What to know before doing your Adult Matric

You can apply for the Adult Matric Course any time at Matric College. You will have tutors, study material and past papers to assist you when you study.

When you want to study the Adult Matric Course, there are certain things you must know. Some of these things include what we have listed below: 

  • Application process 
  • Studying process
  • Exam registration 

Application Process 

Step 1:  Make contact with the college 

Step 2: Speak with one of our friendly Course Experts, and register for the Adult Matric Course. We are a distance learning institution which allows you to apply at any time of the year. 

Step 3: We will send the learning material to your house. Within your study material, you will receive information on how to register for Adult Matric exams with the Department of Basic Education. 

Please note that we only offer the Adult Matric Course (with the textbooks and student support) and not the exams. 

Step 4: Start studying as a Matric College student

Studying Process

When you study the Adult Matric Course, you must have six subjects. Three of these are compulsory subjects and the other three are elective subjects. 

Choose three compulsory subjects: 

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • Sesotho Home Language
  • Siswati Home Language
  • Setswana Home Language
  • isiZulu Home Language
  • isiXhosa Home Language
  • isiNdebele Home Language
  • Sepedi Home Language
  • Xitsonga Home Language
  • Tshivenda Home Language
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy 

Choose three elective subjects

  • Economics 
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences 
  • Agricultural Sciences 
  • Business Studies 
  • Accounting 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Religious Studies

From the above six subjects that you study, you must pass all six or only five subjects. We recommend that you do well in all your subjects. Good marks are helpful when you apply to university

You increase your chance of being accepted. When you have passed the Adult Matric Course, you will earn a Matric Certificate. 

Exams Registration 

Please remember that we do not offer the Adult Matric examination. We only provide you with the learning material you need to prepare for the final examination. This is the only assessment that counts towards your final mark. 

There are no assignments or tests that create any other class mark. You must earn 50% or more to pass the exam

To register for the Adult Matric exams, you can do it in the following places: 

  • Department of Basic Education website (online)
  • District Office
  • Provincial Head Office 
  • Provincial Education Office
  • Circuit Office

You will need the following documents to apply: 

  • A registration form that has been completed
  • A certified copy of your identification card OR birth certificate OR passport (Non-South African candidates)
  • Repeater candidates are required to submit a copy of their previous highest qualification

Please provide the examination numbers for any other Grade 12 or equivalent examinations you have taken before

What Do You Need For Your Matric?

To study for your Adult Matric Course, you need the following: 

  • You completed Grade 9 and have evidence of your report OR
  • You passed a Grade 9 equivalent course (i.e. an ABET Certificate) that consisted of two official language subjects
  • You must be 21 years or older when you write your exams
  • You can read, write and understand English or Afrikaans 

You are able to study via distance learning

What Are Adult Matric Exams?

Adult Matric exams are conducted by the Department of Basic Education. To write the final Matric exam, you must apply through the Department of Basic Education or Provincial Offices. The Adult Matric exams count towards 100% of your final mark. 

There are no assignments or tests that create you a class mark. You must get 50% or more marks to pass the Adult Matric exam. 

When you study Adult Matric Course at Matric College. We give you study material that helps you prepare for these exams. We have: 

These materials are there to help to gain the knowledge you need to do well in your exams. When you pass the exam, you received a Matric Qualification. This can be used to apply to university, college or employment opportunities.

How Do I Pass Adult Matric?

You can pass your Adult Matric Course by doing the following: 

Get 50% or more in your exam, and you will pass

What Are The 3 Types Of Certificates You Can Get In Matric?

There are four certificate passes in the Adult Matric Course. Obtaining one of these means you have passed the course. These are the minimum requirements you must meet to pass the Adult Matric Course

Requirements For A Bachelor’s Degree Pass

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 50% in four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% in one other subject

Requirements For A Diploma Pass

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 40% in four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% in one other subject

Requirements For A Higher Certificate Pass

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • 30% in three other subjects

Requirements For A Senior Certificate (Amended) (SC(A)) Pass

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • 30% of the remaining subjects 
  • Fail one subject by a maximum of 20%

What Is Symbol C In Matric Results?

If you see the symbol C in your Matric results, it means that you have received a mark between 60% to 69%. This is an excellent mark that can increase your opportunity of getting admission into the university. For you to understand the Matric symbols, we have created the table below to show you what each symbol means:

Matric Subject Symbol / Marks received in the final examination  

APS (Admission Point Score)

A  (80 – 100%)


B  (70 – 79%)


C  (60 – 69%)


D  (50 – 59%)


E  (40 – 49%)


F  (30 – 39%)


G  (0 – 29%)


Can You Buy Your Matric?

No, you cannot buy your Matric. It is illegal to buy qualifications in South Africa. You can only study for Matric. If you are 21 years or older, you can study at Matric College for your Matric. You can enrol in our Adult Matric Course. You will only need a Grade 9 or Grade 9 Equivalent Qualification to study.

The only time that you can buy a Matric Certificate is if you had one before. If you lost or damaged your Matric Certificate, you can pay the Department of Basic Education (DBE) or Umalusi to get you a replacement. This is legal as you already had the qualification.

You can apply for a replacement through the DBE website or offices, or through the new, official Umalusi application portal. The fee will vary depending on your application. The fee is R 153.00 to get a Matric Certificate replaced through the DBE.

Please also note that this fee can change. Visit the DBE website for an accurate fee. The fee to apply through Umalusi is R137,00 if you choose to collect the certificate yourself from the Umalusi offices in Pretoria, or R202,00 if you choose to have the certificate couriered to you.

Note that these fees will be subject to change at the end of the 2022 – 2023 financial year.

Can I Finish My Matric Online?

Yes, your Matric can be completed online. You can enrol for two of our Matric Courses. These are: 

Earning a Matric Qualification will help you in life. You will be able to study further and find employment. This will benefit you financially, mentally and career-wise.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 03, 2022