Child Day Care Courses

There is a huge demand for child care professionals who know how to properly care for children. Matric College offers Child Day Care Courses. Apply today!

Child Day Care Courses

Crayon marks on the wall, a little temper tantrum here and there, but seeing them smile and witnessing their growth makes everything worth it. If you are a nurturing soul who loves spreading joy and adores tiny tots, why not consider Child Care Courses.

Child Day Care Comprehensive Course

Request a Call Back apply With Us Child Day Care Comprehensive Course This is the final level in Child Day Care at Matric College. This Child Day Care: Comprehensive Certificate …

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Child Day Care Certificate Course

Request a Call Back apply With Us Child Day Care Certificate Course This Child Day Care: Certificate Course is offered by Matric College in collaboration with Skills Academy. Take your …

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Child Day Care Short Course

Request a Call Back apply With Us Child Day Care Short Course Matric College, in partnership with Skills Academy offers this Child Day Care: Short Course Certificate through distance learning. …

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Why Child Care?

There are a number of reasons you should consider Child Care. For one, if you absolutely adore little ones then this job will be highly rewarding. There is a huge demand for child care professionals who know how to properly care for children. This role is perfect for those who consider themselves responsible human beings. After all, your main duty will be to provide a safe space for little ones to play, grow and learn while their parents or guardians are away.


What Jobs can I get With Child Care Courses?

There is a common misconception that you have limited career options when you consider entering this field. There are multiple opportunities for you to earn a handsome living doing what you love. With Child Care Courses you may also consider your options abroad or open your business. Here’s what you can do with our Child Care Courses:

Au Pair

This career is quite popular among young adults and they are often not sure how to get their foot in the door. Well, Child Care Courses are a start. Those entering this field are required to have child care experience, and it’s hard to get experience without some sort of qualification. As an Au Pair your duties will include picking up the kids from school, helping them with homework, and more.

Creche Teacher

This is a popular choice among students who have Child Care qualifications. There will always be a demand for skilled and loving Creche Teachers to take care of little ones. Your daily duties will include leading activities from the lesson plans you’ve created, introducing fun and interactive games, and making sure they get proper nutrition. With enough experience, you may even become a creche manager or open your own daycare service.


Do you want to give your undivided attention to one special little child? Why not become a nanny? Nannies often care for one child at a time, and provide a safe space for them while their parents are away. As a Nanny, you will be responsible for the safety and well-being of the child or children in your care. You will also have to introduce stimulating activities to promote growth.

Child Care Worker Characteristics

Not everyone is equipped to take on this responsibility. But if you are passionate about child care or children, you can develop or work on the traits needed for this job. Child Care workers need to be:

  • Patient
  • Nurturing
  • Physically fit
  • Responsible
  • Culturally aware
  • Great communicators

Our Child Day Care Courses:

Benefits of Our Child Care Courses

Matric College in partnership with Skills Academy now offers Child Care Courses. We are always searching for ways to expand and improve, and we believe in making education accessible to all. That’s why we are giving you the option to study without matric. Here’s all the ways you can benefit from our Child Care courses.

Increase Your Credibility

Become a skilled worker without that matric certificate, and prove to employers that this is where your passions lie. You will receive quality education that will help give you the skills needed to perform your daily tasks. Having a qualification will increase your credibility and improve your chances of finding employment in the Child Care industry.

Earn While You Learn

Many students have to choose between studying and giving up their current job. With us, you can choose both. We are among the few institutions that offer quality education, affordable via distance learning. There are no scheduled classes for any of our classes, which means you can keep your current job or find one within the industry.

Gain Job Industry Specific Skills

People often underestimate this career field and think that anyone is capable of caring for children. That’s not the case. So much more goes into Child Care than teaching little kids nursery rhymes. As a Child Care professional, you will often be the first to detect child development delays in little ones. Our Child Care Courses will equip you with the skills needed to handle these responsibilities.

Learn the A - Z’s of Taking Care of These Cuties

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Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 25 June 2021