Salon Management Courses

Salon Management Course Are you looking to advance your career in the beauty industry? Do you have a passion for managing people and running a salon? Then a career in...

Salon Management Course

Are you looking to advance your career in the beauty industry? Do you have a passion for managing people and running a salon? Then a career in Salon Management might be your best bet. A Salon Management Course is your ticket to your dreams.

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Why Study With Us?

If your goal is to become a successful salon manager then studying with Matric College is your first step in the right direction. How, you ask? Well, apart from the fact that Matric College makes learning easy, we believe that everyone deserves an education. Therefore, we go to great lengths to ensure that education is possible for everyone. 

  • Because Matric College is a distance learning institute, you get to study at the comfort of your own home.
  • There is help tailor made for you, individually. This means that help is always readily available to assist you every step of the way and it is available at your fingertips.
  • We have an app you can download that will make your learning much easier and accessible at all times. You will have easy access to your tutors as well.
Salon Management Courses

Benefits of Studying Salon Management Course

This is a great course that comes with equally great perks. To be able to efficiently manage a salon, you need all the help you can get. You need to hone in your leadership skills while booming the business and this is where taking this course comes in. It will also give you all that you need to start your own business!

Taking this course will allow you to gain extensive knowledge on how to run a salon and how to manage people. It will also refine your hiring skills, professionalism and improve your customer service skills. With the subjects such as professional salon skills, excellence in customer service basic and entrepreneurship, you’re sure to make waves in salon management. Lastly, managing a salon demands a human touch. What this means for you is it’s unlikely that you would ever be replaced by technology. This job will always be a need. 

Skills Required for Salon Management Course

To be able to effortlessly succeed in the business of salon management, you need to have a passion for working with people. This isn’t the only skill you need to make a success out of this career though, so let’s have a look below at what other skills you will need for this course:

  • Excellent communication skills. You’ll be working with people on a daily basis. People who want to look their best and already have a mental image of what this look is. So, you need to be able to communicate with them well and understand what they’re trying to tell you. 
  • Good problem-solving skills. Sometimes things go wrong and it will be your duty as a manager to fix the wrong. You need to be a person who can take initiative and is able to make hard decisions.
  • In addition to this, you need to be an organised person. Managing a salon is a big deal and can be chaotic if you lack organisational skills.
  • Technology savvy. In this day and age, most of everything is done through digital platforms and we use technology to manage and keep businesses running. From making spreadsheets for financial records to recording everyday business life, technology can play a vital part in this role.

Can You Study This Course Without Matric?

Worried about your matric results or you did not finish matric at all? Don’t worry. This course only requires you to have Grade 10. You also need to be able to speak and write in English and be 16 years or older. Like we mentioned earlier, here at Matric College we believe everyone deserves an education and we make accessing it easy. 

All you need to worry about is managing your time well and allocating 27 months to study this course. And if you finish before the 27 months is over, you stop paying!

How Much do Salon Managers Earn?

According to Indeed, on average a Salon Managers earn about R14 028 a month. 

As a salon Manager, your career options are not limited to just managing a salon. You get the opportunity to start your own salon business and potentially make more money! To learn more about being a salon manager, read this article.

Ready to Take the Salon Management Business by Storm? Contact us Now!

Now that you know all about Salon Management Course and what it takes to be a Salon Manager, it is time for you to take that leap and register! One of our friendly consultants is ready to assist you every step of the way. 

All you have to do is call us today and speak to one of our course experts on 012 762 7100.

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 25 June 2021