Why Distance Learning Will Benefit Your Career

Distance learning is how you study our courses from any location and gain qualifications that you can use to find employment or open a business of your own.

Distance learning is a unique way of studying where students learn from home. It has many benefits for your career and these are the following: 

  • Employment 
  • Promotion 
  • Skills 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Growth 
  • Future savings


When you study through distance learning at Matric College, you study courses that increase your chances of gaining employment because they are: 

  • A skills-based approach
  • Offer knowledge
  • Ensure your employment readiness


Employers are impressed by candidates who work hard. Studying through distance learning shows that you are committed, responsible and hard-working. This shows employers that you can work in higher positions in a company. If you are looking for a promotion, this may get you one.


You obtain skills when you study through distance learning. Skills are important in the work environment. They are used to advance the activities in a company. When you have skills, you are valuable to employers because you bring change to the workplace.


Distance learning courses equip you with entrepreneurship skills. Most courses prepare you to be able to find work or become an Entrepreneur. This means you can look for a while and build a have a business on the side that you are operating. This will create more income.


Distance learning helps you have growth. You learn to be a disciplined person who manages your time wisely. Through studying by yourself, you learn to be independent. These are good qualities for a person who wants to become successful.

Future Savings

Distance learning is affordable. You study at home and save transportation and lunch allowance. The college also provides you with study guides, so there is no need to spend extra costs. You can save money for future use. This can help in opening a business or travelling to work.

What Is Distance Learning In College?

Distance learning through a college is where you are registered as a student at a college, but you study from home. Distance learning is a type of education system where there are no contact classes to attend. You study from home in your own time. This type of learning covers different types of students, including the following: 

  • Students who work full time or part-time 
  • Students from other countries 
  • Students who run businesses 
  • Students who do not have academic institutions near them 
  • Students who are busy parents

What Is The Purpose Of Distance Learning?

The purpose of distance learning is to offer education at a distance. This means offering education to people from home. They have the opportunity to study from anywhere they are. 

Not everyone has access to contact classes or enjoys travelling to class. Distance learning helps such students to gain their qualifications and follow their dream careers.

What Does Distance Learning Look Like?

Distance learning looks like this at Matric College: 

  • You apply for one of our courses 
  • You get registered by a course expert 
  • You receive study material 
  • You start studying from home 
  • You study at your own time and pace 
  • You ask our tutors for assistance when you need it 
  • You contact course experts when necessary 
  • You fill out a Red Alert Form in cases of academic emergency
  • You complete all assessments 
  • You pass, graduate and receive a qualification

How Do Students Survive Distance Learning?

Students survive distance learning because of the following: 

  • Flexible
    Studying at your own pace is helpful. You study without pressure, and it is easy to understand information. You enjoy studying more and feel motivated to study your books. 
  • Tutors
    Distance learning at Matric College provides you with tutors. This is helpful because you do not have to do everything yourself. You have people to give you direction on what to do. When you do not know what to do, you are assisted. This removes any form of pressure and makes you pass your course in time.  
  • Study guides
    You receive study guides as a student of Matric College. This is to assist in your studies so that you do not face challenges with your course assessments. You can easily study and find answers for your course assessments.

How Effective Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is very effective. Students who study through distance learning at Matric College gain the following:

  • Accredited qualifications 
  • Recognised qualifications 
  • Skills 
  • Knowledge
  • Independence
  • A mindset of commitment 
  • Time management skills 
  • Communication skills

Accredited Qualifications

Students gain qualifications that are accredited. This is effective because these qualifications can be used to find employment.

Recognised Qualifications

Students gain qualifications that are recognised. This is effective as they can continue their academics or find employment using these qualifications.


They gain different skills that are good for when they look for work or open and run a business. They can easily advance their work.


They gain knowledge that gets them ready for the workplace. This makes them stand out from other people looking for the same work as them.


Students learn to be independent when they study through distance learning. They learn to be responsible for themselves and this is a good quality to have as the workplace requires that you be able to work by yourself.o.

A Mindset Of Commitment

Students gain the mindset of committing to work because they see this work for them as students who study from home. Commitment becomes a part of any work that they perform because they love to see good results.

Time Management Skills

They gain time management skills because they become used to working according to a pace they set for themselves. They work on time and produce effective results.

Communication Skills

They gain good communication skills because they have learned to contact their tutors when they need assistance with their assessments. This helps them gain confidence and develop the skill of professional communication.

Is Distance Learning Hard?

No, studying through distance learning is not hard if you have the right support and the willingness to study. To find distance learning easy, you can do the following: 

  • Create a timetable 
  • Follow your timetable 
  • Study a lot 
  • Do research on your course 
  • Ask for help from tutors 
  • Use your study material when studying 
  • Make notes 
  • Make friends who help you study 

Doing the things mentioned above will not make you feel left behind or pressured. This is how you will find distance learning easy because you are up-to-date with your course.

What Are The Good Benefits Of Distance Learning?

These are the benefits of distance learning:  

  • Home study 
  • You do not have to wake up early 
  • There is no walking from class to class 
  • There is no money spent daily on transport 
  • Self-set study pattern 
  • No classroom pressure 
  • Supplied with study material

Does Distance Learning Qualification Have Value?

Yes, distance learning qualifications have value. They have the same effect as qualifications from contact learning institutions. Employers value distance learning qualifications. 

At Matric College, we offer qualifications that are accredited. This means that they are registered. They are valuable to use for employment or furthering of studies. 

We also have qualifications that are not accredited, which you gain after studying our Short courses. These qualifications have value, although they are not accredited. They equip you with skills that are good for work or entrepreneurship.

Can I Get A Job After Distance Education?

Yes, you can get employed after studying through distance learning. At Matric College, each of our courses has unique qualities that help make you an employable candidate. Below is a list of our programmes and how they help with employment:

ICB Programme

The ICB Programme is a scarce skill programme. This is valued in the workplace because not many people possess these types of skills. This increases your opportunity to gain employment.

NATED Programme

The NATED Programme also consists of some courses that offer scarce skills. This programme however focuses on work experience and knowledge. You gain qualifications and work experience if you study an entire programme. This increases your chances to gain employment because you already have experience which employers love.

Short Course Programme

The Short Course Programme is the only programme that is not accredited. This is specifically created by the college for the purpose of providing students with skills. This is because skills are part of the qualities that employers. These types of skills make you business-minded and employment ready. This increases your chances of finding work and opening a successful business.

Matric Programme

This programme helps you gain a Matric Certificate or a Matric Equivalent Certificate. The Matric Certificate is an important qualification in South Africa that helps you gain entry-level employment. A Matric Equivalent Certificate is more skill-based. This is also a scarce skill qualification that you can use to find employment.

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 27, 2022