Matric Exam Guidelines

These Matric Exam Guidelines aim to help you get prepared for your exam. Find out everything you need to know from your home language and all subjects in between.

Your matric exams are a big part of your academic future. That’s why we have matric exam guidelines that can help you prepare for each of your test/exam papers. It’s better to stay prepared than to get prepared. 

Exam Guidelines That Help With Studying 

Don’t feel like you’re stepping into your exams blind. Exam guidelines aim to help you prepare your answers, get familiar with the format of your paper and helps you set up your study timetable. 

English Language Guidelines

When looking for the English language guidelines, you will find two sets of papers. This will be English and English First Additional language. In these guidelines, you will get tips on how your paper will be marked, how to write your comprehensions and how to compose your essays. 

Afrikaans Language Guidelines

Similar to the English guidelines, there are Afrikaans guidelines you can follow. Here you get a breakdown of your exams, how it will be marked and get tips on how to answer your questions. 

A student sitting at a table at a park reading Matric Exam Guideline.

Subject Guidelines

Don’t worry, we don’t only cover your language subjects. We have guidelines for 11 other subjects. Each gives you an outline of your paper. All you need to do is select those that apply to you. 

Are you an Afrikaans speaking and reading student? We’ve also got you covered. Below you will find the subject guideline you need but in Afrikaans. 

Published: April 14, 2021


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