Get a diploma without matric

We have a range of accredited courses that you can study without needing Matric. If you passed Grade 10 or Grade 11, you can study for a diploma. Skills Academy offers courses from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) which makes this possible.

If you have completed your matric, or matric equivalent (NQF 4) from one of these courses, you can study further by doing one of our National Certificate or National Diploma courses, where you write your exams with the Department of Education and you also get your Certificates and Diploma from them.

How it works

During your registration, we help you choose the right course for you.

Choosing the right course is important, as it will bet the starting point in reaching your career and education goals. Without the right qualification, you may find yourself unable to get the job you were hoping for. This is why our student registrars will take the highest care in helping you make the right choice.

Once you have successfully completed your registration. We courier your study materials so that you start studying in less than a week from the day you register with us. (In areas outside the big cities, the courier takes a few days longer).

You will receive an sms when we’ve given your study material to the courier with a tracking number. This will allow you to follow up on the status of your delivery.

You will also get an SMS and Email from the courier on the day of delivery so you know when to expect it.

Then your friendly tutors help you work though your study materials step by step. 

We help you prepare for your assignments and exams (if there are exams for the course you choose). 

We keep on helping and encouraging you, to make sure you pass your course.

We prepare you for success in your chosen course. We help you make sure you spend your time effectively during your studies. We do our best to keep you motivated and focused through regular contact.

If the course you choose requires you to write an exam, we help you prepare by making past exam papers, and online study groups available where possible. 

Depending on which course you decide to study, you will be qualified to start your career from your very first certificate! This means you can start your career sooner and continue studying while you do.

We make learning easy

Study From Home

Everything you need for your studies are online on an app that works on your phone, tablet or computer.

Individual Help

As an online distance learning student, you are in a class of one. You get all the help you need.

Caring Staff

We love working with students, and and do our best to get you through your matric… We don’t give up on you!

Easy to Contact

Your tutors and teachers are available on an App on your tablet or any other smart device. If you are not on the tablet option, you can contact your tutors via email and telephone.