Salon Management Courses

Our Salon Management Expert Certificate Course is the most in-depth Salon Management Course that we offer. You will learn the basics of managing your own Salon.

Our Salon Management Course

We offer one (1) Salon Management Course at Matric College that is called the Salon Management: Expert Course. This course is the most extensive Salon Management course that we offer. With this course, you can manage a salon or spa as well as learn how to become an excellent entrepreneur. 

This course not only allows you to start your own business in the beauty industry but it gives you the skills you need to become a Salon Manager at the current beauty parlour you are working at.

Salon Management Courses

Salon Management Expert Course

Salon Management Expert Course is a beauty course that equips you with skills that prepare you for the workplace. You learn how to be a ...
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Salon Management Courses allow students to manage and maintain their own or a company’s Salon. These courses prepare students for the beauty industry. The beauty industry not only includes enhancing the appearances of people, but also maintaining and taking care of one’s appearance.

Many people have concluded that this industry is purely for females, but we are slowly evolving into this industry populated with both male and female employees. At the end of the day, this industry is all about self-care and self-care includes:

  • Following treatment plans given by professionals in the beauty industry
  • Looking and feeling good about yourself 
  • Taking care of your overall health

What Is A Salon Management Course?

A Salon Management Course focuses on all the elements required to become a successful Salon Owner. Once you have completed a Salon Management Course, you can:

  • Become a Salon Manager
  • Brush up on Salon Management skills 
  • Start your own business

Salon Management Courses

We offer one (1) comprehensive Salon Management Course that will teach you everything from Nail Care to Make-up applications:

Salon Management

Programme Type: Provider Programme
Award Type: Expert Certificate in Salon Management
Award Issued By: Skills Academy
Accredited By: Not Applicable
Course Duration: 9 – 27 months

Entry Requirements

  • Be at least 16 or older to apply
  • Understand, read and write in English
  • Study through distance learning

Course Subjects

This course consists of 13 subjects, you have to complete and pass all of these subjects to get your Salon Management: Expert Certificate.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Excellence in service basic
  • Facial skincare theory
  • Facial skin care techniques
  • Financial management basic
  • Introduction to Business English
  • Introduction to make up application 1
  • Introduction to make up application 2
  • Lash and brow
  • Nail technician manicure and pedicure
  • Networking for success
  • Professional salon skills
  • UV Gel nails, acrylic nails, fibreglass nails and decoration
Salon Management Courses

Entrepreneurship: In this subject, you will learn how to start your own business and become a successful business owner. This means that you will get an idea of what it would be like to work in a business environment, as well as create your own business plan.

Excellence in service basic: You will learn how to give great customer service. This includes listening techniques as well as marketing skills. This way you will know how to sell and promote products as well as resolve customer complaints.

Facial skincare theory: Learn everything related to the anatomy of the skin such as skin conditions, skin tones and skin types.

Facial skin care techniques: This subject allows students to explore the different facial skincare techniques and how to assist customers with their skin care. Learn how to perform a facial for a man and to give after care advice.

Financial management basic: In this subject, you will learn how to manage the basic finances of a business. This includes bookkeeping and budgeting.

Introduction to Business English: In this subject, you will learn how to communicate with your staff, customers and potential business associates. This includes how to write emails and letters to customers and business associates, you will also learn how to present yourself in a professional manner.

Introduction to make-up application 1: You will learn what to do before applying make-up and what you need to do for each customer you get. This means that you need to know the anatomy of the face and how to use make-up, such as contouring and applying foundations and concealers.

Introduction to make-up application 2: In this subject, you will learn how to apply make-up for each section of the face such as the eyes, lips and the rest of the face. You will also learn about which make-up is appropriate for which occasion.

Lash and brow: Learn how to perform brow and lash services. Specifically, learn how to tint brows and lashes.

Nail technician manicure and pedicure: In this subject, you will learn about the anatomy of the feet and hands, as well as the skin on the feet and hands. The main focus of this subject will be the history and structure of the nail and the equipment and tools that will be used on nails.

Networking for success: This subject prepares students for professional work and how they should present themselves in business. Here you will also learn about networking with other people and how to stay relevant in the beauty industry.

Professional salon skills: In this subject, you will learn about salon skills, such as how to present yourself in front of clients and how to interact with clients.

UV Gel nails, acrylic nails, fibreglass nails and decoration: This subject allows students to be creative and perform nail artwork. This includes:

  • Acrylic nails
  • Fibreglass nails and decorations
  • UV Gel nails


Our Short Courses are delivered in partnership with Skills Academy. We offer Short Courses through Skills Academy. Matric College and Skills Academy are partner Colleges.

