 19, 2020 Still haunted by your high school marks or never got the chance to finish matric? Well, you can now skip night school entirely and jump...

Date Published: October 19, 2020

ICB Bridging Course

Still haunted by your high school marks or never got the chance to finish matric? Well, you can now skip night school entirely and jump straight into a post-school qualification.

Who Qualifies for the ICB Bridging Course?

The bridging course is perfect for students who want to further their studies towards an ICB qualification, but they don’t meet the standard entry requirements.

Generally, a student who falls short goes back to school. But the ICB National Certificate: Bookkeeping, which is NQF level 3, eliminates this step.

Why Choose the ICB Bridging Course

An ICB Bridging Course could just be the best decision for your future. Not only will it help you gain entry for your dream course, but it will also help you secure a place in the job market. 

Ease Into the Transition – School and tertiary education are not the same. By doing a bridging course, you will ease into this transition. 

Get a Taste of Post-School Studies – You might not know if the course you are hoping to gain admission for is really for you. A bridging course might be the deciding factor. 

Get a Little More Value – A bridging course, especially an ICB qualification, holds a little more weight than a matric certificate. 

Broaden Your Horizons – Once completed, you can immediately enter the workplace and earn a handsome income with junior bookkeeper or accounts clerk positions. 

General Course Information

If you are interested in the ICB Bridging Course, here is what you need to know. The entry requirements and the subject requirements could just be the ultimate deciding factor. 

Entry Requirements

Earn your spot for our ICB Bridging Course by meeting the following requirements.

English is Essential – This course is offered in English. Therefore, students need to have a basic understanding of the language to understand their coursework. 

Grade 10 (Std 8) or Equivalent – In order to enrol for this course, you will need to have completed grade 10 or equivalent.

Subject Information

Four subjects make up the ICB Bridging Course. If you want to be successful and move on to the next level, you need to pass the following subjects:

  1. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
  2. Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns (PMSR)
  3. Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK)
  4. Business Literacy (BUSL)

Courses You can Do After the ICB Bridging Course

You have plenty of options once you’ve completed your ICB Bridging Course. There’s a chance to further your education, switch gears, or even jump straight into the workplace.

Enrol for Your Dream Course

The main reason you enrolled for an ICB Bridging Course was to secure a spot for your dream course. Once completed, you can easily gain entry and study towards your dream. Here are some of the other ICB programmes you can choose to enrol for:

Climb All the NQF Levels

You may have discovered a new passion for learning. So why stop? Climb every single NQF level and get your degree while you are at it. 

Your new found passion could also be finance and bookkeeping. If so, continue with the programme you were enrolled in.

Step Into the Workplace With Ease

All ICB qualifications are recognised by employers and give you a wealth of knowledge. Not only that, but distance learning students have a bit of advantage too. 

Having a distance learning qualification implies that you are responsible, determined and great at time management. This will make you stand out from other job seekers. 

Build a Bridge and Get Over it

Why dwell on the thoughts of your shortcomings? Spend that time planning your next move. Speak to one of our friendly course experts to learn more about our ICB Bridging Course.

  1. Call us on 012 762 7100
  2. Or fill out this call sheet for a call back

Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 25 June 2021

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