What is my APS for University Admission?

Your APS for university should be at least 23 points for a Degree Course and 19 points for a Diploma Course. How does this work? Most universities accept students that have the minimum requirements for admission, whereas other universities expect you to have a higher APS Score. This means that you:

  1. Look for a university that accepts your APS Score for a Degree Course
  2. Consider completing a Diploma Course

The university’s APS Score is different from the course’s APS Score. This means that the university will accept you with your APS Score, but this does not mean that you will be accepted for the course you wish to apply for. This is why some universities ask you to consider choosing a second option and a third option.

Here is an example of a student that is applying at a university:

Student applies to “University A” and wants to apply for a Business Management Programme
University A’s APS Score Expectation Students APS ScoreBusiness Management Programme’s Expectation
APS Score 23APS Score 24APS Score 25

As seen in the table above, the student can gain entry into the university, but not for the course they wish to complete. This means that they will have to consider another course.

Here are the (4) four factors that universities consider:

  1. APS Score
  2. You Matric Pass Level
  3. Your final Matric exam results (percentages)
  4. Your final Matric subject

What Does APS Stand For?

APS stands for Admissions Point Score. This is a credit system that is used in South Africa to determine whether students qualify for admission to a university and a Degree Course at university. Each university has its own entry requirements or APS Score.

What Is A Good APS Score?

A good APS Score is determined by what you want to achieve as a student. If you would like to complete a:

  • Short Course
  • Further Education and Training Certificate Course
  • Higher Certificate Course
  • Diploma Course
  • Degree Course

The higher level of education you choose to study, the higher your APS Score should look like.

Is 27 A Good APS Score?

Yes, 27 is a good APS Score. This is a Bachelor’s Degree Pass. Apply for the following courses with this APS Score:

  • Short Course
  • Further Education and Training Certificate Course
  • Higher Certificate Course
  • Diploma Course
  • Degree Course

Is 33 A Good APS Score?

Yes, 33 is a good APS Score. This is a Bachelor’s Degree Pass. Apply for the following courses with this APS Score:

  • Short Course
  • Further Education and Training Certificate Course
  • Higher Certificate Course
  • Diploma Course
  • Degree Course

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What Should My APS Score Be?

Your APS Score should be the APS score that matches your needs as a student. This means that you should apply for courses that match your Matric results, or you should aim for an APS Score that matches the type of course you would like to apply for.

How Do You Calculate Your APS Score?

You can calculate your APS Score by looking at your own percentages and adding up the code you have received for each subject. Here are the percentages with the codes received for each:

Percentages  (%)Codes (APS Score)
80 – 100 %7
70 – 79%6
60 – 69%5
50 – 59%4
40 – 49 %3
30 – 39%2
0 – 29%1

Here is an example of a student’s marks:

Percentages  (%)Codes (APS Score)
80 % – English Home Language7
78 % – Mathematics6
67 % – Life Orientation0 (Most universities do not accept this subject)
50 % – First Additional Language4
49 % – Life Sciences 3
30 % – Physical Sciences 2
39 % – Business Studies2
This student’s total APS Score is 29 Points.

Is An APS Score The Same As A Matric Pass Level?

No, an APS Score is not the same as a Matric Pass Level. Your APS Score is determined by your Matric Pass Level, as well as the percentages and codes you receive for each subject in High School.

Bachelor's Degree Pass

  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 50% for four other Higher Credit subjects
  • 30% for two other subjects

Diploma Certificate Pass

  • 40% for your Home Language
  • 40% for four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% for two other subjects 

Higher Certificate Pass

  • 40% in your Home Language
  • 40% in two other subjects
  • 30% in three other subjects

One of your Home Languages has to be English or Afrikaans to qualify for this certificate

National Senior Certificate Pass

  • Pass 4 subjects with 40%. Of these, one should be a home language.
  • Pass at least 2 subjects with 30%
  • You are allowed to fail 1 subject

How Can I Improve My APS Score?

You can improve your APS Score by completing our Matric Upgrade Course. This course allows students to:

  • Improve their APS Scores
  • Go from failing Matric to passing Matric with a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Change subjects to ones that are more suited to the course they would like to apply for
  • Change subjects to ones that are easier to understand
  • Change subjects to one that the student is passionate about
  • Add subjects to your certificate

Matric Upgrade

Here is what you need to gain entry into this course:

  • Failed Matric Certificate
  • Incomplete Matric Certificate
  • Passed Matric Certificate
  • Statement of results
  • Read, write and understand English
  • Study through distance learning

How Can I Get My Matric?

You can get your Matric these (2) two ways:

  1. Adult Matric
  2. High School 

Adult Matric

If you have not completed Matric in High School and would like to complete your Matric as an adult, you can apply for our Adult Matric Course. This is what you need to qualify for this course:

  1. Be 21 or older 
  2. Have an ABET Level 4 or Grade 9 Certificate
  3. Understand, read and write Afrikaans or English
  4. Study through distance learning

You need to pass (5) five subjects to pass this course

High School

You can complete Matric the traditional way, which is at High School. This is what you need to qualify for this course:

  • Be 21 or younger
  • Have a Grade 11 Certificate
  • Understand, read and write in your preferred language
  • Study at school

You need to pass (6) six subjects to pass this course

Which Courses Can I Study Without Matric?

Here are your options at Matric College:

  1. Adult Matric
  2. Beauty Therapy: Expert Course
  3. Bookkeeping: ICB National Certificate
  4. Bookkeeping: ICB FET Certificate
  5. Certified Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  6. Child Psychology: Short Course
  7. Child Psychology: Certificate Course
  8. Child Psychology: Comprehensive Course
  9. Child Day Care: Short Course
  10. Child Day Care: Certificate Course
  11. Child Day Care: Comprehensive Course
  12. Crèche Management: Short Course
  13. Crèche Management: Certificate Course
  14. Crèche Management: Comprehensive Course
  15. Events Management: Short Course
  16. Events Management: Certificate Course
  17. Events Management: Comprehensive Course
  18. Facial Skincare: Short Course
  19. Facial Skincare: Certificate Course
  20. Facial Skincare: Comprehensive Course
  21. First Aid Concepts: Certificate Course
  22. Guest house Management: Short Course
  1. Guest house Management: Certificate Course
  2. Guest house Management: Comprehensive Course
  3. Make-Up Application: Short Course
  4. Make-Up Application: Certificate Course
  5. Make-Up Application: Comprehensive Course
  6. Matric Upgrade Course
  7. Nail Care: Short Course
  8. Nail Care: Certificate Course
  9. Nail Care: Comprehensive Course
  10. Office Administration – Business Management: ICB Higher Certificate
  11. Office Administration: ICB National Certificate
  12. Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate
  13. Office Administration: ICB National Diploma
  14. Salon Management: Expert Course
  15. Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate
  16. Technical Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  17. Tourism: Short Course
  18. Tourism: Certificate Course
  19. Tourism: Comprehensive Course
  20. Wedding Planning: Certificate Course
  21. Wedding Planning: Short Course
  22. Wedding Planning: Comprehensive Course

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Here is why you should consider completing a course at Matric College:

  • Gain a qualification that is in demand
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  • Complete your Matric
  • Study with or without matric
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Author: Jesmé Africa
Editor: Razeen Dollie
Date: June 10, 2022