NATED: Financial Management

NATED: Financial Management
  • Financial Management is a scarce skill. 
  • NATED qualifications are highly regarded and can help secure you a job. 
  • You can study a NATED course with either a matric certificate or equivalent. 

No matter how well you pass in matric, if you have a National Senior Certificate, you can study financial management. There are many reasons for you to choose financial management. These include: 

  • Getting a well-known NATED qualification 
  • Being able to start your own business
  • It is a scarce skill
  • You do not need a matric certificate

Getting a Well-Known NATED Qualification

NATED or National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) courses have each been developed by the Department of Higher Education and Training

The aim of these accredited courses is to offer students both the practical and theoretical experience needed in a specific field.

NATED courses are also well-known by employers. That means that your high-quality qualification will help you find a job.

Being Able to Start Your Own Business

As a financial manager, you will know exactly what it takes to start a business. With this kind of knowledge in finance, you will also be able to take on these duties:

  • Being in control of financial transactions 
  • Reporting on financial transactions 
  • Business communication management 
  • Financial planning: increasing profits and cutting costs 

A financial management qualification can also get you into many other careers. Theses include roles as a: 

  • Branch Manager
  • Financial Accountant
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Cash Manager
  • Credit Manager

It Is a Scarce Skill

Scarce or critical skills are skill sets that are in demand. This is because companies need them and few people have the qualifications. 

With a scarce or critical skill you will find employment rather easily. Scarce skills are also a great choice if you want a respectable salary. 

You Do Not Need a Matric Certificate

For this NATED course, you can apply with either a matric certificate OR an equivalent certificate. That means that if you never finished matric, you can still study financial management. 

These two courses have the right amount of credits to get into a NATED financial management course: 

Financial Management Courses

This NATED study area offers 3 courses. After finishing the first, you can move onto the second and then the third. 

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 25 June 2021

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