Financial Management Courses

Financial Management courses will equip you with the skills to start your own business or to work for a business. Gain both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a financial manager? Then enrol in one of our NATED Financial Management Courses and start a career. Why wait?
N6 Financial Management National Diploma NATED

N6 Financial Management

N6 Financial Management is the final level of your National qualification. After this, you will complete 18 months of practical work and receive your Diploma.

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N5 Financial Management National Certificate NATED

N5 Financial Management

Among the National qualifications, N5 Financial Management is the second level of the course. It focuses on further developing your financial skills.

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N4 Financial Management National Certificate NATED

N4 Financial Management

The N4 Financial Management course provides students with the basic skills to plan, direct, organise, and manage the financial activities of a business.

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Are the Courses Accredited?

All Financial Management Courses are accredited by the The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). This means that your qualification will be recognised, making you much more employable than people who obtain non-accredited qualifications. 

Watch the College Principal explain everything you need to know about the requirements for NATED courses.

Financial Management Courses

Do I Need Maths to Apply for This Course?

No prior subjects or qualifications are needed to enrol in the course. The only requirement is N4 or equivalent. You will need to love maths, as a lot of your work will deal with numbers.

Financial Management Courses Examinations

For each of these Financial Management Course, there will be three assignments. These can be completed at home, and each programme will also have an exam, set up by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

Once you have completed your course, your qualification will be awarded to you by the DHET accredited by QCTO. 

Financial Management Courses

You can choose one of the scheduled exam sessions to write your exam:

  • May/June
  • October/November

What Skills Will be Learnt?

The skills taught in the Financial Management Courses will enable you to fulfill your duties as a financial manager. These skills will include:

  • Reporting on and doing financial transactions. 
  • How to work with computerised accounting systems.
  • Entrepreneurship skills, such as taking initiative and starting your own business.
  • Effective management of all communication in a business.
  • How to increase profit and cutback on costs.

What Jobs can I do With Financial Management Qualification?

Think you can only become a financial manager with a Financial Management course? Think again! There are many other career opportunities waiting for you. These include:

  • Branch Managers
  • Financial Accounting
  • Risk and Insurance Management
  • Cash Management
  • Credit Management

Benefits of Studying Financial Management Courses

There are many benefits of studying Financial Management Courses at Matric College. These include:

  • Studying from home.
  • Your course material is delivered to you.
  • Course fee includes your exam fees (unless you fail and have to rewrite; then you have to pay extra).
  • If you finish your course earlier, you only pay for the months you studied. 
  • Together We Pass (TWP) online study group that will offer you support from fellow students. 
  • Tutors that will help you complete the courses successfully.

Think You’re Ready to Start a Career in Financial Management?

Then enrol in one of the sought after courses out there. 

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Jan Badenhorst, CEO of Matric College, discusses everything you need to know about the requirements for NATED courses

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