Salon Management is the act of managing a Salon. Salon Managers generally oversee the Salon’s operations and ensure that it is done the correct way. Owners can also be in charge of the Salon, if it is a small business. 

Successful Salon Management means that you will have a successful business as well as earn a good living.

The job description of a Salon Manager is:

  • Greet new customers and make them feel welcome
  • Book appointments
  • Confirm appointments
  • Ensuring that there are bookkeeping and financial reports that accounts for the amount of money made in the day
  • Hire, train and supervise staff
  • Encourage and motivate the staff
  • Delegate duties 
  • Promote products and services

Yes, owning a hair salon is extremely profitable, especially if you have qualified people who are working for you. You should also be extremely passionate about what you are doing because this will reflect on how well you do in business. Another extremely important factor to consider is completing a course that will help you because you are a successful business owner of a salon. 

We offer the Salon Management: Expert Certificate Course that you can complete without a Matric Certificate. After completing this course, you can start your own business or become a Salon Manager.

At Matric College, we offer many courses you can choose from that will help you get the best qualifications. Here are some of the Business Management Courses you can complete with a Matric Certificate:

Courses You Can Study With Matric

You can apply for any of our NATED Business Management Courses with any Matric Pass Level:

Courses You Can Study Without Matric

You can apply for any of our ICB Business Management Courses with a Grade 11 Certificate:

There are a variety of people who work at a hair salon. The amount of people that work at a hair salon varies from business to business and also depends on the size of the business. Here are some of the positions that you will find at a hair salon:

  • Assistant Hair Stylists
  • Barber
  • Colourists
  • Junior Hair Stylist
  • Salon Manager
  • Salon Receptionist
  • Senior Hair Stylist
  • Shampooist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Nail Technician
  • Wax Specialist

Yes, a Salon is a good business. You will make a lot of money and you will also be changing the appearances of people. Changing the appearances of people can be the one factor that can change an individual’s life. 

For example, cutting someone’s hair into a style after it has fallen out because they have cancer and do chemotherapy. Or asking your clients to cut and donate their hair to make wigs for people who have cancer. These are all factors that can change peoples lives.

You can start your own Salon Business by taking these (3) three steps:

Step 1: Apply for our Salon Management: Expert Certificate Course
Step 2: Get all the necessary funds for a Salon
Step 3: Start your own Salon Business

The licensing fee alone is approximately R 100 000. This means you still need to spend money on other factors that contribute to your salon. It can range from R 100 000 to R 2 000 000.

These are the deciding factors:

  • The size of the salon you would like to start
  • Where your salon will be located
  • How many people you will employ
  • The equipment and tools you need

If you are currently doing people’s hair, nails or make-up at your home, then you are moving in the right direction. This can also make you a successful Salon Owner. Many Salon Owners start off by working at home or for a Salon and then move their way up.

The more skills you gain, the better your chances are of getting the opportunity to start your own Salon.

You can become a successful Salon Owner by becoming qualified. In doing so, you are educating yourself not only on the business aspect of a Salon, but also on the different activities that occur within a Salon. Such as:

  • Nails
  • Make-up
  • Facials
  • Hair

Here are the 5 Management tips for a Salon:

  1. Always make sure that your Salon is clean and tidy as well as follow COVID protocols
  2. Have Qualified staff that are always learning new skills
  3. Keep your tools and equipment updated
  4. Bet a Salon Manager that is qualified and that can motivate staff
  5. Hire staff that matches your company’s culture and values

You can open up a Beauty Salon by completing any of the following courses that we offer:

You can apply for any of these courses with or without Matric. You only have to be 16 and older and understand, read and write English.

A Salon Management team are people that work in a Salon that work together to ensure that a Salon runs smoothly. The keyword is “Management” which means that a Salon Management Team only includes Managerial positions such as:

  • Salon Manager
  • Senior Make-Up Artist
  • Senior Hair Stylist
  • Senior Technician etc.

This depends on the type of salon as well as the size of the Salon. Here are some of the positions within a Salon:

  • Salon Manager
  • Salon Receptionist
  • Salon Cleaner
  • Salon Promoter
  • Beautician
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Shampooist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Nail Technician
  • Wax Specialist

Our Beauty Courses can take 9 – 15 months to complete, depending on the type of course you decide to take. We also offer the following Beauty Courses:

The highest Beauty Qualification is a Medical Dermatologist Qualification. The professionals study up to 12 years and can earn up to R 3 000 000 a year.

