ICB Office Administration: Higher Certificate

ICB Office Administration: Higher Certificate

Are you the kind of person that would thrive in running an office smoothly? Do you like working with people and doing admin work?

Matric College offers an ICB Office Administration Higher Certificate that will give you all the skills and knowledge needed to start your office admin journey! 

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Why choose an ICB course?

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers offers long-distance courses in both business and financial management. The ICB qualifications are also nationally and internationally recognised which means that you can work anywhere you get the chance too. 

Another great reason to do an ICB course is that employers are well aware of the high-quality nature of each qualification. This means that they’re more likely to employ you because they trust your qualification.

General Information:

If you’re looking to study the Higher Certificate in ICB Business Administration, this is what you should know: 

  • Programme type: Partner Program
  • Award type: Higher Certificate and Program Completion Certificate
  • Awards issued by: FASSET will issue your Higher Qualification and the ICB will issue your Program Completion Certificate
  • Accredited by: QCTO
  • Course duration: 28 Months

Entry Requirements

In order to apply for the Higher Certificate in ICB Office Administration, here are the requirements that you need to meet: 

  • You must be able to read and write in English: All aspects of the course are in English, so in order to be successful in your studies you must be able to read and write in English. 
  • Have an Office Administration Certificate: In order to apply for the Higher Certificate in ICB Office Administration, you need to have completed your Office Administration Certificate.

Unable to meet the course requirements?

Want to study towards an ICB qualification but don’t meet the standard requirements? Apply for the Bridging Course!

The bridging course is perfect for students who want to further their studies towards an ICB qualification, but they don’t meet the standard entry requirements.


These are the subjects that you can expect to encounter with this course: 

  1. Introduction to Business English 
  2. Business and Office Administration 1
  3. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance 
  4. Business Literacy 
  5. Marketing Management and Public Relations 
  6. Business Law and Administrative Practise 
  7. Cost and Management Accounting 
  8. Business and Office Administration 2
  9. Human Resource Management and Labour Relations 
  10. Economics

Other Financial Accounting Courses

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Author: Andrea Frisby 

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden, 15 June 2021