Educare and Child Care Courses

Educare and Child Care courses focus on the growth, health, and safety of children. This means that students will learn how to educate and care for children.

First Aid Course

First Aid Course

First Aid courses assist students to tend to individuals who require basic medical care. This can range from an unexpected injury to an unexpected illness.

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Creche Management Courses

Creche Management Courses

Creche Management courses focus on making sure that a creche is managed smoothly. These courses also cover early childhood development, health, and education.

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Child Day Care Courses

Child Day Care Courses

Child Day Care courses are for people who want to care for young children. This includes nutrition, early childhood development and educational skills.

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Educare and Child Care Courses

The most important part of learning for children starts at the very beginning. That is where Educare and Child Care come in. If you want to shape the minds, personalities and futures of the youth, then you should think about a career in Educare or Child Care. 

At Matric College we offer the following Educare and Child Care specific courses:

Understanding Educare and Child Care

The basics of both Educare and Child Care come down to aiding the development of children. Whilst Educare focuses on the facilitation of childhood learning, Child Care is looking after children of a young age whilst furthering their basic understandings of life, behaviour, safety and more.

Qualities Required in Educare and Child Care

If you are thinking of branding into one of these learning areas, you will benefit from having the following qualities:

  • Good communicator: When it comes to working with children, communication can be somewhat difficult. As an Educare and Child Care professional, you will have to have good communication skills to get your points across.
  • Energy: Children are very energetic. In this profession, you will have to have enough energy to keep up with a loud group of children. 
  • People skills: This is not your average office job. Here, you will be surrounded by little faces every day, constantly interacting with you and each other. To be your best in this role, you will have to have quite good people skills. 
  • Tough decision-maker: Kids can be cute and quite persuasive. You will have to be able to make the right decisions, no matter how tough they might be. 
  • Kindness: Children cannot communicate like adults and are still trying to learn about the world. This is why the most important quality you can have is to be kind and understanding about their position in life.

Breaking Down Educare and Child Care Courses

Since Matric College has quite the selection of Educare and Child Care courses, it is important to know which one suits you best.

First Aid

Almost all Child Care or Educare professionals will be required to have a First Aid Certificate. This is because, in this profession, you will have to know what to do if a child chokes, falls or has any other type of accident. 

Sometimes First Aid knowledge can be the difference between life and death. This course takes place over 2 months.

Crèche Management

Crèche management is all about learning to start, run and maintain a successful crèche. Whilst it can be tricky, with the right management qualities and will to learn, you will build a successful career. Or, you might even start a crèche of your own. 

Matric College offers these Crèche Management Courses:

Child Psychology

Child psychology takes one through the importance of every aspect within childhood development. This education path will give you a better understanding of a child’s behaviour, what they are influenced by and how they choose to react.

While you will have many career options, you will most importantly learn how to better the lives of little children. 

Matric College offers these three Child Psychology courses:

Child Day Care Courses

Child Day Care professionals are there to create a safe environment in which little minds can blossom and grow. 

When their parents or guardians are at work, Child Day Care professionals are required to facilitate learning, play and growth within their little safe spaces. 

Here are a few courses in Child Day Care that you can study through Matric College:

Educare Courses

Children need to have a properly structured education from early on to ensure that they become the best possible version of themselves. 

Educare Professionals do exactly that. You will be in charge of the proper growth and development of young minds, who will eventually lead us all. 

Matric College offers the following National Qualification Educare Courses:

Choosing Educare and Child Care

All the above-mentioned qualifications are extremely beneficial in the long run. When you work with children, it is your guiding hand that helps them unleash their true potential. 

Whilst these careers can be demanding, there is almost nothing as rewarding as shaping the minds of tomorrow. 


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Author: Andrea Frisby

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 24 June 2021