Why You Will Never Regret Furthering Your Education

Date Published: December 4, 2020 Furthering your education is one way to get a higher chance of finding a job. Statistics show that the more education you have, the less...

Date Published: December 4, 2020

Furthering your education is one way to get a higher chance of finding a job. Statistics show that the more education you have, the less likely you are to be unemployed. Of course, there are many more reasons why furthering your education is a good idea:

  • Earning Potential and the Job Market 
  • Broader Opinions
  • Education as Currency 
  • Confidence and Appeal 
  • You Are a Known Hard Worker 

Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of furthering your education.

Earning Potential and the Job Market

In South Africa, over 55% of unemployed individuals did not complete their matric year. Their earning potential lies between R1704 and R2660 per month. 

With a matric certificate, that earning bracket doubles to R4977 per month yet these individuals make up the 34.7% of the unemployed. This rise will happen again with just an extra year of tertiary education to R13 378

A bachelor’s degree takes your earning potential to an average of R21 527 per month. This level of education makes up only 1.9% of the unemployed people in South Africa. 

This just shows how important furthering our education is when it comes to competing in the job market in South Africa.  

Just furthering your education by a year already makes it easier to earn a stable, livable wage, whilst also only having a 6.8% chance of being unemployed.

You Will Broaden Your Opinions

Tertiary education can open doors that might have been otherwise shut. Whilst partaking in a tertiary course, you are encouraged to think in a different way than you were at school.

This includes developing:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills 
  • Time management skills 
  • Patience 
  • Understanding 

Tertiary education also means that you have to interact with people from many different walks of life. This gives you a broader perspective on culture, political opinion and empathy.

These are skills that might otherwise be missed without having furthered your education. With a tertiary education, you will broaden your opinions of the world and develop knowledge which you may otherwise not have had.

Education as Currency

Qualifications and degrees hold a great deal of weight in South Africa. Your qualification is the gateway into your dream career or industry and is often required to ensure you get a good and stable job. 

As said above, these qualifications will not only help you find employment but they will also boost your earning potential. In other words, a qualification can make you wealthier than you would be without one. 

Confidence and Appeal

People with qualifications are often looked up to in a country. Qualifications also help give you an in-depth knowledge into a specific field.

If you want to start your own business without a qualification, it is very difficult to know where to start and what to do.

With a Business qualification, you understand how businesses work and how to start one yourself because of the in-depth knowledge you got from your course. 

Furthering your education can give you the confidence and knowledge you need to pursue new and exciting careers and risks in life, such as owning your own business.

It Shows That You Can Work Hard

Tertiary qualifications show that you are a hard worker because you could study and complete a qualification. To employers, this is often a great sign and shows that you have a good work ethic.

Think about all the work that goes into getting a qualification. After that, you are well equipped with enough skills to handle anything that a full-time job could throw at you.

The CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, discusses the reasons why matric is important

Author: Andrea Frisby 

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