Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy Courses Are you interested in the beauty industry? Would you like to give people beauty treatments that make them feel beautiful? Then our excellent Beauty Therapy Courses are...

Beauty Therapy Courses

Are you interested in the beauty industry? Would you like to give people beauty treatments that make them feel beautiful? Then our excellent Beauty Therapy Courses are just what you need.


Beauty Therapy: Expert Course

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What is Beauty Therapy?

Beauty Therapy is a treatment that aims to improve the outer appearance. This is done with facials, manicures and removing unwanted hair. As someone that performs these treatments, you will be known as a beauty therapist.

Qualities of a Beauty Therapist

 Beauty therapy might seem like a casual job where you get to chat with people. However, there are a few qualities you need to be successful. Here are a few qualities that you should have once you become a professional, qualified beauty therapist.

Beauty Therapy Courses


Professionalism is a key quality for any job. However, it is of great importance in the beauty industry. You should be discreet and respectful when dealing with your clients. Your level of professionalism will also determine how many clients you have.


Most of the treatments you will perform will be done while you are standing. This means that you have to be prepared to be on your feet for long hours at a time. This will ensure that you can complete all your tasks for the day and you will deliver quality work.

Time Management Skills

You will have your quiet days and your busy ones. Having good time management is essential to being a successful beauty therapist. Remember, no one wants to wait after being on time for an appointment.  


Having a qualification will increase your credibility with clients and employers. You can get a diploma in beauty therapy and then get work experience in a salon or spa. Getting a qualification will also give you pride.  

Where Can I Study Beauty Therapy?

You can study right here at  Matric College. We have three wonderful courses that you can do. The best part about studying with us is that we are a distance learning institution. This means you don’t attend classes, you study on your own time and you get to work while you study.   

How Will I Benefit From a Beauty Therapy Course?

To some people, the skills needed for this career may come naturally. However, there are a few technical skills and knowledge that you can only gain from doing a course. Below are just a few ways a beauty therapy course will and can benefit you. 

  • Having a qualification will allow you to earn more
  • It will increase your credibility
  • You will have the knowledge to advise clients
  • Gives you the opportunity to start your own business or work from home
  • You will receive the knowledge for a job in a growing industry

Why is Beauty Therapy a Good Career?

Knowing the benefits of a career will help you make your final decision. The industry of beauty therapy has a great variety that you can focus on. Each job within the beauty industry has similar benefits. Take a look at the benefits below to see why beauty therapy is a good career choice.

Working Hours

You make your own hours. That’s right!  As a beauty therapist, you decide your schedule. So if you only want to work in the morning or the afternoon, it’s up to you.

Job Security

With the work of a beauty therapist being so unique, having a job is almost certain. As long as you have your qualification, you will be guaranteed a job.

Be Your own Boss

That’s right, you can be your own boss. As long as you are a qualified beauty therapist, you don’t have to work for a salon. You could start your own business right from the comfort of your home and build your way up.

Ready to Start Your Beauty Therapy Career?

Contact one of our course experts on 012 762 7100 and start today!

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 25 June 2021