A Step-By-Step Guide To Accessing Your Matric Results

There are many ways for you to access your Matric results. This includes the Department of Basic Education website, previous high school and newspapers.

If you have completed your Matric final examination, you will be receiving your results soon. There are many ways in which you can access your Matric results. Below, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can access your Matric results. These are: 

  • SMS 
  • USSD 
  • Online 
  • Newspapers 
  • School


To access your Matric results through an SMS, you must send your exam number to the following number: 

  • 35658 (code is subject to change) 

The moment your Matric results are available, they will be sent to you. Please take note that the SMS fee is R1.50, and it is subject to change.


Use your cellphone to dial *120*35658*. Your personal information may be required. Put in these details and complete the process until you receive your Matric results. Please note that the dialling code is subject to change.


Your Matric results should be here


You can access your Matric results through newspapers. When the results are released by the Department of Basic Education, most newspapers publish them. You must buy the newspapers quickly because they easily run out. 

Your personal details are protected and will not appear in the newspaper. The newspapers follow the South African POPI Act which protects your personal information.


You can get your Matric results from the High School where you completed your Matri

Can You Fail Maths And Still Pass Matric?

Yes, you can fail Maths and pass Matric. It is possible to fail one subject and pass your Matric. However, this is not something you should consider. You should pass all your Matric subjects. When you apply to university, they will look at your subject marks. If you have failed one subject, they will be less likely to accept you. 

Universities accept students that have passed with good marks. You need to have a Bachelor’s Degree Pass to study at university. Only a few universities can accept your results if you have passed with a Diploma Pass.

How Do I Know That I Have Passed Matric?

You can know whether you have passed your Matric if you obtain one of the Matric pass levels. There are four (4) Matric pass levels. To obtain these, you must get the following marks: 

Requirements For A Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 50% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects

Requirements For A Diploma Pass Leve

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 40% in four subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects

Requirements For A Higher Certificate Pass Leve

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 40% in two subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in four other subjects

Requirements For A National Senior Certificate Pass Level

  • A minimum of 40% in your home language 
  • A minimum of 30% in two other subjects 
  • A minimum of 30% in other subjects 
  • You can fail one subject 

It is advisable that you pass with the Bachelor’s Degree Pass. This is because you need this pass level to study at university. If you do not get this pass level, you can use your Matric Certificate with any pass level to study at Matric College, for any of our courses.

Can I Upgrade My Matric Results?

Yes, you can upgrade your Matric results by studying for the Upgrade Matric Course through Matric College. Through this course, you will study in preparation for the final examination. This is where you will rewrite the Matric exam and upgrade your Matric results. 

While you study the Upgrade Matric Course, you will have resources to assist you. These are: 


There are tutors to assist you when you study for the final examinations. This is to ensure that you understand your subject topics. When you understand what you are studying, you are able to give the correct answers in the exam. 

Our tutors can be contacted on WhatsApp, email or calls from Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. If you have any questions regarding subject topics, you can ask them. Do not stay quiet if you need help, the more information you know, the easier it will be to pass your exam.

Grade 12 Past Exam Papers And Memorandums

We provide you with different exam question papers and memorandums for the subjects you are upgrading. Using past exam papers to study is a good technique if you want to pass with good marks. This is because you learn how questions are set and how examiners like the answers to be presented. 

When the final examinations start, you will be ready to write and get your marks upgraded. You will be equipped with enough knowledge and skills needed to pass these exams.

Study Material

As a student of Matric College, we provide you with study material. This package is sent to your location. Delivery takes five to seven days to arrive. When you receive your study material, it will include the following: 

  • Study guide
  • Textbook
  • Study checklists
  • Study calendar 

Use the study material that has been provided to you to study. You will gain knowledge and skills through these. You can make study notes through your study material and prepare for your exams. 

Here are some of the study tips you can use while upgrading your Matric results: 

  • Study every day for four or more hours 
  • Take a study break after every three hours for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Study while having a healthy snack to study awake 
  • Use past exam papers 
  • Study with other students 
  • Do extra research on the internet to gain more knowledge
  • Ask questions when you do not understand subject topics 
  • Only aim for high marks

Does The Matric Statement Expire?

Yes, a Matric statement of results expires. This is a temporary document used to showcase your results before your Matric Certificate is issued. The only permanent document that is valid forever is your Matric Certificate. 

Can You Apply For A Job With A Matric Statement?

You can use your Matric statement of results to apply for work if you have recently passed your Matric and have not yet received your Matric Certificate. However, as time goes by, your Matric statement of results will not be valid for any applications.

How Much Is A Matric Certificate?

You should not purchase a Matric Certificate. This is an illegal act that can get you arrested. However, in the case that you have lost your Matric Certificate, you can pay for the re-issue of your Matric Certificate through the Department of Basic Education website or offices. 

The re-issues of your Matric Certificate are R153.00. Please note that this fee can change. It is valid from 01 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. The process to get your Matric Certificate printed takes four to six weeks. 

This is what you will need to apply for the re-issue of your Matric Certificate:

  • An affidavit explaining what happened to your Matric Certificate 
  • The original Certificate, if it is damaged 
  • Your certified identity document (ID)
  • Proof of payment

There are many ways for you to get Matric legally. For example, you can study at Matric College to gain a Matric Certificate. These are the courses you can study: