Matric Rewrites

Discover everything that you need to know about the Matric Rewrite: what it is, how to register, and what to do if you do not qualify for a Matric Rewrite.

A Matric Rewrite gives students a second chance to do their Matric if they did not do well the first time.

Find all the information you need on the Matric Rewrite here, including the benefits thereof and the positive impact it can have on your career and future.

Who Qualifies For A Matric Rewrite?

You qualify for a Matric Rewrite if you meet the following requirements:

  • You already wrote Matric and have a Matric Certificate but want to improve your results
  • You did not pass Matric
  • You missed an exam due to an illness or family circumstances
  • You are younger than 21 years old

If you are older than 21, you can apply for a Matric Upgrade.

You do not qualify for a Matric Rewrite if you need to rewrite four (4) subjects to get a National Senior Certificate Pass (the lowest Matric Pass Level).

What Can I Do If I Do Not Qualify For A Matric Rewrite?

If you cannot rewrite your Matric and would still like to study, you can:

Jan Badenhorst, Principal Of Matric College, Discusses How A Matric Rewrite Works

Is It Too Late To Register For Matric Rewrite?

No, it is not too late to register for a Matric Rewrite Course at Matric College. You can register for a Matric Rewrite Course with us at any time of the year.

After registering, you will get your study material so that you can start preparing for the exam.

Although you can register for a Matric Rewrite Course at any time of the year, there are deadlines for registering with the Department of Basic Education to write the Matric Exam.

Are There Different Types Of Matric Rewrites?

Yes, there are two types of Matric Rewrites. They are the:

  • Supplementary Exams
  • Matric Rewrite

Supplementary Exams

The Matric Supplementary Exam is for learners who just Matriculated. You can apply for the Supplementary Exams for a period of up to (5) five years from when you matriculated.

The Supplementary Exam is also known as the Second Chance Matric Programme. This programme is offered by the Department of Basic Education.

More information on actual registration dates and other resources for the Matric Rewrite is available on the Department of Basic Education’s website.

Matric Rewrite

The Matric Rewrite is similar to the Matric Supplementary exam, but you can only write it after you have turned 21. It is called the Senior Certificate (Amended) Exam.

Can I Rewrite My Matric Online?

No, you cannot rewrite your Matric Exam online. You can only write at a verified Exam Centre.

This is what you can do online:

  • Apply for a Matric Rewrite Course at Matric College
  • Find past Matric question papers and memos to help you prepare for your Matric Exam
  • Join study groups

Can I Still Register For The 2023 Matric Rewrite?

Yes, the Matric Rewrite Supplementary Exam registration is now open. Learners who register will sit for their Matric Rewrite Exams in May/June or October/November 2023.

Senior Certificate Candidates can register for a Matric Rewrite in October/November 2022 to write their exams in June 2023.

How Many Matric Subjects Can I Rewrite?

You can rewrite up to four (4) subjects.

Below we have listed the Matric subjects you can rewrite.

Compulsory Subjects

  • One Home Language
  • One First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation

Language Subjects

  • English
  • Afrikaans 
  • Sesotho 
  • Setswana 
  • Siswati 
  • Tshivenda 
  • Xitsonga
  • IsiNdebele 
  • IsiXhosa 
  • IsiZulu 
  • Sepedi

Optional Subjects

  • Economics 
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences 
  • Business Studies 
  • Accounting 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Religious Studies

Can I Change My Matric Subjects?

No, you cannot change your Matric subjects if you intend on applying for the Matric Supplementary Exam. You can only rewrite the subjects that you have already written.

If you want to change your Matric subjects, you can apply for a Matric Upgrade, but you will then only be allowed to write your Matric Upgrade Exam after you have turned 21.

Although this is the case, if you are younger than 21, you can still register and begin your preparation well in advance to get the best possible result!

Matric Upgrade

A Matric Upgrade allows you to improve your current Matric results if:

  • You are displeased with the results you got
  • You did not pass Matric
  • You did not sit for all the exams, thus having incomplete results.

You can apply for a Matric Upgrade Course at any age, but you must be 21 or older in the year that you intend on writing.

After completing the Matric Exam, you will be awarded an Amended Senior Certificate Qualification.

Why Am I Failing Matric?

There could be a number of reasons within and out of your control that may have caused you to fail Matric.

Within Your Control

  • Watching TV series or movies instead of studying
  • Not studying throughout your Matric year
  • Cramming the night before an exam
  • Not finding a study method that fits your learning style, becoming frustrated and giving up

Out Of Your Control

  • An illness
  • A death in the family
  • Accidents
  • Natural disaster
  • Crime

Once you identify and overcome the things that prevented you from passing your exam, and you begin to study more efficiently, you will be able to pass your Matric Rewrite exam.

Read our article on How To Prepare For The Second Chance Matric Exam for tips and tricks on how to improve and make the best of your second chance at Matric.

What Can I Do If I Failed My Matric Rewrite Exam?

You can do the following if you did not pass your Matric Rewrite Exam:

  • Rewrite again
  • Study a course without Matric

Rewrite Again

Although not passing Matric twice may be a bit of a downer, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, there is no limit on the number of times you can rewrite Matric, so you can study again and rewrite the Matric Exam until you pass.

Study A Course Without Matric

Short Courses

Our Short Courses were developed in partnership with Skills Academy. They are designed to help you gain skills and knowledge you can use to apply for jobs or become an Entrepreneur.

Child Day Care Courses:

Crèche Management Courses

Child Psychology Courses

First Aid Course

Beauty Therapy

Salon Management

Nail Care

Make-Up Application

Facial Skincare

Guest House Management Courses

Tourism Management Courses

Events Planning Courses

Wedding Planning Courses

Matric Equivalent Courses

If you did not pass Matric and would like to get a Matric Qualification, you can study a Matric Equivalent Course.

Here are the Matric Equivalent Certificate Courses you can study with Matric College:

ICB Courses

These courses concentrate on specialised learning and scarce skills that will prepare you for jobs that are in demand in the business world.

You can study the following ICB Courses:

It is vital that you do not lose hope if you did not pass Matric or get accepted into a university of your choice, as there are alternative options available for you to choose from to further your studies as an adult.

You can still have a successful career in a field of your choice even without a Matric Certificate.

Author: Tammy Fredericks
Editor: Tammy Fredericks
Date: November 25, 2022