These are the three types of Salon Ownership:

  1. Franchise
  2. Sole-proprietorship
  3. Partnerships

A Salon Director is someone that has been chosen by people along with other directors, and is generally responsible for the company’s strategic direction. Salon directors usually come up with new ideas to promote business that will ultimately make more money for the company.

A Salon Manager’s typical working day looks like this:

Firstly, Salon Managers will open up the shop or have a Senior personnel member open up the shop. Salon Managers usually ensures that the Senior personnel member makes sure that there is a cash float and the shop looks clean.

Secondly, Salon Managers will inspect the shop and ensure that all hygiene protocols have been met.

Thirdly, Salon Managers will follow up on appointments that have been made.

Lastly, Salon Managers will motivate staff members for the day and supervise as well as help where they can.

You can motivate Salon Staff by giving them incentives. These incentives may include:

  1. Giving more money for the amount of clients, staff members get to come to the Salon
  2. Giving them off days
  3. Giving them free salon services 
  4. Giving them advice and training
  5. Encouraging staff members on a daily basis

You can improve your Beauty Salon by:

  • Always learning new skills
  • Training new employees
  • Employing qualified people
  • Employ people that match the work culture
  • Think of creative ways to make your Beauty Salon look more appealing
  • Use different types of Marketing strategies to promote your business

Salon Managers train new employees by allowing them to observe what they are doing or what Senior personnel are doing. Some Salon Managers will even get an agency to perform these training activities. This way new employees know what is expected of them.

After the training, Salon Managers can decide if they would like to employ new staff or not.

Salon rules are there to ensure that staff are adhering to hygiene and customer service standards. Here are some of the basic rules within a Salon:

  • Be on time and do not make a client wait
  • Communicate in a professional manner
  • Look presentable
  • Implement new standards

You can promote your Salon by using these online platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

You can also promote your Salon by:

  • Word of mouth
  • Door-to-door visits
  • Pamphlets
  • In-store promotions

Why Choose To Study Salon Management Via Distance Learning

You should choose to study Salon Management via distance learning for these reasons:

  • Study and learn from a professional 
  • Learn salon skills faster
  • Get an affordable Qualification
  • Save money
  • It is COVID friendly

Study And Learn From A Professional

As a distance learning student, you can study with us and learn the necessary skills required from a Salon Manager. This way you can apply what you are learning in our course. 

If you already have your own business, the skills you learn in our Salon Management: Expert Certificate Course can help you with a few things you were uncertain about.

Learn Salon Skills Faster

Our Salon Management: Expert Certificate Course can be completed between 9 – 27 months. You can even complete the course before 9 months. This depends on:

  • The time you have and how quick you submit your assignments
  • Your passion for the course
  • What motivates you

Get An Affordable Qualification

Distance Learning Courses are generally cheaper than university courses. If you choose to study a course at university level, then you will pay more than double the amount you would pay for our Salon Management distance learning course.

Most universities also work with very strict payment plans that students or their parents need to pay. Most students apply for NSFAS or their parents save a lot of money for students to go to university.

At Matric College, we have a variety of payment options that will for our students. The beauty of our courses is that you can study and work. This means you can pay for your studies while you learn.

Contact one of our friendly Courses Experts today:

Christa Algera 

WhatsApp Number: 067 979 8751

Email Address: [email protected]

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Save Money On Transport

With the petrol prices going up, students struggle to get to campus or choose public transport to get to campus. If you want to cut transport costs then choose to study our Salon Management distance learning course. You do not attend any physical classes.

It Is COVID Friendly

You do not have to physically interact with other students or lecturers because you study from home. This eliminates possibly getting COVID.

Career Opportunities With A Salon Management Qualification

  • Salon Manager – R 12 736 per month
  • Sales Consultant – R 9 139 per month
  • Senior Cosmetics Consultant – R 8 662 per month

As a Salon Manager, you will be responsible for everything related to the Salon. You need to ensure that everyone in the Salon is completing their tasks for the day. Some Salon Managers also book appointments and acts as the receptionist.


  • Book appointments
  • Delegating tasks to Salon workers
  • Doing administrative tasks, which include bookkeeping elements and payroll processes
  • Hire and train new employees
  • In some cases, Salon Managers will do nails, makeup and hair if an employee does not report to work

Sales Consultants are responsible for selling products and services. If you are a Sales Consultant for a salon, you will promote everything that is offered in the salon. Sales Consultants can be found in stores, call centres and online platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.


  • Demonstrating how products and services are used
  • Explaining how products and services should be used
  • Selling products and services
  • Persuading potential customers to buy products and services
  • Promoting new products and services that are trending

Senior Cosmetic Consultants are responsible for any customer service related queries in the beauty aisle. These consultants sometimes perform beauty treatments on customers. They are in a more senior position than General Cosmetic Consultants.


