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What we do

We help you select subjects that are right for you, and then prepare you to do well in those subjects. We help you focus on the subjects where you need better marks.

We have years of experience helping students improve their matric results. And when you have your new matric results, we show you how to apply, so you can “merge” your two sets of matric results. That means you get one Matric Certificate with only your best results from both exams on it.

How we do it

We deliver all your study materials on an app on your phone, tablet or computer. So once you are registered with us, you can start in less than 36 hours. You don’t have to buy any textbooks, because we provide you the correct textbooks online, in the app.

Then we help you prepare for your exam by helping you work through the study materials, old exam papers and extra study materials we have developed and found online.

Your tutor is available online, on WhatsApp, on email and on the phone. We hold your hand every step of the way. To make sure you get the results you want!

Benefits of registering with us

Everything you need for your studies are online on an app that works on your phone or tablet. Study materials, teachers, fellow students, chat groups and more!

As an online, distance education student, you are in a class of one. No competing. No standing in line to get help from your teacher. You get all the personal time and help you need to get that matric you want.

We love working with students. With us you are never  just a number. We care. And we will get you through your matric… We won’t give up on you!

Your teacher is available via email, the phone and WhatsApp. We find that WhatsApp really works well for our students.

Matric Upgrade

If you are not happy with your matric results, you can rewrite or upgrade some or all of your subjects. This is also called the Second Chance Programme by the Department of Education.

Upgrading your matric, rewriting your matric, writing supplementary matric exams and the second chance option for matrics… these are all the SAME thing. All these students are writing the SAME exams in May and June of each year.

Who can Apply for the Matric Upgrade?

If you have written Matric in the past, and you have matric results, then you are eligible to write the matric upgrade exams. Anybody who has previous matric results, can write the matric upgrade.

To determine if you are eligible for a rewrite, use this checklist:

  • Have you written matric exams in the past?
  • Do you have your matric exam results for the matric exams you wrote? (But you are not satisfied with the results.)
  • Do you want to improve the results of some or all of your matric subjects?
  • Did you fail some subjects, and you want to rewrite them so you can pass them?
  • Did you miss writing some of your subjects in the exams? (You were ill, or missed and exam for personal reasons.)

If you answered “YES” to any one of these questions, then you are eligible for the matric rewrite exams in May and June every year.

What do you need to register for the Matric Upgrade Exams?

For us to register you for the matric upgrade exams, you must provide us with the following:

  • Statement of your matric results
  • ID document – certified copy
  • Email address
  • Cell number
  • You have a computer, tablet or phone (iPhone or Android) for your study materials – also data to download it

Subject Choices

Your choice of subjects is very important. You need to think about what you want to do with your matric certificate, once you have finished your matric studies.

Do you need your matric certificate to improve your CV and apply for a job? Then choose easy subjects, so you can get it as soon as possible.

Do you want to go to University? Then you need to make sure you pick the right subjects for that specific university and degree. Each University has its own criteria – so you need to understand their entrance criteria before you choose your subjects.

Read more about your subject choices here.

When can I apply for the Matric Upgrade?

You can apply right now. You need to apply soonest, so we can start your studies. And to ensure you have the maximum amount of time to prepare for your exams!

If you sign up too late, then you end up losing another whole year, as you have to wait for the next exam session to complete your matric.

Want more details about the Matric Upgrade? Click here.

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