ICB Financial Accounting Courses

Financial accounting is a skill that can be taught. Our Financial Accounting courses will give you the skillset you need to start your career in this field.

Are you thinking of starting a career in financial accounting? Look no further. Matric College now offers ICB Financial Accounting Courses. Here you will find all the information you need to get started.

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ICB Junior Bookkeeping National Certificate

Are you good at working with numbers? Is bookkeeping or accounting a likely career path in your future? Have a look at our ICB junior bookkeeping course.

ICB Senior Bookkeeping FET Certificate

Are you good at numbers and handling money? Do you enjoy helping people with their taxes? Why wait? Apply for our ICB Senior Bookkeeping course today.

ICB Technical Financial Accounting National Diploma

Matric College offers a National Certificate Course in ICB Office Administration to give you the tools to successfully run an entire office! Apply today!

ICB Certified Financial Accounting National Diploma

Are you good at running numbers? Do you enjoy working in a financial environment? Matric College offers an ICB accredited Financial Accounting Course.

What are ICB Courses?

ICB courses are accredited business qualifications, provided by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. All ICB Course certificates and qualifications are awarded to you by FASSET.  Each course has a PoE (Portfolio of Evidence) that includes three assignments and two tests.

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What do Financial Accountants do?

Financial Accounting is a method of accounting that keeps track of the finances of a business.

The finance department is a key element for a business.

Your duties may include:

  • Filing taxes
  • Recording business expenses
  • Drawing up monthly and yearly budgets
  • Creating cash flow statements 
  • Advising project funding

Career Opportunities

Financial accounting has different career paths that all lead to having a successful future. Below are just a few of the career opportunities you will have if you choose financial accounting.

ICB Financial Accounting Courses


A person whose job is to keep records of the financial affairs of a business.

Junior Accountant

Junior accountants provide businesses with the service of managing daily accounts and compiling financial reports. 

Credit Controller

The duties of a credit controller would be to manage the credit and debit of a business and to ensure payments are made on time.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts gather documents and analyse the needs of the business.

Accounting Technician

They prepare accounts, reports, budgets and financial statements for the business.

Qualities of a Financial Accountant

Financial accounting is a skill that can be taught but you also have to meet the characteristics of the job to enjoy it. Here are a few characteristics of a financial accountant:

  • Good communication skills- written and verbal
  • Deadline oriented 
  • Negotiation skills and the ability to develop strong working relationships
  • Reliable and trustworthy

What are the Benefits of Being a Financial Accountant?

Going into a career in finance is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Students often struggle to get a job once they get their qualification. Fortunately for students in finance this is not a problem. 

Demand for Accountants

Money is the driving force of the economy and therefore accountants will always be a constant need for businesses. 

Start Your own business

Financial Accounting give you the skills and knowledge to know the basics of running a business. A good example of this would be to open a debt collecting firm. 

Pays Good

Due to the amount of responsibility and the nature of the job, accountants get paid really well. You can either work for the government and receive state benefits or you can work in the private sector. 

Understand Finances Better

As an accountant you will have access to knowledge of everything to do with finance. Many people will happily pay you for your advice and services.

Our ICB Financial Accounting Courses:

Why Study Through Distance Learning?

Do you think that studying and working a full-time job might seem impossible? Distance learning is set up so you can juggle your everyday life and studies. Here are the benefits of studying with Matric College: 

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  • We offer student support and tutoring.

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ICB Financial Accounting Courses

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