  • Always be up-to-date with the latest beauty trends
  • Ensure that customers are receiving the best customer services
  • Managing salon appointments
  • Merchandising stock in the most attractive way possible
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Spa Manager –  R 11 550 per month 
  • Make-up Artist – R 4 999 per month
  • Nail Care Technician – R 6 119 per month

Spa Managers are responsible for managing Spas. They generally maintain the day-to-day functions of a Spa. A Spa Manager’s duties depend on the size of the Spa. If it is a bigger company, the Spa Manager will be responsible for running the business, if it is a smaller company, the Spa Manager will be responsible for client services.


  • Being creative by promoting new products and services to get more clientèle
  • Ensure that health protocols are implemented
  • Hire, train and supervise new employees 
  • Maintain the upkeep of the Spa
  • In some cases, Spa Managers will do nails, makeup and hair if an employee does not report to work

Make-up artists are responsible for doing makeup for clients in the salon. Their main focus is to ensure that the customer is happy. This means that you have to be a good listener, and you should have a bubbly personality because you need to keep conversation with your clients.


  • Applying Make-up to customers
  • Always follow trends on new make-up looks and products and try them out on yourself
  • Demonstrating work you have done by applying make-up to your own face
  • Listening to customer needs and then delivering what they need
  • Showing customers work you have done before to get an idea of the work they would like to get done

Nail Care Technicians are responsible for the artwork on nails. This artwork can be considered as acrylic nails, fibreglass nails, UV Gel nails and decorating nails.


  • Advising customers on the best treatments and artwork for their nails
  • Communicating with customers about how they would like their nails to be done
  • Follow trends on the latest nail art and then apply them to yourself
  • You have to be sales driven as you are constantly selling your services, a good way to promote your services is to always have different nail artwork done on yourself
  • Take care of your nail equipment or the companies nail equipment, including cleaning and repairing it as needed

Benefits Of Studying At Matric College

Matric College has many benefits for students who choose to study through distance learning. Here is why you should choose us

  • We are a distance learning institution
  • Get affordable education
    • You do not have to worry about extra expenses like money for transport and accommodation because you do not attend any physical classes
  • Get advice from our Course Experts 
  • Get unique payment plans
    • We offer a variety of payment options for our students, these options include:
      • Advanced payments – Pay the entire course fee
      • Split payments – Pay half of the entire course fee at the beginning of the year and the other half at the end of the year
      • Monthly payments – Pay a fixed amount every month
      • Unique payments – Pay what you can but that suits our payment options
  • Studying and working can go hand in hand
    • We only offer distance learning courses. This means you can work and study at the same time, you only have to submit assignments through email.
  • You do not have to pay for your study material
    • Your study material is included in your course fees. This means that you do not pay extra for study material and it will get delivered to your door at no added costs. Get your study material between 5 – 7 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that students ask:

  1. What is the highest beauty qualification?
  2. How can I become a manager?
  3. At what age should you be a manager?
  4. Do managers get paid a lot?
  5. Which manager gets the highest salary?
  6. Which management course has the highest salary?
  7. Do you need qualifications to be a manager?
  8. Is management a good career choice?
  9. Is being a manager stressful?
  10. Do managers work hard?

Which Course Is Best For Management Professionals?

The best course for Management professionals differs from person to person. The deciding factor is what you are passionate about. Here are the Management Courses that we offer at Matric College:

You can become a Manager by applying for any of our Management Courses. And gaining the necessary work experience to become a Manager.

There is no age limit to be a Manager. You can even be a Manager at the age of 18 if the company thinks you are the perfect candidate.

Yes, Managers do get paid a lot. Remember that your salary is determined by these factors:

  • The type of Management position you are applying for
  • What the company can afford
  • Your educational background
  • The work experience that you have gained

A Chief Financial Officer gets paid the highest salary in South Africa. Here is what they get paid per month:

R 800 000 per month

The average salary for a Chief Financial Officer is R 800 000 per month in South Africa.

This depends on the hiring criteria of the company you are applying for. Some companies do require qualifications, whereas others do not.

Yes, Management is a good career choice. Here is why it is a good career choice:

  • You gain a scarce skill qualification
  • You learn transferable skills
  • You can earn a decent salary

Yes, being a Manager can be stressful, but if you have a passion for this field of study then it can be less stressful.

Yes, Managers do work hard. They ensure that the team is completing all the tasks that should be done. They also ensure that the business runs smoothly.

Author: Jesmé Africa
Date Published: April 22, 2022
Editor: Amy Venter

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