Why Distance Learning Will Benefit Your Career

Why Distance Learning Will Benefit Your Career
  • You can start your career with a distance learning course without a matric certificate.
  • Completing a distance learning course while you work for a company may give you a promotion.
  • A distance learning course allows you to gain work experience while you further your education.
  • Obtaining a qualification will benefit your CV.
  • Distance learning courses are usually cheaper, which means you can save money for your future career plans.

Studying a distance learning course will allow you to build a successful career even if you do not have a matric certificate. You can also use distance learning to add to your current career by studying while you work, which may give you a promotion. 

Here are reasons why a distance learning course will benefit your career:

  • Start your career without matric.
  • Get promoted.
  • Gain experience while you study.
  • Add to your CV.
  • Save money for your future.

Start Your Career Without Matric

There are many distance learning colleges that offer courses which do not require a matric certificate. 

Some of these colleges include:

Get Promoted

If you complete a distance learning course while working for a company, they will be impressed by your dedication to learn and might reward you with a promotion.

They might also be willing to pay for the course if it will benefit the quality of your work. Having a qualification will not only improve your current position, but it will also help you to find a promising job in the future.

Gain Experience While You Study

If you decide to study a distance learning course after high school you have the opportunity to work during that time. This will put you ahead of your peers, because any practical work experience will be beneficial to your CV.

Read more about how to find a job when you have no prior experience, here.

Add To Your CV

Obtaining a qualification will help you to create an outstanding CV. When employers see a distance learning qualification on your CV they will know that you are passionate about your career.

In order to create a killer CV, make sure to include as many qualifications and work experiences as you can. You can easily add to your qualifications by also completing a short course

Save Money For Your Future

Studying a distance learning course will save you money in various ways, such as:

  • It is cheaper: Distance learning courses are generally cheaper than other courses, such as in-person programmes.
  • Save money on transport: If you study from home you will not need to spend a lot of money on transport.

If you save money while studying, you may have the opportunity to invest money for your future career-development. This may include saving money to start your own business, or saving money to attend university.

Author: Simoné Coetzee

Published: June 8, 2021


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