Events Management Courses

These courses educate students on how to plan events for individuals or businesses. These events include weddings, fundraisers, important meetings and more.

Events Management Courses

Are you bubbling with creative energy? Do you constantly have new and innovative ideas? Then our Events Management Courses are exactly what you need. With these easy skills-focused courses, you’ll be planning events around the globe in no time.


Events Management: Short Course

Want to get started in the Events Management industry but you are unsure of how to get started. Look no further. This Events Management Short Course in partnership with Skills …

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Events Management: Certificate Course

Want to get your foot in the door and get the necessary skills to enter into the ever growing Events Management field? This course will teach you the skills to …

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Events Management: Comprehensive Course

Our Comprehensive Events Management Course in partnership with Skills Academy covers everything you need to know. It goes as far as covering subjects such as First Aid and Office Management. …

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What is Events Management?

Events Management is the process of planning, creating and developing an event. These events are usually too big for one person to organize. These include weddings, important meetings, product launches and even charity fundraising. The services of events management eliminates the stress of planning an event.

Why Should I Study Events Management?

Events Management Courses

Although event management is a career that requires you to have talent, having a certificate on your CV increases your credibility. Being an events manager has several benefits. 

These benefits not only include an estimated R373 760 yearly earning but the opportunity to travel as well. Since events happen all over the world, if you work hard enough, you could become an international events manager.

Become an Entrepreneur

Events management doesn’t need to run from a big corporate office. You could start your own company and run it from the comfort of your home. Doing a course will refine your skills and knowledge to be your own boss.

Explore Your Creativity

Are you an innovative thinker – with an eye for the finer details? This career gives you the opportunity to let your ideas flow. Every event is different and requires a different approach. As an events manager, you will never get bored.

Improve Your Communication

Most of your job requires communication. You will be writing emails and making phone calls with clients, vendors and staff members. With more practice, you will perfect your written, verbal and body language skills.

Build up Your Confidence

Starting a career can make anyone nervous. This doesn’t have to be the case for you though. Events management courses aim to build your confidence so when you start your job you won’t feel out of place.

Several job Opportunities

The events industry is flourishing. With major events happening all around South Africa, events companies are constantly on the search for new, fresh and talented event managers. This means you won’t have the stress of securing a job. All you need is talent, dedication and motivation.

Where to Study Events Management in South Africa?

Matric College! It’s as simple as that. With Matric College, you have so much freedom to evolve into the great events manager you were born to be. Because you will be doing distance learning, you will be able to get the working experience you need while doing an events management course that refines your skills.

General Events Management Courses

Our general events management courses are quick and simple to start. You have your choice between one of the three courses we offer or you can start your journey from scratch. To start this journey from the beginning you only need three things:

  • Able to read and write in English
  • Have grade 10 
  • Be 16 years and older 

Easy right! What are you waiting for? Get started  today!

Types of Event Managers

Remember when we said one of the best benefits of event management was job opportunities? Here we are going to list all the different kinds of events you could focus on. However, just because there might be a few different kinds of events, it doesn’t mean you are only restricted to one. Let your creativity flow, choose as many as you like. 

  • Board Meetings 
  • Holiday Parties 
  • Charity Events 
  • Product Launches 
  • Team Building Events

Skills Needed to be an Events Manager

Knowing what skills you will need for a job is really important. This lets you know what exactly you should focus on. Not to worry, regardless of the skills listed below, Matric College aims to give you knowledge that will allow your skills to be as sharp as possible. 

People Skills – this is the most important skill you could have as an events manager.  Being around people and having conversations should come naturally to you. 

Organization-  is an essential skill when planning anything. Having good organizational skills will help you stay focused on the task at hand. 

Problem Solving– we all know how last-minute accidents tend to happen on the day of an event. Your client and employer will look to you for a solution. Knowing how to stop accidents from ruining an event will show off your skills. 

Flexibility – as an events manager you need to know how to do more than just your own job. You might have to help with the catering and be a waiter or waitress for a few minutes. Your main focus is on making your client happy, even if the request is a bit unusual.

Ready to Start Your Events Management Course?

Don’t be shy, if you have any questions or would like to get started immediately, give us a call and speak to one of our course experts on  012 762 7100.

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 25 June 2021